What's everyone doing about photographs? I'm really struggling to justify spending over £1,000 to get photos taken, keep the copyright for them and have a decent album. I was thinking of lining up a few of our friends, ushers etc to take some photos for us (I'll provide the list of those I want taken) and then get digital copies of all the guests photos to make our own album. Is anyone else considering anything like this or does it sound too risky?


  • We are having a friend of ours do our photos and a few other people are keen photographers so we should hopefully be alright, the only thing i'm worried about is them not turning out the way i want them to, we can't really blame our friend if they don't, it is risky but £1000 is a lot of money, i think i would take the gamble.
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    Our photographer is one of our biggest expenses but I think it is worth the money. They are a memory of the day that you can look at time and time again. Where abouts do you live Emma?
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    I like near High Wycombe, getting married at Monkey Island near Maidenhead in November, even the off peak prices I've been quoted are really expensive. If anyone knows anyone in that area who is more reasonable I'd be really grateful if you could let me know x
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    Photographers are really expensive and they often won't elt you have copyright. We are going for it though because otherwise we might not have good pictures of all the other things we are spending lots of money on. We are going for a Graphistudio photo story book which are great as they tell the stopry of your day adn you cna include lots of small pics of all teh little things, like your shoes, the tables, favours etc. On teh copyright thing I thought this was important to me but decided that actually not that many people will want pictures and I on;y wnat the album/storybook. My photographer puts the pics online so people can order them which also means I won't end up haivng to pay for my family etc. to get copies, they can just do this themselves. Something to consider?
  • My dad's going to do ours and just hand his camera to someone else to take the pictures that he has to be in, hopefully my sister's boyfriend if she invites him (long story). I trust Dad completely to take care and do a good job and would rather save the £1000 and spend it elsewhere.
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    I'm not hugely bothered about the copywriting though having it does mean you can print photos off for other people like parents and not pay so much for that. I really like the Graphistudio style of album as well but they are really expensive, we've been quoted £10 a side (not Graphistudio which I think are more expensive) but a similar thing. I was going to ask my brother to take most of them then someone else for the ones he's in, thinking about buying ourselves a really good camera for the day then we have that to keep as well. Still not sure though as I really want a set of good photos but its so much money!
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    I have a friend who is currently undertaking a photography course, she showed me her portfolio and i was suprised at how professional they were. Me and h2b are getting married abroad and having a huge party on our return. As this will be the part of the celebrations which include all our friends we wanted someone who would dedicate their night to taking photos. She was more than please to do it as it is great experience for her and it only cose me £150. Try scouting your local collages and asking in the photography department whether there is anyone who would be interested in photographing your wedding - also it may mean that for a little extra you can get them to stay throughout the party to take pictures of the celebrations. I will then gather up photos abroad with party photos here and compile my own album using, and select UK in the top left hand corner, it means i can have a huge album filled with the photos that i want for a quarter of the price.

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  • hi, i love photos and have hundreds of everything anyway and agree the special ones of my wedding will be great memories but i refuse to pay that amount of money. we are giving our guests disposable cameras before the ceremony and asking them to take pictures throughout the day, many of the companies offer free prints or the option to have the photos put onto a website for a short period of time for all your guests to view, i will then go through and choose the ones i like and print them off at a digital photo stand. i am also going to get the special photos i want taken on a digital camera by friends so i can make my own album. i think this will get lots more photos and more than half the price. alternativly if you want proffesional photos why dont you hire a normal photographer, the only difference to a wedding one is the price, the photos will be just as good and much cheaper.
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    Our photographer is one of our major spends for the wedding. It is one area where I am prepared to pay for quality because I can be quite fussy in this regard and want as perfect photos as possible. We are paying about £1500 -final price depends on the album and photos we choose but won't be much more or less. Personally I think it is a huge pressure to put on friends to take you wedding photos (unless you really dont mind what they turnb out like). I am less bothered about a video (mainly since I have yet to see a good professional wedding video and so some family friends are taking video footage. My dad is great at editing video footage as he has lots of great software to do it so we should end up with something decent enough.

    Our friends have taken great candid shots on their digital cameras at previous weddings and they seem to make the rounds on e-mail. Given this I am not going to bother with disposable cameras on tables.

    One thing I have seen that I like is a guest book that has space for polaroid photos. I think we will get this as I can borrow a polaroid camera adn it looks like it would make a good fun momento of the day. You can view it here. I am just trying to work out who I will charge with taking the guest book around!
  • just wanted to say thanks to trouble for the web address for that guest book i found it a few weeks ago, bought a cheap polaroid camera coz i liked the idea and realised i hadnt wrote down the website and couldnt find it so thanks
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    just wanted to say thanks to trouble for the web address for that guest book i found it a few weeks ago, bought a cheap polaroid camera coz i liked the idea and realised i hadnt wrote down the website and couldnt find it so thanks

    Glad to be of assistance!
  • Our photographer is quite costly but that's largely because I insisted on having copyright and all digital photos.... so it's really quite a good deal.

    Basic package - 50 album photos and 5 mounted for framing was £500. The copyright was an extra £500. It's about deciding what you want and shopping around and maybe compromising on some by having disposable cameras etc on table, asking friends. We're also doing this but asking the photographer to take specific pictures eg the ceilidh as I'm not confident of anyone's ability to take decent pictures in a dark room after a few bottles of wine for dinner!
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    we're paying £2000 & we can justify it by looking at her previous albums. plus, we don't want a traditional album with political shots & ensembles ("can i have the bride with her family now, please?") so the price is inclusive of the finished A3 hard backed book where the pictures are set within the thick pages - like a story book. we love reportage photography & partly since all my childhood pics are posed for & show zip-zilch of my personality, this is what we've gone for. for us, we want to look back on the day & know the pics best reflect our emotion, elation & celebration of the most exciting day of our lives. xx
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    We were considering family and friends taking our photos, so we bought a load of disposable camera's (complete with free processing) from which I thought was a great idea, until a friend (who recently got married and had a friend do his photos) got his photos back and his mate had chopped the heads off of everyone in them lol (ooops I hope I havent put anyone off) but we decided that as well as the disposable camera's we'd have a professional photographer.....Just to be on the safe side!!!!
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    Me and h2b have prioritised on the things that we feel we have to get right and are important to us, and the things that aren't, and photos are a big deal for us, thats how we justified spending what we have. Plus we aren't having it videoed, so we are saving by not doing that. It's all relative, i can't bear the thought of not having the pictures i want so am willing to save a bit in other places to get them.
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    Wouldn't even contemplate anyone other than a professional for my wedding. I spent ages looking for someone with the same contemporary ideas as me and came up trumps in the price department too. I have been to loads of weddings where the photographer dominates the event (see above) with lots of yelling for different shots and feel I have found this sweet guy and softly spoken too. I do not want any of the posed shots of traditional wedding shots and have gone for all black and white knowing our video is in full colour. Our videographer has very modern ideas too and feel very lucky that have both that fit into our style. I will ask be asking all our guests with our invites if they would like a portrait taking as part of the day though.
  • Hi Emma I also live just outside High Wycombe. We are having a guy doing our photos for £850 all in our the album, all proofs etc no copyright so we can make as many copies as we like as long as we allow him to use photos in competitions if he would like to. The guys name if Neale Blackburn and he lives in Chesham he used to work for Kodak but has now gone independant. I am not sure whether I am allowed to put email address's in but his is [email protected] I hope this helps you out
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    Thanks Gemma, I'll check it out, sounds much more reasonable
  • Emma when are getting married? Its really strange when you realise you are talking to people who live really close!
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    Not until 25th November, what about you, where is your wedding?

  • 2nd Sept at The Bull Gerrards Cross. I am getting really excited. The good thing about the photographer is he only does one wedding a day, I know this might sound like an obvious remarks but some places do try and fit more than one in!
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    I know what you mean, I'm sure I shouldn't be quite so excited this far away from the day!! Hope all the planning is going well, I'll let you know how I get on with the photos!!
  • we got engaged last Sept and I have been really excited since then. With only 5 1/2 months to go it seems now everything is starting to move forward a bit with organising invitations etc. I am hopeful this is the 1st and only time I am going to get married so I plan on making the most of every single moment possible. November will come around so quickly I don't think there is any reason why you shouldn't be excited. Good luck with the photographer
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    i think it is a safer bet to have a professional photographer, just imagine how disappointed you will be if the photos dont turn out right. we are paying about £1000 for ours but i feel it will be money well spent, you could always see if the photographer will take afew shots and then family and friends take the rest, that way you may keep the price down but have some professional ones just in case. good luck x
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    We are spending a big part of our budget on a photographer as we aren't having a videographer and the only good photographer in the family is my husband to be so he can't take them! I am finding it hard to understand why they charge so much to be honest but I am spending so much time on the other details that I want to make sure that they are all captured perfectly so I will be able to look back on them and remember the little things in years to come. I left the photographer choosing to my fiance mainly as he knows about photography more than me but I had a final say too. I am still a bit nervous about them though because of the huge amount of money we're putting into having them there. I wish I had researched them I bit more. My H2B keeps reassuring me that they are really good but I still don't know...We can't afford to lose the deposit so just have to cross my fingers. I'd say a photographer is a good thing to have but as they are so expensive you should research them as much as you would your venue or dress. xx
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    Well, we made the fatal mistake of booking Kodak Elegante who are going to stop doing wedding photography about 5 weeks after they shoot ours. They keep assuring us that we wil receive a full and thorough service from them but I cant help thinking that by then they really wont give a **** about whether they take decent pics or not. Cant afford to change it now though........Ho hum. This is perhaps my only worry at this stage of things (apart from the age old one about how the heck can we afford to do this!)
  • Hi Julia I know this probably won't put your mind arest but we had some friends use Kodak Elegante at the end of last year and their photos were brilliant, I would hope that even though they are not going to offer the service anymore that they would put as much into your wedding as they have done everyone elses. Good Luck x
  • Hi ladies. Our photographer is costing about £1000 and is worth every penny. In my opinion the photographs are one of the most important parts of the day as they'll provide the lasting memories that you'll look at for years to come. I wouldn't want to put the responsibility and pressure on friends or family members on taking 'official' photos - imagine if none of them came out!!! We're not having a video, so I suppose we've got more budget to spend, but I would be prepared to spend double on a good photographer. I'm also going for a reportage approach Petra - I don't like the family line-ups or school photo look - and family politics probably dictate that it's best to get guests on their own, having a good time and looking natural rather than forcing smiles standing next to each other!!! Has anyone seen those Instant Forever guest books that hold Polaroid photos by the way? The idea is that you snap guests on arrival and then they write a message underneath their picture to use as a guest book? Not sure if this is a good idea or a bit naff? What does everyone else think?
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    Hi, I am currently undergoing discussion with my h2b as to whether we should have a family friend who is just finishing his degree in photography or a professional. A family friend has the advantage as they will be cheap but then at the end of the day my mum says she will be paying so it doesnt matter whether it is cheap or expensive! If it wasnt for the expense I would quite like a professional, not only do they have really expensive cameras and technology but also because they have more creative poses for the bridal couple which I like the idea of.
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