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honest opinion on dress please


I have seen a dress I like its Lena by Amanda Wakely, I have only seen it on the net so started phoning round to see if any shops have it in . The thing that worries me is NO shop had it, the said they could order it but none of them actually had it in

I dont want a strapless dress, im now worried that its horrible and thats why no shops have it

Please have a look and tell me honestly, don't just say you like it if you dont cause i need to know honestly if its nice or not (i wont be offended if you dont like it !)

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  • lissylouuk1lissylouuk1 Posts: 815
    Hi there, I think its very pretty, but I'm not sure about the ruffled sleeves, but thats just my opinion,

    hope this helps and that you're not offended. x
  • angie6137angie6137 Posts: 326
    Whether we think it's nice or not sweetheart, the dress that you love should be the dress that you wear!

    I do love the top of the dress, but (for me) the frills are a bit much. However, if you like it you should try it - it's the only way you will know. Enjoy dress shopping!! x
  • leanne78ukleanne78uk Posts: 419
    I think it's a really pretty dress, but you'll never know what its' like until you try it in person!

    Dresses tend never to look like they do in the pictures, take my word for it! I had my entire wedding, colour scheme everything planned out around a picture of a dress i'd seen in a magazine. Like you i couldn't find it anywhere, so i paid for a sample to be sent to the shop (£30 non refindable unless you bought a dress from that designer) tried it on, horrific! LOL, the colour wasn't right, the shape wasn't right, it wasn't flattering. I ended up with a dress that was the polar opposite to the one i had my heart set on!

    So, my advice is, go and try on as many dresses in as many different styles as you can, because what you like in pictures doesn't always translate to reality and if you still can't get the dress out of your head, order a sample in and then you'll know one way or the other.

    It's a lovely looking dress though

    good luck
  • Jem27Jem27 Posts: 207
    I think its lovely, very elegant and classy!! xxx
  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    I think the dress is really pretty. It wouldn't be the sort of dress I would choose for myself due to the frills in the bottom, but I think if you like it you should at least try it on.

    Wedding dresses look so different on different people, and you need to at least get the "what if" factor out of your mind.

    If you took other peoples opinions and didn't even try it on you would always wonder.

    Good luck, and I hope that you get to try it on and love it xxx
  • caz789caz789 Posts: 29
    I think it is lovely. Def find it and try it on. I too had a dress in my head that i wonted and went dress shopping yesterday only to fall in love with a dress that was totally diff to what i thought i wonted. Deposit down !
  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    I really like it, and Im very fussy about wedding dresses!! Im not fond of 'big' dresses, and I think this is a lovely shape. Its a bit different than the usual strapless. BUT! My concern is that the ruffles might make you look bigger than you are. You should def try to track it down and try it on, then you'll know xxx
  • PikelettePikelette Posts: 1,096
    It's very pretty but it's also very "busy" and I suspect wouldn't flatter the more curvaceous bride (she says tactfully!!!)
  • Shirl18ukShirl18uk Posts: 101
    hi there - just saw it and i love it! it looks really different to the "norm" and my goodness so many dresses all look the same. i wouldnt worry about no shop having that dress you should be pleased to be the only one who is gonna be wearing it! what flowers are you going to have - you should carry a small bunch it will look stunning ... although i dont like the way the model has her hair a sophistocated up do will look fab!
  • Its not the sort i would go for - but i agree with most of the other posters - you need to try it on first. I had no idea that i would go for the dress i eventually bought, they seem to look different on somehow.
  • JennieBukJennieBuk Posts: 408
    Hi Powder Blue

    It's a beautiful dress and I love the little sleeves - very original. I did a similar thing - saw a dress on the internet from a designer Mark Lesley ( number 2018. I rang around all the suppliers within 25 mile radius and no one stocked it. They all said they could get it but I would have to pay the shipping. I also asked them all if I bought it from them how much would it be? The prices ranged from £465 to over £600 for the same dress!!!! So I ordered it from the cheapest (which happended to be quite local). I tried it on and although it was the wrong colour it was THE DRESS. So I have paid the 50% deposit and ordered it! Don't buy it without trying it on. Hope that helps!

  • bevan1982bevan1982 Posts: 813
    I love it! I think it's so different to the 'norm' which I like. The frills are so pretty. x
  • jaynefitzyjaynefitzy Posts: 289
    Its very feminine and pretty. Good luck with your search!x
  • jharris_86jharris_86 Posts: 313
    its a beautiful dress

    but you never know what it i will look like 'tll you try it on!
  • I think it's just one you've got to try on. I tried a dress on at the weekend and fell in love with it then was searching on the internet for a pic to send my mum but when I saw the pic I didn't really like it! I'd never have picked it from the picture but I loved it on! You should go try it and see how you feel in it image

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  • CathyJ2BCathyJ2B Posts: 87
    Hi powderblue

    You definitely have to try the dress on. The others who have posted are are right - dresses look very different on than they do in a picture. Also, don't rule out strapless. I had always said it was the one style I definitely wouldn't go for, and yet the dress I have seen that I love is strapless! The only thing stopping me from ordering it just yet is that it doesn't have train (you may have seen my thread about this today!); but I love it on - just goes to show - sometimes what we think we will like is not what suits us best! The dress in the pic is lovely by the way!!! Keep us posted!x

  • EVukEVuk Posts: 148
    beautiful dress, go try it and see how you feel
  • vixincaymanvixincayman Posts: 203
    are you slim? - i think this dress would only really look good in this size!

    Personally i like it if it was on the right kind of person - does it match your personality?
  • I think it is a really pretty dress. The neckline is really nice. Try it on and if you love it, go for it!
  • Carolann82Carolann82 Posts: 76
    I think this dress is gorgeous, very pretty, but as everyone else on here as said try it on along with other styles as you may choose one completely different... I did image

  • mand64mand64 Posts: 34
    I think it looks lovely, I wouldn't suit the frothy layers because I'm a more mature bride (with the child-bearing hips from last time!)

    I tried an Amanda Wakely on today, it was Hayley from the Elite collection.......lovely frock, but not on me....
  • I really like it. Try it on and see. I wanted something like this but because my arse is the size of a bus i looked silly!

    If you like it honey go for it. You will always wonder about the what if's if you dont!

    At the end of the day it is your decision and yours only.

    Let us know how you get on.

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