Most important make-up tip EVER!

I just wanted to post this because I feel it is really really important.

There is NO POINT spending money on expensive primers/foundations/concealers if your skin is in a terrible state to begin with. Make-up does not work miracles - it cannot take dry, scaly skin and turn it into airbrushed perfection; it will not magically stop oil production on your T-zone for one day!

The most important thing to do is to get your skin looking its absolute BEST before your wedding day. If you do that, you will be pretty much able to get away with wearing your regular make-up, if you choose to.

Foundation is there to give the skin an even finish - it is not polyfiller to fill open pores and you cannot cake it on thick enough to alter the colour of your skin.

Make-up companies tell you that if you spend huge amounts of money on their products, it will artificially improve the look of your skin. However it is far far better to use that money to invest in a good skincare regime that will last a lifetime.

Make-up should accentuate your most beautiful features - and if you stick to a proper skin routine, eat healthily and get enough sleep, you will have nothing but beautiful features.

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  • Makes perfect sense to me, but how the hell do we get it!!! he he xx
  • Well said purplebutterfly!!

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    I would so love to have great skin, but seems no matter what i do, I have stress related skin - one tiny bit of stress equals sore red spots and flaky dry patches. Not got acne or anything but just always some sort of problem, so it never looks great. Anyone got a miracle cure? xx
  • I've had awful skin over the last few years due to my illness and the sheer amount of highly toxic medications I have to take daily.

    Being very fair skinned, any touch of redness/dryness shows up immediately so I invested in some really high quality products like Decleor and Elemis.

    They did a fairly good job in making my skin softer and less sore but I found I was still very red in patches and also that I kept getting spots.

    Finally I decided to start using completely natural products - not thinking that they'd have much effect because of the amount of chemicals I put IN my body.

    Anyway, that was 6 months ago and my skin is now the most beautiful, even-toned, de-stressed skin ever. I am amazed.

    I've got into a proper cleanse, tone, moisturise regime and I now very rarely wear foundation at all - unless it's for a night out.

    I swear by Suki products (I get them off USA Ebay at half the price) and, although I'm not too impressed by the rest of the range, Dr Hauschka's Rejuvenating Mask is absolutely outstanding.

    I would recommend that everyone has a try with 100% pure, non-synthetic cosmetics and just see if it makes a difference. It might not if you have fairly regular skin but mine was so punished and so sensitive, I noticed a difference within a week.

    Also, taking fish oil supplements will help no end. Not cod liver oil as too much vitamin D can cause toxicvity build-up in the liver but an omega 6&9 fish oil with either a vitamin e capsule daily or an omega 3, 6&9 capsule from a source such as flax or hemp seed oil.
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