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Maggie Sottero; white or diamond white?? Help!!!

Hi Ladies,

I have ordered Maggie Sottero Adelaide in white from the US but am getting worried as there are lots of brides on here that have it in diamond white and im not sure what the difference is. I thought the one i tried on was white but now im not even sure, is diamond white an off white?

Sorry if it sounds like a silly question but im panicking! Aany help would be greatly appreciated!




  • *any* oops, cant even spell! lol
  • diamond white is very crisp white whereas white is more ivory. i've got celeste in diamond white - it's beautiful
  • calbradcalbrad Posts: 794
    rachierach30 - think you have that the wrong way round hun - white it pure white but diamond white is a light ivory.

    jo245 if you look on the maggie website at FAQ's it details the difference on there x
  • Thank you!! I'll have a look on the website tomorrow, panic over hopefully Thank you. x
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    Diamond white is the 'off' white x
  • white is pure snow white but diamond white is antique white and the reason maggie does this colour is because like me not everyone suits white or ivory so this is an in between, white makes me look ill and ivory is just too yellow on my pink cool tones, i hope this helps x

  • ChannaukChannauk Posts: 1,117
    I did this too but ordered bridesmaid dresses with white on them - worried my dress will look dirty in comparison !

  • i also have a maggie dress i ordered white as i'm having black and white theme. i tried on both white and diamond white and i felt the diamond was too much like ivory x

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