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Now and again (although getting more and more frequent) the corners of my mouth get really itchy and then crack and get really sore! It's not the same as a coldsore... no tingling. But really odd. When it heals it almost leaves a scar that takes a while to go away. When it's happening I have to be careful with how I eat, how I smile and laughing is a definite no no! I keep using the normal lip repair creams which sometimes help... just wondered if anyone else gets this??? I hope just hope it doesn't happen for our wedding. Can't even cover up with make up as it just goes crusty and draws more attention to it!!!


  • nikyb1nikyb1 Posts: 639

    forgive me for being a little blint but could it be thrush that is not healing?

    if so them creams will make it worse. Have you been to see a doctor when its happening?

    I get very dry lips alway have and cant use anything because I get cold sores if I do.

    I would go to doctors next time its happening they my be able to give you advice

    good luck

  • MrsRV2BMrsRV2B Posts: 176
    Oh my goodness!! I have no idea.... ! some creams do seem to make it worse actually. It does heal up though, and then just comes back! Calling Dr in morning. Thanks for advice. Feel quite embarrassed now!!!!!
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