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Is anyone having a magician?

Just wondering if anyone had been to a wedding where there was a magician at the drinks reception. I've hired and 'upclose' magician on the recommendation of a friend and I'm just wondering now if it was a good idea?


  • i went to a wedding that had a magician and he was fab he entertained the children in a quiet corner during the speeches and worked the tables during meals it was also a good ice breaker on tables of people who didnt know each other as they then started to talk about the magician.

    i think i am having a magician as my son loves them and that will keep him occupied for a few hours lol

  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    I had Laurel and Hardy look a like magicians.

    They were absolutely amazing and very very entertaining and definately kept the kids and adults entertained and broke the ice. I would deffo recommend them! xx

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  • EugeniaukEugeniauk Posts: 535
    Laurel and Hardy lookalikes look funny!! The magician I'm having does David Blane style magic and there won't be any children. Its just for the drinks reception, not the meal, still a good idea?
  • i suppose it would depend on what type of guests you have.

    my guests would love a magician and not a string quartet or a stand up comedien so think about wot u want, what your guests wud like dont just do wot others have said wud b a good idea

    its your day xx

  • macysmummacysmum Posts: 3,230
    i think it sounds like a good idea and is something im looking into at the moment, my only problem is when????

    drinks reception will have photos taken and might be a waste of money, during the meal people will be catching up with family/friends, after the meal maybe but then the guests arrive for the evening...again more catching up, then first dance.

    hmmmmm, do like the idea though.
  • EugeniaukEugeniauk Posts: 535
    Thanks ladies,

    macymum, our drinks reception will last approx 2 hours and I thought it might be a good ice breaker for guests while the bridal party are off getting photos taken. Our guests are from all walks of life, so its hard to tell how it will go down with them! I was just concerned as I read comments elsewhere theat were quite negative about magicians etc making a wedding like a corporate event! :\(

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  • VORVOR Posts: 14
    I was just discussing the merits of this very issue yesterday! Well,we came to the conclusion that it is considered tacky, because it may give the assumption that our guests cannot hold their own conversation.
  • charleygirl76charleygirl76 Posts: 2,730
    I have to say I am with VOR on this one. It's a wedding , and I would be worried it would turn into a circus. Also some magicians are bit "creepy" - you know in the David Blaine mould!

    Ask yourself why Derren Brown is still single!!

    Anyway- each to their own - just not for me.

    C xx
  • EugeniaukEugeniauk Posts: 535
    Interesting comments ladies!

    Derren Brown is gay and has a partner as far as I'm aware. I must say I find him quite charismatic. David Blaine is a bit creepy though.

    I'm sure my guest are capable of conversation but after 2 hours it might become a little tiresome. I thought perhaps a magician might break the ice between groups of people who don't know each other and provide another source of 'small talk'

    It's useful to hear differing perspectives!
  • bevan1982bevan1982 Posts: 813
    I think it depends on the quality of the magician as to whether it's tacky or not. I have to admit when someone mentioned the words 'magician' to me, I instantly thought of rabbit in the hat and dismissed the idea as being 'tacky.' However, I've since had a change of heart and have booked a magician for the drinks reception. His magic was amazing- he's done a few celebrity weddings and celebrity charity events and the magic is of high quality (he was not at all cheesy in his demeanour, which I have to admit, is what I'd previously expected.) I just thought of it as a way to entertain the guests whilst the photographs are being taken. Providing that you don't have a few clowns juggling and a lion tamer, I have no fear that my wedding will turn in to a circus!!!!! Hopefully not anyway!

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  • gaillyjanegaillyjane Posts: 194
    I too am having a magician. my dad has known him through the business world as he does corporatre events too. he came to my dads 60th and went down an absolute storm not tacky infact everyone thought he was a guest at the party he blended in so well.

    i think you need to see anyone you may consider booking in action first and if you feel the are not for you then nothing lost.

    the guy i'm having is John Hotowka - wedding magician.
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