Bad food - Do I have any rights?

I got married just over a month ago and everything was perfect - except our wedding food! The hotel served a BBQ for over 120 guests for our wedding breakfast - there were so many things wrong with it, not what we had ordered or agreed, below average, not what you'd expect from a 4 star hotel, but most of all a lot of the meat was undercooked - not acceptable.

We've written a letter of complaint and the hotel have offered us a small amount of compensation but we don't think its enough. We've asked them to improve the offer but do we stand anywhere legally? Do we have rights? Could we demand all our food money back? We had agreed and expected something and they didn't deliver so that must leave us with a good case? Can anyone help?!


  • jodaho88jodaho88 Posts: 2,356
    I don't know where you stand legally but when you agreed the terms with a venue, you would have signed a contract. Do you still have a copy? Does it state the exact things that were to be provided?

    That's a shame that they couldn't provide- how disappointing! I hope that you get some replies from some legal people and that you can get something sorted out.

    Good luck! Let us know how you get on!

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    It might be worth contacting Trading Standards or the Consumer Helpline. They should be to give you advice on where you stand.

    I think the fact the food was undercooked and could have caused a mass outbreak of food poisoning is utterly shocking.

    Any correspondence you have with the venue now needs to be in writing and keep copies of everything.

    If they are part of a chain then it might be worth contacting their head office as well
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    Oh you poor things, thats horrible.

    I am not sure where u stand legally either unfortunatly. Did you sample the food before the wedding day? If it didn't taste anything like the food on the day then i think they should offer you more compensation. You surely book a venue on the basis that everything, food included is going to live up to expectation.

    If the hotel is a chain, can you not escalate your complaint. Maybe seek advice from citizens advice? They're usually good.

    Good luck, xxx
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