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Anyone wear glasses? I'm wondering what you're doing about your specs on your Big Day? I usually prefer to wear them for most things (not vain normally) but on my wedding day I'm not keen to have them on - despite the problem of not being able to see! I'll be having a veil and probably be wearing my hair up so I need some guidance from others who also wear glasses! I was wondering whether it would be feasible to have them on a chain around my neck so's I can put them on every now & then to read cards etc.. Then it won't seem so bad if I'm captured on the video wearing them or popping them on momentarily. Don't want to be wearing them for the formal wedding photo's though.

I've had contact lenses in the past and don't really fancy having them again. They're such a struggle to put in and SO easy to lose, to say nothing of the expense of maintenance with all the special solutions etc... Would love to hear what other short-sighted or long-sighted brides think!!

Bambagirl x


  • I used to wear glasses (had laser surgery so don't need them any more) and to be honest I really wouldn't have wanted to wear them on a chain around my neck. I don't think it'd do your beautiuful dress any favours. How about you get one of your bridesmaids to look after them or get one of those pretty bridal bags to put them in? Failing that you could probably cope for the ceremony at least without being able to see anything. If you have somebody lead you down the aisle you'll be fine. Or maybe your h2b could keep them in his pocket for you?
  • Hi there,

    I agree with purplepumpkins. I too wear glasses and my fiance has actually requested that I DO wear them because he feels like it wouldn't be me without them.

    I tend to agree because its how I feel most comfortable having never seen the point in contacts. To be honest though I think its different for me because i grew up having operations to correct a squint too which still appears if i take my specs off for too long. SO I think I am a bit phobic of being seen without the specs. lol
  • anabeeukanabeeuk Posts: 127
    I am going to wear my contacts, even though I wear glasses all the time (except for playing hockey) I am being vain I suppose, I just don't want to wear them for my wedding. My sister-in-law wore her glasses for her wedding though and looked gorgeous! I think you should follow your instinct
  • n_mn_m Posts: 76
    How about buying a month's supply of daily disposable contact lenses? You'd be under no obligation to buy more after that. I can't buy daily disposables for my exact prescription but the optician lets me buy the strongest ones available, which give me good enough vision to be allowed to drive.

    You could wear them for the ceremony and photos, then throw them away and wear your glasses for the evening.
  • joanna01ukjoanna01uk Posts: 1,093
    I wear glasses at the moment for most of the day, I can go for periods without but not wearing them all day is likely to give me a bad head.

    I had a contact lense trial a few months ago and whilst they felt okay I just cannot get the hang of putting them in. I WILL master it though, I have until next September, lol.

    I hate wearing glasses, I feel frumpy and ugly and always feel I look better without them.
  • ScottEasbyScottEasby Posts: 1,271
    I wear bright red glasses and love them but am going to wear daily contacts for the big day.. i have started wearing them on and off now to get used to it..
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    How much are contact lenses likely to cost for one month's supply of those disposable ones? Is there any discount for people on low salaries? I already get free sight tests because of having a father with diabetes and a mother with glaucoma. I'm not well off you see and I'm trying to keep costs low!

    Bambagirl x
  • hi bambagirl. i think certain opticians give you a free five day trial with the disposables. you can spend the first 3days worth getting used to them, leaving a couple of spare pairs for the big day. worth investigating...
  • hi bambagirl. i think certain opticians give you a free five day trial with the disposables. you can spend the first 3days worth getting used to them, leaving a couple of spare pairs for the big day. worth investigating...
  • I am wearing glasses on my big day and taking them on and off as I want. Not ideal, but can't see without them.
  • bamba- the disposables trial is the way to go
  • n_mn_m Posts: 76
    Here's a way of definitely getting some free lenses and you say your sight test is free so it might be that you just have to pay a fitting fee. Sorry, I can't remember the exact charges I paid last time I had a check up!


    If you're in the south then this one might be good as it sounds like a completely free trial:

  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    Thank you so MUCH, ANB! I will definitely be going down this route. I did have soft contact lenses (not the disposable type) nearly 20 years ago so I know how to insert them etc.. but I don't mind being coached in the art of inserting soft lenses again!

    I found the routine, the cost of the soaking fluids and the fact that I kept managing to lose them (especially when crying!) enought to convince me I didn't really want to have contact lenses indefinitely. Spectacles are so convenient anyway, aren't they? But it's probably better to have contact lenses in for one's wedding. My partner suggested I had the laser eye surgery (although we're having a budget, shoestring wedding, we DO have the wherewithal for me to get the laser surgery but I'm a bit nervous!) Also, if I went down this route, I'd have to have one eye at a time "done" and would need to get moving straight away since we marry in late March 2009. Think I'll leave it for a while! Might do it at some future date though!

    I have SpecSavers as my opticians. I might just leave the daily disposable 5 day free trial till I'm a lot closer to the wedding. My free, yearly sight test comes up at around that time - well, around about January anyway!

    If all else fails, I suppose I could get one month's supply. I never even CONSIDERED the daily disposable lenses - how short-sighted am I?!?! (sorry for the pun!!)

    Bambagirl x
  • Hi,

    I have been wearing glasses for only 5 years and really didn't want to wear them for the wedding. I have tried contacts before and counldn't get them in!! In desperation I went to Specsavers 3 days before the wedding and managed to get them in (soft daily disposables). I was given the 5 day free trial and wore them for the ceremony and meal. Put my glasses on for the evening do. Good Luck! xx
  • shazza21shazza21 Posts: 4,138
    I feel more comfortable wearing my glasses , did try contact lenses but went with my glasses as i took pics off me wearing my dress with and without my glasses and everybody said i wasnt me without my glasses hope this helps.
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    I think I'll do what YOU did Bling Girl! Get my free soft lenses just before my wedding! Yet again the Y&YW website has given me a great answer to a problem I shared here!

    The thing is, if I'd thought of the soft daily disposable lenses, I'd have just bought one month's supply and have done with it! But because I took my problem to my "Sisters in Weddingland" I got an even BETTER solution - a free one! Also, if I'd bought the full month's pack, I would've used all the pairs simply because I'd paid for them but in all honesty, I DO find spectacles more comfortable!

    I just want to avoid specs on my wedding day. As a famous American celebrity once said to a young lady who wore glasses: "Honey why do you have all that furniture on your face?"

    Cheers everybody!

    Bambagirl x
  • I wear glasses too and I'm so used to seeing myself in them that it would be weird if I didn't have them on, they are part of me. I also the reason many are asking the question of whether to wear their glasses or not is because in the wedding magazines you never seen anyone in a wedding dress and glasses!!! This really annoys me sometimes, because personally it makes me feel that you cant be beautiful wearing glasses with your wedding dress.

    Also, maybe another idea would be to go and buy a nice new pair, you can get some nice half rim or rimless glasses and make them special for your wedding.
  • Hiya girls,

    I have had glasses since i was seven years old used to wear them all the time but now only in the evenings or if i have an eye infection. I started using contacts since i was 19 so for 5 years nw and wear them most of the time i feel so confident with my contacts in.

    Although i jst got new glasses which i love! My h2b loves me with glasses and without he met me b4 i had contracts he saw my inner beauty hehehe.

    I will be wearing my contacts as usual for my wedding day but if my eyes get sore or blurly as it gunna b a long day i will consider taking um out and put my glasses on much later in the evening!!! xx
  • anahiscanahisc Posts: 166
    I wear glasses at all times and I am annoyed by them. I can't wear contacts either because I can't even get my fingers near my eyeball.

    I have ginven it a lot of thought and have decided to undergo the laser surgery. yesterday I had my consultation and I have booked the procedure for the 20th November. I know the pros and cons but I really want it. Wish me luck.

    PS. It will drain a bit our wedding savings though
  • I'm sticking with my glasses on my wedding day. I'm ne of those rare peeps who actually think they look better in heir glasses than without. Plus, I've been wearingthem for 13 years and I don't think I'd look like me in contacts.

    Wear your glasses with pride!!!!
  • littlelynsuklittlelynsuk Posts: 2,276
    I'm gonna go half blind!!! Contacts dont agree with me coz I have a mucusy tear duct and I hate wearing my glasses, when I take them off people saw awww you are such a pretty girl without your glasses grrrrrr!!!!! I will carry them in bag so I can see what the room looks like!!!!

    If I were you definatly go for the free trial!!! Good Luck!!!! xxxx
  • snuggsuksnuggsuk Posts: 292
    I'm wearing my glasses too. They are part of my identity! I'm only worried about the photo's and my makeup but i have spoken to photographer and she happy to just double check my glasses aint in the way and im hoping to find someone to do my makeup who understands glasses!

    I wouldnt consider not wearing them for the ceremony.....its the main part of the wedding, granted it may be the shortest part of the day but its the most important bit to me and i want to be able to see it all.

    I guess you all have to do with what you feel most comfortable with, you have to do with whatever will cause the least worry for you on the day!

    Plus mine are blue....although may have to change them before the wedding but may get the same frames as its my something blue.
  • I wear glasses and could not see my partners face without them, so definately need them on the day! :P I am going to go on the hunt for the daintiest pair I can find though. Something with very thin lenses and wires. I am wearing a veil so do not want my normal think framed ones. image
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