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Getting Married Abroad - where to start!?

Hi everyone!

My H2B and I want to get married abroad and we havent a clue where to start! How long it takes to plan. etc!!

Destination wise, we're thinking Mauritius/Maldives/Goa.. and time wise - we'd like to do it asap! (hes in the army!Doh!)..

Any advice would be grateful!! image

Thanks a million.


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  • Helen22ukHelen22uk Posts: 156
    I am actually getting married in Italy but it took us a while to decide on this destination. We started by going into the travel agents and asking them for brochures, all of the main tour operators have specialist wedding brochures which give advice and guidance on what you need to do and show you all of the hotels or venues where you can get married. I think the Kuoni brochure would be best for the destinations you are looking at, make sure you go to a few travel agents though as each shop will have different brochures.

    Hope this helps.

  • jetbabejetbabe Posts: 309
    I think the first thing to look at is where.. by the looks of it you have already decided on indian ocean, just have a look through some brouchures etc.

    FYI you can't get married in the Maldives, only renewal of vows etc.

    I am getting married in Sri Lanka, with honeymoon in Maldives and it can be done as soon as you like really! We booked at 4 months to go! and that has been loads of time. image

    difficulty will be if you are having people come with you and coordinating rooms at short notice, if it is the 2 of you then you have no problem with that!

    If you are going to book really short notice you have to make sure you can get your dress etc in time, or if you choose India or Sri Lanka you can hire traditional dresses there.

    The beauty of getting married abroad is that once booked, the rest you do when you are there really! ;\)

    Good luck!
  • I am also getting married in Sri Lanka and having our honeymoon in the Maldives - I am a bit worried it will be difficult to sort things out in the resort even though I have contacted the hotel I like to be ready for anything!!!

    (JETBABE - is that a picture of the Kani Lanka resort and Spa???)

  • We got lods of brochures and spent countless hours on the internet researching. Recommendations are great too if you know anyone that has been there.

    Our greatest concern was that you cannot visit it to check it out first like you would if it were a venue in this country - we managed it though. We went for a week and loved it so much we booked our wedding there.

    We booked ours over the phone and they said that during the first week there we can plan everything.

    Let us know what you decide georgieeeporge!
  • jetbabejetbabe Posts: 309
    Anji bird.. not sure about the pic.. all I know is it is of a sunset in Sri Lanks.. stole it from Kuoni I think!!!

    When are you getting married? Keep a look out for the 'Sri Lanka Club' on here - there are a few of us!

    So far as organising stuff in resort, where are you getting married? I have found the staff at Confifi very helpful with questions I have had. I am assured that the coordianators can help organise pretty much anything and I have read this on independant forums too such as Trip advisor!

    Good luck with the planning!
  • Jetbabe - We are getting married at the Kani Lanka Resort and Spa (your pic is of the pool and beach at our hotel!) we fly on the 14th of March 07!! v excited, we booked with First Choice as we are going with a group of 14 and it was the cheapest...

    not sure about First Choice, I would not recommend them, the staff in the shop are a bit useless and cannot tell us much about extra baggage etc etc on connecting flights, one of the girls thought we would be catching a boat from Colombo to the Maldives! arrgghh PAINFUL!

    I have spoken to somebody at the hotel who has been very helpful and organised fireworks and everything so am not so worried - I will just tell the First Choice wedding coordinater to sling their hook if they are rubbish, we have invested a lot of money in our dream wedding!!

    Where is your hotel and have you got many guests travelling with you?

    Hope all is going well!!!
  • Just a quick one - you will need to think about getting a STATUTORY DECLARATION signed by a solicitor or Notary of Public - you will both need one to be married in Sri Lanka not sure about other countries it will cost you about 20-30 quid each! this must be dated within 6 months of your wedding date, it just proves you are who you say ypu are and that you are single etc...
  • jetbabejetbabe Posts: 309
    for sri lanka all you need is certified copies of your passport, birth cert and decree absolute (if applicable) all to be sent to your hotel at least 12 weeks before, then less than 12 weeks you need a single status affidavit. All need to be signed and stamped by solicitor and mine cost £5 per document - although my solicitors give the money to charity!

    If you are connecting on Sri Lankan, which I suspect you will then luggage is 20kgs. If you have a seaplane transfer in the Maldives you cannot exceed this!

    We are going to the Riverina next week! We have 3 people coming but to keep there cost down I booked on Internet for rooms and flight so we are not travelling together.

    Where are you staying in the Maldives?

  • Hello

    wow sounds unlike most solicitors! we are off to Bandos for 2 weeks after the wedding which is only a short trip by speed boat - I will need to pay extra as we have quite a lot of diving equiptment. My mum will be taking my dress home with her when she leaves Sri Lanka.

    What kind of dress have you decided on and how are you transporting it?

    You must be really excited not long to go!
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