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Any Herts brides out there???? Wana Buddy???

Hiya, erm Im not sure if I qualify as a young bride still, Ive just turned 25??? I hope Im still young but if not sorry!!!

I was just wondering if there were any brides wanting to chat- esp those on a budget.... would love to cmpare etc... X


  • rosemary20ukrosemary20uk Posts: 2,377
    To be honest i'm only 22 and I don't feel too young these days!!

    How are you, when did you get engaged?? How far along are you planning etc? Whens ur big day planned?

    I'm getting married next April (9th) and we're having it in Southampton! Although my budget isn't huge compared to the 'big budget brides' section I do feel I am having everything I want for the big day.

    Love to hear ur ideas! xxx
  • Pink-1982Pink-1982 Posts: 177
    Lol. I know what you mean...sometimes I feel really old (thats when Ive been running after the kids etc all day) but others I feel young like a teenager!!!

    Ive got a L.O.N.G time to go till my wedding, Aug 2010 but coz I lurve weddings etc Im already llike planning and stuff...Im looking at where to get married (Im gay so it kind of narrows my search) but have a few ideas. Im just waiting for some wedding fayres- you know of any? Whereabouts do you live? My budget is small like def under £2000 and thats pushing it...yours???

    What have you got sorted already? X
  • rosemary20ukrosemary20uk Posts: 2,377
    Hi, aug 2010 isnt that far, think in months and then get rid of xmas and new year (too drunk to remember those months) then take away some months for other things happening and ur left with so little it scares me!

    Wedding fayres are normally in spring or autumn once wedding season is over so we're screwed till september time, but they are so worth it, free chocolate fountain and gifts etc!

    My budget is £10,000 but my mum is picking uop the bill, she's being great about it, i'm really lucky. I hope to pay her back for the boring bits though, such as room rental and food/drink. So far i have booked:

    botleigh grange hotel for venue, harpist, wedding rings and stationary. I'm fairly pleased with my progress etc as other stuff keeps happening, such as my mum getting married before me!! Love weddings, xxx
  • Pink-1982Pink-1982 Posts: 177
    Its true...When I think how fast this past year has gone its crazy. Its gona be here before I know it!

    Mmmmmm Chocolate fountain sounds yummy!!! Wana swap e-mails?

    Mine is [email protected]

  • rosemary20ukrosemary20uk Posts: 2,377
    yeh sure, i'll drop you mine if you wanna swap ideas etc! Do you have a hotmail for MSN? What area of the country are you in?

  • Hi Pink -1982 - I am in Herts, where abouts are you from??

    If you get a chance go out to the Theobalds Grove and Hanbury Manor wedding fayres they are amazing.

    August 2010 will come round faster than you can ever imagine- we started planning our day 2 years ago and now it is only 30 days away.. What date in August are you getting married??

  • Pink-1982Pink-1982 Posts: 177
    Hello Mrs-Gto-be. Do you know when they have there fayres? Im going to one in Wosley Hall, October. Im in Wormley- where are you?

    30 days...OMG how are you feeling? I bet this is the time when all the silly things you didnt think of before start worrying you!

    In a way Im actually really happy I have a bit to wait coz Id be stressing if it was too short notice- if you know what I mean!x

    I will find out about the dates for you and let you know

  • Thursday 26th February 2009

    Forty Hall Banqueting

    Forty Hill



    EN2 9HA

    Time: 6.30pm - 9.30pm

    Contact: Contact: Kevyn or Terry on 01268 769999

    Admission £2.50 or FREE for YOU and ALL members of your party if you PREREGISTER


    Sunday 19th October 2008

    Royal Chace Hotel

    The Ridgeway


    North London

    EN2 8AR

    Time: 11am - 4pm

    Contact: Kevyn or Terry on 01268 769999

    Back in the Autumn by popular demand.

    Admission £2.50 or FREE for YOU and ALL members of your party if you PREREGISTER


    Hope they help - Hanbury haven't released their dates yet image

  • Pink-1982Pink-1982 Posts: 177
    OMG that is sooo weird. Ive only just moved to Wormley form Cheshunt- do you have any kids? Do they go to school???

    Thanks for the wedding fayres...wana come with me?x
  • MrsKP_MrsKP_ Posts: 2,035

    I live in Potters bar, so not far from you guys. image I am getting married in Essex though at a venue called Gosfield hall.

  • Pink-1982Pink-1982 Posts: 177
    Potters Bar??? Yeah thats not too far! We are getting a proper little local brides to be group arent we!!!!

  • summersdaysummersday Posts: 81
    Hi ladies

    I'm not a particularly young bride to be (27) but noticed the title asking for Herts brides, so thought I'd join in! I live close to Herts... in Enfield. I'm at a really early stage of planning, haven't set a date or anything, as we are not looking to get married until Sept/Oct 2010 probably. Just been doing some research on the net about venues etc, I love the look of Theobalds Park and Tewin Bury Farm!

    Katteh - my sister lives in Essex & she mentioned Gosfield Hall to me... it looks absoultely gorgeous!!

  • Pink-1982Pink-1982 Posts: 177
    Hello Summersday...Im not particulaly young either...but the girls on here are really friendly and nice!

    So your planning the same year as me 2010...Im just soooo excited about it- that I had to join up for a wedding forum straight away!!!!image
  • Hiya

    I can't believe there are so many people that are local it's crazy.

    i haven't really been on these chat bits until recently ( leaving a little late)

    We only have 28 days to go and STILL don't have centrepieces for our tables...oops!! oh well I'm sure we'll sort it in the end!

    So where is everyone getting married??

    We have gone for the Hertfordshire Golf and Country Club


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  • Chubbs1ukChubbs1uk Posts: 2,013

    I am 23 at the moment and from Barnet....

    We are looking at loads of venues but the recent favourite is the Landsdown Club in Mayfair.

    Also having a massive debate about the weather in terms of which month to get married. So many of the venues I have looked at are double the price in the summer and if the weather is going to be like it is at the moment we were thinking of going for autumn or winter instead and expect bad weather.....

    does that make sense?? :\) xx
  • MrsKP_MrsKP_ Posts: 2,035
    Hi Chubbs,

    That's exactly what we've done, because of the complete lack of certainty about the weather we booked for December, our venue is double the price in Summer so it seemed pointless to risk it.

  • Hi, I'm from Ware! can i join in? I'm 26 in one week!!! but I still feel very young (most of the time!)

    I think we are very lucky to live in Herts, We have so many great venues to choose from. I'm getting married at St Mary's in Ware (I really wanted to get married at St Mary's in Cheshunt as that is where all my family got married, but it was a bit far from my venue)... the reception is at bush hall in Hatfield on the 6th December this year!

    Hope everone's planning is going well, it's so much fun isn't it!!!

    Jo x

  • Chubbs1ukChubbs1uk Posts: 2,013

    I've just looked at another venue's website and am back to a summer wedding!!!! Welcome to my world! Tomorrow I will want December! image

    Where have you decided to get married??

  • Hi Winterbridetobe,

    Happy Birthday for 1 week, hope you have a fantastic day.

    when are you getting married??


  • Thank you Mrs-Gto-be (Clare), I'm getting married on the 6th December this year, I cant believe its only 4 months (give or take a couple of weeks),this year seems have gone so fast. You must be so excited with only a few days to go! Have you managed to sort out your table centres yet? Your wedding will be so lovely, the Hertfordshire Golf and Country Club is really nice.

    Have you got everything else organised?

    Jo x

  • Hi Winterbride (Jo)

    We are pretty much there now and my candles arrived yesterday for hte centrepieces so all I need now is mirrors and they are done yippee!!

    I can't believe it is only 3 weeks now I am soooo excited I am booking my final dress fitting today and chasing replies and then all I have to do is wait!

    The next 4 months are going to absolutely fly by for you, it seems like only yesterday I had 4 months to go and I honestly don't know where the time has gone.

    Where are you getting married??


  • Pink-1982Pink-1982 Posts: 177
    Hello girls. Sorry Ive been sooo busy with summer holidays etc!!!!

    Keeping the kids entertained is hard work- but its nearly over with,then they will be back at school....and then Ill miss

    We have moved the wedding a year forward!!!woo-hoo so am well excited.

    Mrs-Gto-be- How did it go?X

  • hi, i'm in st. albans, but the wedding is actually in norfolk in my home town. but i'd love to get what i can sorted in the herts area to make life easier for myself! things like dress / bridesmaids / rings / stationery / decorations and things would all help if they were done locally...any recommendations?
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