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How are you having your hair?

I have no ideas how to have my hair for the wedding. any idea where i can start looking for ideas? How are you having yours? HELP!


  • Try this website, there's thousands of pics

  • That website is brilliant - thank you xxxx
  • lucyf30lucyf30 Posts: 215
    thanks diamondkitten that website is great. Have you decided on your hair yet? x
  • MrsKP_MrsKP_ Posts: 2,035
    This is how I'm having my hair...

    The front:

    The back:

    I'll be having a tiara and veil as well, but I didn't get any photos which show them off properly!

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  • I think it is always a good idea to look at how celebs wear their hair to red carpet events. This is the style I went for:

  • Hi lucyf30,

    glad you like the website, i found loads of ideas off there. i want my hair half-up and half doan and curled. I've actually got my hair trial on saturday so i'm keeping my fingers crossed cos i get married in 44 days and this is the last thing to organise.
  • lucyf30lucyf30 Posts: 215
    Diamondkitten - let us know how you get on with your trial.

    mummy&bride2b - thanks i will have a look

  • Your hair looks fab katteh!! My hair is so fine and layered so would love curls and longish but not working!!!!! Need help!! Am also contemplating getting a bob but my mum says I'll regret so not sure! Will have to book a trial as 6th Dec will be here before I know it! Enjoy your styling trails ladies!
  • MrsKP_MrsKP_ Posts: 2,035
    I'm getting married on Dec 7th catalann - one day after you! Thanks for the kind words about my hair also!

    Have you tried curling your hair then? bear in mind that a hairdresser will probably be able to get a lot more curl out of your hair if you struggle with doing it yourself. image
  • catalann74,

    i'm getting married on the 6th of December too.

  • Hi

    This site is popular for hair idea's -

    I will be going for this style -

    Mi x

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  • I've got a hair trail tomorrow. The stylist is going to bring some hair extension strands to see if it'll volume it up a bit! I'll give anything a go to be honest! I'd like half up half down like you diamond kitten but will have to see what miracles can be worked! Going to show her your pic Katteh only if that's ok with you? Can't believe our wedding weekend is getting so close can you ladies???
  • P.S Just realised diamondkitten you've been for your'd it go? x
  • Hi catalann74

    Trial went really well, got another one in two weeks with my other bridesmaid who couldn't make this one.

    i just showed her all the many pics i found and said i wanted something along those lines and she just played with it until we got something we were both happy with.

    The style is a little similar to chaletcrew's picture, with some on top for height and then she curled and pinned lots at the back so that i had curls that went all the way down.

    i did take some pics but i haven't been able to get them off my camera yet.

    i was really happy with and what's more, the whole thing stayed in and the curls didn't drop all night even though it was a damp miserable night and she only used hair spray for this trial so we could see what i wanted and then she's going to do it all fully on my next trial. if they can make my hair stay curled there's hope for everyone!

    Hope your trial goes well!

    i feel so much better now i know what i'm having done with my hair!

    Only 38 days to go!
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