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My H2B wants to wear a navy Suit for our wedding, i would like our bridesmaids in black. Do they go??? Im not sure, i can compromise for a light blue colour for the bridesmaids, however i have my heart set on black.

What do you think?

Sarah x


  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    i personally would say no as it reminds me of a bruise colour (i work with ambulance crews in spare time). sorry. they may look really nice but you wont know unless you try. and anyway regardless of what i or anyone else says its your day and you will all look lovely.
  • I'd say no as well, sorry. But - it's up to you to make it work if that's what you want!

  • rocksatyarocksatya Posts: 95

    I don't think black and navy blue would go together - sorry! Will your htb not change his mind?!! He might if you tell him how much you have your heart set on black for the bridesmeids and that it won't go with the mens' suits...
  • loubeyloubey Posts: 131
    Hiya you could always compremise ans say that if he would were a black suit then he could maybe wear say an ice blue cravat and tye maybe ?
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