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Ceildh Band

Hi ladies,

Asking for your advice again!!!

As part of our Irish theme wedding I was considering hiring a ceildh band to play some good old irish music when we are having our sit down meal, nothing too rowdy but just some fun music whilst we are eating. We dont need them for the evening though as we have already hired a dj.

Does anyone know of a good ceildh band in the lancashire/cheshire areas? Or has anyone used one and can recommend them?




  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    I am having a ceilidh band who are travelling to me in Cheshire (Ness area) but they are Scottish, so maybe not what you're looking for. They're called Ceilidh Minogue. They're also doing the disco in the evening. You can find their details if you google them - they have a website.
  • I am having a ceilidh band in the evening, next saturday actually, getting married in Shropshire so I am sure that they would cover that area.

    they've got some tunes on the website if you want to have a listen and seemed to be reasonable cost.

    If you want I'll review for you after the wedding
  • hc2bhc2b Posts: 138
    Thanks guys, I will have a look at both those.

    Hodgy2008, yeah that would be cool if you would do that for me. I would be very grateful!!

    Good luck for the big day then!!!!

  • I went to a wedding on Friday that had a ceildh band and it was brilliant - so much fun!! everyone joined in - they had 'The Jellied Eels'! Can really recommend them
  • We had one called Legacy who were brilliant - all our guests (many of whom had never ceilidhed before) thought they were great. It certainly seemed that way anyway from the amount of hooting, whooping and peals of laughter coming from the permanently packed dancefloor! I'm not sure how far they travel though. We found them through an agency called Function Junction who were very helpful - if Legacy won't travel I'm sure they can find you a more local band and they can send you demo CDs and stuff free of charge.
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