Letter to Groom on Wedding Morning

I've bought a beautiful pair of cufflinks for my H2B which I will get the BM to give to my H2B on the morning of the wedding. I want to include a letter with the gift and have come up with the below. I'm not terribly good at expressing my emotions, so it's been difficult to write and I don't know if this is ok. BTW - I call him 'Bear' and he calls me 'Plum'

What do you think?

My Love,

Today, I'm going to stand in front of our friends and family and promise to spend the rest of my loving and honouring you. It's quite a big promise to make, but one that I know I will keep. I will keep this promise because I want to spend the rest of my life with you; when you're feeling weak, I will be strong; when you're upset, my shoulder will be there for you; when you're under the weather, I will bring the sunshine.

You can't fully understand how you make me feel. With you, I'm me. I feel loved unconditionally and that makes me feel free. I feel that you've found something in me that you love and it doesn't matter if I'm having a bad day or if I'm looking less than my best - you still see it and you love me because of it. That makes me feel like I can always be myself with you.

I love you - I love every part of you. Your generosity is inspiring to me - You always find time to make me feel special and to ensure that I'm happy. You have the ability to laugh at yourself and to have fun - that's such a wonderful thing. You have such determination - if you want something, you find a way to get it and work hard to achieve it - Because of this, I know that you will be successful and reach your goals.

I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you. I hope that I can make you as happy and content as you make me. I hope that you will be proud of me as I am of you. I hope that you will believe in me as I believe in you and in us.

Now, you must go and get yourself ready for church. I will be there soon, standing at the altar next to you fulfilling my promise to marry you.

I will see you soon, bear and I love you.

Your Plum


  • Ah, that is lovely! I cried! God i am such a weep! That is so lovely and really thoughtful. I am going to write a littel something to give to my step son2 b to give to him during the morning whilst they get ready together. I have written this poem to say at our wedding!

    Dear StJohn, today, on this, our wedding day

    There are a few things that I would like to say.

    My best friend, my lover, my soulmate and more

    You are my Rock, and the man I adore.

    Never in a million years did I guess how lucky I would be

    To find a man who could put up with me in a strop or get it out of me.

    Someone who makes fun of me, until I can't help but laugh

    It's a sign that we are meant to be; you're my own true other half

    Sorry for all the times when there was spaghetti all over the place

    And for when the mashed potato looked as appetizing as wallpaper paste

    Also the grey rubber scrambled egg & toast making the fire alarm sound

    & omlette & ice cream I said was pancake,well done for getting it down

    Never asking for any return, you've always given me your all & more

    And for supporting me in everything, is what I'd like to thank you for

    Never a complaining word from you, you help me work things through

    That is one of the biggest reasons, I am head over heels with you.

    Now a special mention for Ben, thanks for letting me marry your dad

    To know such a kind and loving boy, makes me so very glad.

    I never shall forget the day you kept the secret that only you knew

    I am just so very lucky to know a boy as special as you!

    So StJohn, you've showed me that there is just so much more to life

    & I feel so very honoured to be stood here as your lawful wedded wife.

    Now if the years ahead of us are half as great as the last four

    Then we've got a wonderful future - wonder what it's got in store.

  • I love your poem - it's fab!

    I'm sure he's going to love it.

    My H2B's middle name is St John - strange, as I didn't think too many people had that.image
  • How weird is that? Is he's named pronouced as Singen or St.John?As St John is prounced like Singe n !I love the name very different and old fashioned!

  • Yeah, it's pronounced Singen. I quite like it too, but take the p**s out of him for it because it annoys him. My middle name is Jacqueline and he takes the p**s out of that, so we're evenimage
  • you've both got me blubbing!! I hadn't thought of a letter to go with my pressie to my H2B... but with 5 weeks to go you've inspired me!
  • clarezillaukclarezillauk Posts: 2,084
    Not sure if its the glass of wine I have just had or the fact that I am emotionally unstable!

    But I thought that both letters were great (said through glassy eyes!)

    I am sure that your h2b's will love the letters and you will have a long and happy marriage!

    Soppy moo really arent i!!!!
  • Cardiff_msCardiff_ms Posts: 251
    ahhh girls they are fab im never going to be able to write anything that nice .... im gonna have to start writing it now - then ive got a year to work on it!

    they are gonna love the letters!!!!! image

  • You have made me cry too! Both are lovely. xx
  • Lolly84ukLolly84uk Posts: 2,219
    Both your letters are beautiful. I have started mine, but with 8 months to go I have some time to play about with it. I am putting a little note inside a photobook and then putting together a hand written letter with my thoughts, aspirations, thoughts about our family etc etc - girls you have really inspired me - THANK YOU. Blubbing like a BIG GIRL now! xx
  • Angela49ukAngela49uk Posts: 855
    i love ur letter so much
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