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Hi ladies, I'd like some ideas on what to do for a hen night. I most definitely do not want a tacky drunken night with horrific shocking pink sashes, feathers and half naked men lol! I'd like something much more elegant but still fun and sexy. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch!


  • lrbpielrbpie Posts: 2,280
    how about:

    - hiring a cottage (or use a mate's place) and having a retro pyjama party with 80s films etc

    - afternoon tea at a smart hotel

    - spa day or home beauty day - travelling beauticians come to your flat

    - cocktails & dancing in a classy club

    - stag do type activities: paintballing, go karting etc

    - wine tasting

    sure the ladies on here can add some other options!

  • Great ideas there!

    I'm hiring this place:

    Love that people come to you and do beauty treatments etc, and also come and cook and give waiter service if you want. There's also a sauna, hot tub and indoor bbq to make it interesting

    What's everyone else doing?

  • I've just got back from my best friend's hen night that I organised and, without blowing my own trumpet (!), it was fab!

    We booked the Manor House in St Issey, Cornwall. For £150 we got exclusive use of the house (which was beautiful), dinner on arrival night, breakfast and board, a surf lesson (which I was NOT looking forward to, but it was really funny - we were all hopeless! You can choose your own activities if surfing isn't for you), a massage, lunch, cream tea and scones, there was a hot tub in the grounds which was rather gorgeous with a glass of champagne (!), and transport into Newquay.

    I also booked a VIP room in a club, booked a party bus (a bit of naffness is never a bad thing!), made CDs of hen night songs, did a Mr and Mrs game, got everyone to send me letters and photos of her and put them in a book for her to keep.

    Everyone's still talking about it - was classy without being boring! Had heard bad reports about Newquay, but it was nice to strut our stuff for a little while and the place itself was absolutely fine (although I am glad we stayed outside the centre).

    This is the link to the Manor House - don't be put off by the website, it really doesn't do the place justice

    Hope that helps. Good luck xxx
  • WOW - have just looked at the Kaber Chapel Emma! Looks amazing, have bookmarked it for my hen! Have a fab time xxx
  • Oh wow great ideas ladies!! Thanks so much for the suggestions. Having considered your advice I think I'm leaning towards a day starting with high tea, I know... I know... but its such a British thing that I've aways wanted to do lol. I'm not British so there's still a huge novelty factor!

    So yeah high tea and then a nice dinner then cocktail and drinks and dancing at a fabulous club. My little brother is a club promoter so should be easy enough to get us into somewhere nice. And then book a room at a fab hotel and talk all night! Maybe have the pyjama party then, if we have any energy left! LOL! Oh and maybe a mani pedi before tea! Gosh seems like a lot to do in one day lol, Thanks again for the ideas!!
  • netheadernetheader Posts: 1,696
    Hi Geministar,

    I felt the same and did NOT want tacky Hen night pub crawl.

    I have booked a Hen Weekend instead. There will be between 10 and 12 of us and we're sharing the hire cost of a 5* luxury 'coastal retreat'. Catering company are delivering our Sat evening food and our wedding photographer is attending for a fun and totally relaxed/informal photoshoot. We are located nearby a members only spa, which as residents of the 'retreeat', we will have complimentary access to, so I'll be booking in for a facial and the jacuzzi! We're also next to some stunning North East coastal scenery.

  • I was the same - i didn't want anything tacky - so we went to Kempton Park Racecourse - hired a box and had a day at the races on the Saturday - then we came back into central London and went for dinner at Souk in Covent Garden.

    They did a game of Mr & Mrs for me - which was really good - i got to unwrap a prize for every answer I got right - which was lovely. The prizes were things like make up, little books, stockings etc. Then they gave me a book they had made with pictures, letters and tips for being a good wife - it was so fab.

    Then we had cocktails in the bar until the early hours - it was exactly what i wanted!

  • I am having a themed Murder Mystery Weekend as I don't drink alcohol so didn't want the usual drunken night but something interesting to do and those that do drink can still drink if they want to. We are booking through this company - I can't wait!!!!!
  • MrsRafMrsRaf Posts: 1,802
    Geministar - i had similar rules as you on what i didn't want but in the end my hen night was fab


    the day began with a Chocolate Workshop: demonstration with champagne followed by a couple of hours of messy fun - just like being in kindergarten but tastier than playdough!

    then coffee and sandwiches before heading home to put on a cheesey film, eat pizza and get ready for the evening

    we started off the partying in Momo for cocktails - highly recommended and they don't allow any sashes or other hen night paraphernalia (so a good one if your hens are insistent)

    then later we moved on to Tiger Tiger for some cheesy dancing but you could quite easily go on to another bar or upmarket club


    Some of my friends couldn't make saturday and i wanted to include my mother and hubby's mother so we had a sunday lunch at Tamesa brasserie in the Oxo Tower then took a stroll along the South Bank

  • Hi, im going here for my hen weekend-

    There are 29 of us going friday till monday and we have got it on an exclusive use basis, so there will only be us there! Going to go and see it at the begining of next year,and check out what there is to do and where to go so we can plan the weekend properly!!!

    Good luck finding somewhere xxx
  • TToniukTToniuk Posts: 894
    How about a spa break or an activity weekend?

    Is everyone here having a Hen do?
  • hey i had my hen 3 weeks ago which was fantastic. we did lara croft on the friday night and sex and the city glamour on the saturday which was amazing. i was carrie bradshaw for the night - fantastic! we also rented an apartment so it was really nice and relaxing.
  • Ooooh I love sex and the city!!! I'm loving that theme! Those were some great ideas ladies, thanks a bunch!
  • Hi Geminstar and other BBBs.

    I have just seen this post and Contradiction's resurected post on hen dos and thought for those who may not know me/missed it- here is my hen weekend report - I went away 1st weekend of Aug... and it's all still v. fresh in my mind! Any my feet wince when I think of cobbles and high heels still! image

    SITC theme hen do - How about 4 activities based on each character. My Friend did this - it was a sophisticated and sassy affair.... with a tonne of giggles!

    Samantha - Pole dancing lessons

    Charlotte - Posh dinner in nice restaurant

    Miranda - Is there an Iceobar near you - she's the ice queen afterall!

    Carrie - Cosmopolitans and other cocktails in a bar followed by lots and lots of dancing.

    Hope this and my report helped.

    C xxx
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