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Sugar addiction

Can anyone help me beat a sugar addiction.

I constantly crave sweets, cakes and chocolate after having recently given up smoking.

The rest of my diet however is very healthy but I have serious side effects from the sugar addiction, such as tiredness, head aches, depression, ibs and weight gain.



  • Hi Helen

    Well done on quitting smoking - just wish I could do it, but I can't afford to put anymore weight on at the mo - got dress fitting in 7 weeks.

    The only thing I do it to have a low cal choc drink to cure my choc cravings.
  • I go to sw and a lady who I was sitting with has a very sweet tooth but has lost 11 stone! She said the best sugar substitute is splenda it's in a yellow tub apparantly anyway she said it's much sweeter than any other sub sugar and she makes cakes and puds etc... with it.

    Try whisking a low cal packet of choc drink into a very low fat natural yog or fromage frais and putting in the fridge or feezer for a dessert.

    haven't tried it yet but has been recomended at sw!
  • Oh forgot to say, well done on giving up smoking too!!

    There are some low cal sweets called sula they have a creme caramel flavour which I have and are very sweet, maybe giv them a try!
  • Try eating a few raisins- they give you the sweet hit without being bad! or a square of dark chocolate.

    Or you can get those snif patches from boots. They smell of vanilla and are supposed to satisfy the craving x
  • stkezstkez Posts: 2,247
    well done on giving up smoking, I know what you mean about a sugar addiction, if I havent got anything in I will bake a chocolate cake for a
  • MrsVerneMrsVerne Posts: 421
    Kudos to you healthy people!

    Whenever I get a chocolate craving, I nibble a few cocao nibs. They're what chocolate is made from minus the sugar, milk and additives. It gives you a real chocolate hit without any of the guilt - they're also a superfood and are available from most health-food shops, or places like Hotel Chocolat.

    And they're an aphrodisiac!!!
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