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Alan hannah 'cannes'?

Hi girls,

Im new! Ive been reading for a while but yesterday after muchos trying on of white strapless dress that made me look like someone else I tried on alan hannah 'cannes'. I loved it! its pink but the lady told me that it could be made in ivory and a few more changes that I would like would be possible.

Then I went and tried on Alexis by Charlotte Balbier and confused myself more! I like them both and as I cant make a decition to save my life maybe you could help?

Hope so!


  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    Tricky one, as they are both such different styles!

    I've had the same problem choosing between lacy and Grecian - I like both!

    I guess it depends on the style of your wedding, where you are getting married and so on.

    A very traditional church wedding may mean the Alexis is best? But I think personally I do prefer the Cannes...

    Do you have a theme you'd like to stick to or ideas of what you'd like bridesmaids to wear?
  • rainuk1rainuk1 Posts: 11

    Thanks for replying! im having a church wedding and a city centre hotel for the reception. The picture of alexis on the website doesnt do the dress justice to be honest- its got a kind of vintage look to it. I really like the 50's style prom dresses the best and Cannes is the closest i have found and been able to try on!

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  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    I think Alexis would be better for a church wedding.

    Charlotte Balbier dresses are so gorgeous!

    You could dress it up with lots of vintage accessories too.

    If you still wanted a 50s style dress as well, how about getting a much cheaper one and either wearing it for the evening reception or on honeymoon or for a rehearsal dinner? I'm going to get one for the dinner we're planning the night before the wedding, I love them so much!
  • faerierynfaerieryn Posts: 273
    Definitely prefer the Alan Hannah dress. It is very cute and girly, but I agree about the church wedding thing. Alexis is more classical
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