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Candy Anthony


Was just wondering if any of you plan to sell your Candy Anthony dress ... I really really want one, but can't afford the price tag image

I've been living, breathing, sleeping and dreaming Candy Anthony, but the wedding is already bankrupting me!!!

I Dream of Pink



  • Have you looked into the popular alternatives - Dolly Couture, Whirling Turban, etc?

    What style of CA are you looking for? I've seen a few go onto ebay/gumtree in the past. When are you getting married and what size are you after?
  • I dream of Pink,

    Get a Candy Anthony style dress made! Honestly, you can get an exact same dress made for a quarter of the price. They aren't a complicated style to make and you can even find original 50's vintage patterns to work to. Don't get hung up on the name, there are many other options if you want a dress in that style.

    If I were you I would do some research and find a really good dressmaker, I can recommend someone fantastic if you are in London. I had a stunning dress made for my registry office wedding and it was one of the most fun experiences, working out the design,going to fabric shops that were like Aladdin's caves and having a unique and individual dress made just for me.

    If you want my dressmaker's details email me.
  • There is a candy anthony dress on ebay at the moment. if you search for 50s wedding dress you should find it. It's pink gingham though!!
  • Hi IDOP

    I have been quoted £700 in Manchester for the simple sweetheart style with a layer of tulle over the skirt and a sash. If you are up this way let me know and I will send you her email. I think this is pretty reasonable compared to candy (i do have an appointment there soon though as I want to just double check lol!).
  • Hi All,

    Thanks for all your emails! Bennic, i have looked at the other websites, but they just don't look the same. I am a size 12 and just looking for a plain dress with some pink to it. Sally cinnamon, ive seen the one on ebay but unfortunately its gone! Lula Sweetpea, im going to start having a look at that option and research material, patterns, etc. Miss Louboutin, unfortunity im in the South, but that sounds fantastic. Watch this space girls and i'll keep you posted!! Thanks Again

  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    Hi there, I think there was a thread on a dressmaker in Brighton and she looked amazing... I think it was a vintage/1920s thread? But she did loads of different styles. I'll have to have a look but someone on here might have it.

    If you don't want anything too complicated, as Lula says, I think you could get it made much more cheaply. The only reason I didn't have mine made is that I wanted something quite embellished (Jenny Packham), but if it's something that is quite plain then I think you could get it done exactly how you want it.

    Also there are loads of threads on here about petticoats! Ask Ska Girl - she knows all about pouf (and her CA dress is diviiiine).
  • Ah thank you NaoCat!! I do know all about pouf indeed, if you could get a dress maker to knock you up a stunning dress there are a few shops that do fantasic petticoats with equal amounts of pouff to the CA dresses - Fairy Goth Mother being where I got mine from.

    Good luck with your dress search!
  • There is a lovely girl on a Milly bridal link that has had a C.A style dress made to her specifications.

    I've seen some pics and it looks super.

    They even ribbon edged the petticoats.
  • Hiya! I got a lovely email from a girl GRACEB, emailed her but it bounced back! Shes getting married next week! If any of you are GRACEB hope it all goes well! xxxx
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