Hi girls

Anyone having male and female tyoe favours, seems another expense, i did just plan on giving females scented t-light?? But alot of brides to be are including males, wanting something unusual, but i have opted out the traditonal sugared almonds. Help!


  • well - we are thinking of doing happy kits for the blokes - I know its silly but how many people leave behind the favours anyway - I cant remember all the things in them but I know theres-

    a penny - "so that you'll never be totally pennyless"

    a marble - "for when you think your losing yours

    an elastic band - "to help you stretch beyond your current limits"

    a rubber - "to erase the memories youd rather forget"

    a sweety - "to remind you of us! and make you smile"

    hopefully it'll make ppeople smile and is really inexpensive!

    [email protected] xx
  • wistful angel that is a fab idea!! what are you doing for the women?
  • well I have this book of creative ideas for a wedding and it has these little, dried lavender stuffed heart sachets they're really pretty and I'm currently trying to get the grandmas, mothers and auntys on board - I'm useless at sewing! failing that some nice lavender (or other) seeds in pretty envelopes with ribbon on make lovely favours, with a few words about the plant reminding the guests of a lovely day!- lush also do favours and wrap them beautifully but that can be a bit pricey so I think I'm going for the hearts at the moment!

    as you can possibly tell - we're having a lavender theme!

    let mek now how its all going and what you decide!

    [email protected] xx
  • hi guys...just wanted your opinion so sorry to jump in on some elses thread

    I am getting married abroad (on the beach) and keep changing my mind with favours, then i thought i made my mind up on fans for the girls and suitcase tins filled with sweets for the guys....then i found personalised can coolers for the guys...now i'm thinking bout scraping that all together and have come up wih this idea...what do you think,

    mini empty bottles, with a personalised label/ribbon round it.....then people can fill them up with 'Lindos' sand so they have a keepsake.....

    i havent shared it with H2B yet, but i think its a lovely idea and gets the guest involed as they will have to go onto the beach and do it. Also where would i find some little bottles?

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