Changing Surnames


Does anyone else feel a bit weird about changing their surname? Or is it just me?

Once I get married my name will be the same as my h2b's sister, I don't know if that's the reason why. Or maybe it's just because I've had the same name for 23 (nearly 24) years and now it's going to be different. Or maybe it's because my brothers won't have to change their names if they get married and my little sister is only 7 so she won't be changing her name for years yet so that means that I'm going to be the only one with a different surname.

It's not that I don't want to take my h2b's name because I do, it just feels a bit weird knowing that in August I'll be called something different.

Sorry for rambling(!) but does anybody else feel like that?

Sarah x


  • Hi,

    I'm quite looking forward to changing my name, I think in some strange way it will make me feel closer to H2B.

    I kind of understand how you feel about having a different name to the rest of your family, i had to deal with that a few years ago when my mum re-married and all my younger sisters had their dad's name. It felt odd being different but you get over it. Maybe thats why i'm not worried about changing it now as im emotionally detached from my surname!! Plus i'm not that close to my dad so that doesn't bother me either.

    I would say that if its having the same name as his sister that bothers you, she'll get married one day and then you'll have the name all to yourself!!

    But if it really bothers you maybe you should speak to your partner about keeping your name - or having both?

    Jo x
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