[color=violet] what comes next game [/color]

Welcome to the what comes next game!

Saw this on another forum and thought us brides2b cud give it a go!

I start off with a line from a song and the next person gives the following line to that song........and then starts off another song etc....

so here goes....

But i cant feel it right now,

I thought I was doing well but I just want to cry now,..................

xxx H xxx

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  • Well I know that its a wonderful world from the sky down to the sea,

    but I can only see when you're here, here with me..........

  • mildred81mildred81 Posts: 784
    Can i hum the next line instead? i'm terrible at song words i always get them wrong
  • if you know the song and tune, google it to bring up the lyrics lol!
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    la la la laaaaaaaaaaaa de da la hmmmm hmmmmm

    was probably very out of tune there - can you guess I have no idea what the song is?? image
  • It is James Morrisson, wonderful World!
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