Gorgeous guestbooks!

Just wanted to share this gorgeous website i've found - i looked everywhere for a guestbook for our reception with stars on the cover (that's the theme of our day) but had no luck. Then i did a google search for just 'notebooks' as it occured to me that's all a guestbook really is! And i found this site...


The books are all different sizes, are handmade and are SO reasonably priced!

I have ordered mine from here and am waiting for delivery - and it has shooting stars on the cover! Hooray!

Oh and you can pick personalisation for the cover for free in all different type-styles - or pick a poem or phrase from the selection online! Fab!

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  • Sorry, i'm back again - just been browsing the site again and there's so much more there than i realised! Cards, cake boxes, menus, thank you cards etc etc etc... hundreds of 'themes' so whatever your theme is they probably cover it - and any colour you want for no extra cost. Printed inserts with loads of fonts. Phew! Sorry - i'm a shopaholic and it's like a little dream to me! image
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    love shopping websites too! Probably why I am loving planning my wedding, it's the perfect excuse for some hardcore retail therapy! Going to have a look at it right way xx
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