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Origins skincare

I've been using Origins white tea skin guardian, moisturiser and night a mins cream now for about six weeks and I keep getting really big spots that are cropping up. I never get spots usually (I'm 35) and I'm wondering if it's the skincare routine and should I stop it,

Does anyone else use Origins stuff? I never used to use anything on my skin other than wipes to take off makeup and it was always fine and clear.

I guess what I'm asking is should I persevere with it or stop using it.


  • hey i use origins. in fact i have the white tea skin guardian, the eye cream and the white tea moisturiser. i don't use night a mins though as well as i think that would be too heavy. how much are you using? sounds like you may be clogging your skin by applying too much. i have found that by using the guardian my skin doesn't need a lot of moisturiser on top so try using very small amounts, see if that helps. also, make sure you are exfoliating, particularly around the chin area.
  • I use the same products as you Rochelle. Except I use the lighter nightamins "lotion" (its in a bottle rather than a pot), which is i believe lighter. Maybe try going without the night cream for a while and see if that makes a difference. The white tea stuff is very light so I'd be surprised if that caused it - but everyone's skin is different.
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