who to invite

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  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    I guess you need to ask yourself the question..........

    " Will I regret it in years to come if I don't invite xxxxxxxx?"

    Also make sure you involve your future hubby in all of these decisions - will he feel the same??

    Don't go ahead with the big/small do unless it is what you both want!!!!

    Think Sex and the City...Carrie and Big..... image

    Don't let the wedding get Bigger than Big!

    x x x
  • GPPGGPPG Posts: 74
    Thank you I guess we just have to put things into perspective....

    We both want it to be special for us and that means that our mums/dads and brothers and sisters are there with us.

    I'm not very good at arguing my point of view so explaining to friends that there won't be a big evening reception is difficault when they have loads of opinions to put across.

    I guess I'll just have to be stronger with them its our wedding day not theirs they can make their own decisions when its their turn!
  • LottieKevLottieKev Posts: 12
    We had the same sort of thing and it's difficult. We have just booked to go away to Italy with Mum's, Dad's, Brother's and Sister's. We have upset some people but at the end of the day this is what WE wanted.

    Everyone told me I would regret not having a big wedding but you have to follow your hearts, at the end of the day your wedding is about what you and your H2B want image
  • catherinegraycatherinegray Posts: 3,846
    Go with your original plan if it's what you really want. The whole idea is that it's the day when you and your partner commit to each other forever, it's not about having a huge party with as many people as you can possibly crowd into one room. Just think of it this way... do you want to look at your wedding photo's in 10 years time and not remember half the people in them as you hardly ever see them or do you want to see a handful of people in the photo's who mean the world to you?

    Personaaly I would love a small intimate wedding but coming from a very large and very close family that was just not going to happen!
  • There are pros and cons of both options- but please don't feel pressured into going either way.

    Keep discussing it with your fiance until you two decide what you want and then tell people what you are doing. Certainly don't feel you have to justify yourselves!

    When you daydream about your wedding day how do you imagine it?
  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    Similar situation with us, we are going away to Mexico as neither of us want the big fuss of doing it at home, and the cost and "etiquette" that comes with who, or perhaps most difficult, who NOT to invite, in order to keep cost down. Why does the word "etiquette" come up so often in wedding planning?!?!?! We have (or will be) upsetting people too, by going away (h2b hasn't told his Nan this yet!), but as close friends keep telling me, you cannot please everyone, so don't even try! I have had to be reminded so many times already that it is our day and no-one else's, so do it how you want. We are having a party on the return, but again only closest family and friends will be invited. I won't be inviting some cousins from my Dad's side because I haven't seen them for at least 15 years, what would be the point?

    Do things how you want, any don't worry about the people on the edge. I am quickly finding out that everyone has an opinion to offer, but it is not their day to decide on!!! Hhmm, I think sometimes I might benefit from listening to my own advice!!! xxxxx

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  • sparkledreamsparkledream Posts: 207
    I'm of the same thoughts, To be honnest i dont think in know that many people. I'd like to have a small wedding, close family, The ones i see often and have things to talk about too. I see no point in inviting aunties (who may only live 5 miles away) but who i haven't seen in ages, and probably dont even know my fella's name. I dont think i would invite work colleagues, cuz i think if i invite 1 i would have to open the invite to them all and there are 70 staff in the office.

    I just want a small intimate ceremony, sit down meal, and lovely evening.

    Dont be pushed into somehting u dont want.
  • rave77ukrave77uk Posts: 742
    Don't do it if you don't want to.

    I wanted to either elope or have immediate family only. Unfortunately for me I am marrying the only man in Britain who has always dreamt of a big white wedding, he is religious and very close to his extended family, so my choices where never an option.

    We have ended up with 80 people in the day and 150 in the evening (it was 190 at one point)

    People kept telling me i would love it but to be honest i am getting more and more stressed every day. Today is a particularly stresful day and i am swearing like a trooper. I am not enjying and feel forced into something i want to do. MIL2B keeps asking if i've changed my mind....not about marrige, no, but the wedding itself, yes!

    I am hating it and can't wait to have it over with

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