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any one any guesses as to how much dresses cost

at the designer bridal room?

i waqs thinking of going cos there is a 50% sale but don't want to look like a plank if it's all still totally above budget! i have about 1,500 hundred for the dress but don't want to turn up and feel sillly,

so if any one has been,,,,, let me know! thanks. xx


  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    tried the website but it doesnt say how much any of them are.
  • ClaraPClaraP Posts: 99
    Hi Emma,

    Do you mean the place in House of Fraser? If you do, I called them last week because I loved one of the dresses on the site (a Novia d'Art one - it's the one they use in the wedding magazine ads, looks like apricot chiffon?) and it was £1,700, full price. I'm sure they do a range of prices but even at 50% off you could potentially get a three grand dress! You have to make appointments to try on, but you can go in and look any time apparently.

    Good luck!

  • I phoned about the Caroline Castigliano dress thats in al lthe magazines and it was £2400 full price and they said it might be included in the sale, hope this helps

    Julie x
  • emmauk1emmauk1 Posts: 4

    thank you everyone for your replies! i was sort of hoping on some of your anseres! i will ring tommorrow! hoorah!!!! xxxx;\)
  • ClaraPClaraP Posts: 99
    Hi Emma,

    Just wanted to let you know that I went to the Designer Bridal Room at House of Fraser (Ox St) last night and they do seem to have some really good reductions. If your budget is £1,500 (same as mine), you'll find lots and lots that you can afford. Only thing was, the apricot chiffon one (that I mentioned above) is apparently not stocked by Designer Bridal Room! Grrr - why put it in all your ads and on your website then....?!

    Hope it goes well - the ladies seem really friendly in there as well.

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