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Which Caribbean island?!


H2B and I are trying to book our honeymoon for late November next year - we are going to Canada for a 7-10 days and then want to fly to one of the Caribbean islands for a week, can anyone recommend one in particular?

Looking for this to be the relaxing part of the honeymoon so don't mind it being one of the smaller ones!




  • i can reccomend NOT going to the dominican! (not the north anyway) We went there this summer and although we had an absolutely fabulous time (and got engaged there!) i wouldnt call it a honey moon destination - i would think somewhere like antigua or st lucia is more honeymoony - although havening never been i could be talking rubbish!? You could also go to south brazil... thats only another hour or 2 on from the carribbean... its wonderful there.
  • steffil83steffil83 Posts: 217
    St Lucia, St Maartin & Cuba are all fab! Dominican poop!
  • SneakybSneakyb Posts: 1,252
    have you seen the news this week? rape of two couples and murder of swedish couple. I wouldn't go at all

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  • Hi, a good friend of mine has been to most of the Caribbean Islands and he said that Tobago, closely followed by St Lucia, are the best! x

    Sorry - I have just read the above reports on Tobago! Maybe not the best place to visit at the moment but I suppose nowhere is 100% safe!

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    We went to Barbados and St Lucia and which island depends on what you want!!! The Grenadines are beautiful, relaxing but not as luxurious as some others. Barbados - the shopping! White sandy beaches and the South coast has a rocking night life! St Lucia is quite different, it's rougher terrain with yellow sand and rainforests and no where near as touristy as Barbados.
  • CC2009CC2009 Posts: 520
    I actually wouldn't go to any more Caribbean islands again as I just thought that they seem primitive and the experiences I had in Antigua (chav central!!!) and BVI were poor....

    Dominican is too populat as is Barbados so everything seems a bit hectic and although not been to Tobago, media report didn't seem great!!

    I am completely biased, but if your in Canada (East coast particularly) i'd hop on a $150 Air Canada flight to Bermuda and stay in the SouthHampton Princess or Elbow Beach hotel and have some good old luxuary!!!

    Have a look at these, hope I can help.....

  • people are always being shot and murdered in the u.k HELLOOO its the sad world we live in it happens everywhere!


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    we stayed at St Lucia on a Sandals holiday (Sandals Halcyon Resort) and it was all inclusive... watersports, cocktails, 2 dives per day, 16 different restaurantsto choose from, and loads of thinggs to do on the island, i.e. day trips... I would easily go back!
  • SneakybSneakyb Posts: 1,252
    people are always being shot and murdered in the u.k HELLOOO its the sad world we live in it happens everywhere!



    It does happen everywhere but at least you can try to protect yourself by being sensible about where you go. e.g. I wouldn't choose to walk the London streets at 2am by myself.

    I just think there are lots of other places that are just as nice without the very real threat of robbery, murder etc. I know if I went over there I would spend the whole time worrying about when my hotel room was going to be broken into.
  • Hmm, lots to think about then!!

    Barbados did appeal to us originally but I get bored with sunbathing so although we want relaxing, I would quite like to sneak off to be able to explore or do some adventure activities!!

    We are being useless at picking a honeymoon, too much choice!!!

  • SneakybSneakyb Posts: 1,252
    Have you thought about zanzibar and a safari?
  • Hi Sneakyb,

    I actually did Tanazania and Zanzibar earlier this year and although I would love to take H2B out there, I think we are going to wait a few years before I do it again!

  • Hi! We went to the Cayos in Cuba this year. It is very relaxing but there are some great trips. We drove our own speedboat, went snorkelling in the most amazing reef and took a trip to Havana. We go to the Carribean every year and have never been robbed in fact we have nothing but good things to say. We may just be lucky but after at least 8 or 9 trips i would like to think it is more the norm!

    We love it so much we are going to Cuba for our honeymoon staying at the paradisus rio d'oro, take a look it's amazing!

  • Bahamas. Amazing place and amazing people.

    First Choice were crap, but the place was fantastic. 8 hour flight and its totally safe to walk around, any locals commiting crimes against a tourist are given harsher sentences than if they commited it against a local. This is because they are totally reliant on tourism.

  • Abi1801Abi1801 Posts: 591
    We have been to Cuba and Grenada and get married in Antigua next year. Why is Antigua chav central Chloe?!

    We personally love all the smaller/quieter islands. Grenada is stunning- very quiet and peaceful as it is still recovering from Hurricane Ivan so nowhere near as touristy as some of the other islands. Also you can do a day trip to the Grenadines whilst you are there.

    Dont let the recent crimes affect your choice- it could happen anywhere. If its not crime, its natural disasters!

    I say Caribbean all the way!!!!
  • CC2009CC2009 Posts: 520
    Maybe that was a bit judgemental of me, however that was my experience of a resort in June. I actually felt like for a caribbean island (where I imagined luxury and calm) I was surrounded by typical Brits on holiday, cheap beer, crap food and The Sun... I felt like I was in Malia! We were hounded by sales reps, lucky lucky men and beach sellers. All this and we were just on a stop over before we flew home!!

    Maybe we just landed in a bad hotel???
  • WantThatOneWantThatOne Posts: 1,490
    Hmm, lots to think about then!!

    Barbados did appeal to us originally but I get bored with sunbathing so although we want relaxing, I would quite like to sneak off to be able to explore or do some adventure activities!!

    We are being useless at picking a honeymoon, too much choice!!!


    Plenty to do in Barbados...... especially diving. There is a ship wreck in a bay near Bridgetown and you go from the harbour by catamaran and can snorkle down to the wreck, can see the turtles, rays etc, plenty of watersports - the south/east coast is better. Can do day trip to the Grenadines for some sailing and of course the shopping in bridgetown! There is a tiffany concession in one of the stores and it's tax free. Go round the malibu and mount gay rum factories (good tasting session!)

    Someone said about Antigua in June - it is so much cheaper to go that time of year - best time is November to April as less humidity, March is said to be driest month in Barbados.

    I hope this helps but here is a pic I took in Barbados from our hotel room

  • MirellaukMirellauk Posts: 313
    have to agree about the posts on barbados. have done jamaica, dominican and barbados, and barbados was the only island we felt safe enough on to wonder out of the resort. we either took a cab or just walked to places in barbados, found some lovely little bars and restaurants and had a really lovely time. AND there's my all time favourite restaurant in barbados, The Cliff, which is breathtakingly beautiful, and definitely worth a trip if your'e on honeymoon. its cut into the side of a cliff, with loads of candles and torches, and just gorgeous.
  • Abi1801Abi1801 Posts: 591
    What hotel did you stay at Chloe? We are staying at Bluewaters which doesnt look chavvy!!! I hope anyway!!! he x
  • Mrs Buckers I think your photo just decided our honeymoon! Hehe! How gorgeous! I am loving the idea of Barbados and the diving sounds fantastic and one of the must do's for us is sailing so glad you mentioned that!

    Cougar, I have heard lots about this restaurant - do you need to book in advance? Obviously I don't mean I would book it now!!! But before we go maybe.

    Our new plan which we said last night we won't change again (!!) is Iceland for 5 days, New York for 4 days and then Barbados for a week!! Ha, I bet we change it again by the end of the week!!!

  • CC2009CC2009 Posts: 520
    I can't actually remember the name of the place, we just had 10 hours to kill so asked the taxi driver to take us to a resort where we could swim and have dinner before we flew home... All I remember is the Butlins style dinner hall, rude staff and constant hounding on the beach. I don't want to sound like a snob, and don't think I am by any stretch, I just didn't like it here... I'll see if I can find it on trip advisor or something!!
  • WantThatOneWantThatOne Posts: 1,490
    The cliff is fantastic!!! But I suggest you book at least 3 months in advance to get a railside table. I booked in December for the first week in April and only just got a railside table for a Friday night. It was just amazing though, cocktails in the bar and then shown down to our table right out on the edge - we had rays swim right past our table, the sea is lit so you can see in the dark.

    From our table

    We didn't have time to do any proper sailing, just a wreck snorkle and champagne/rum punch at sunset.....

  • MirellaukMirellauk Posts: 313
    definitely book in advance like MrsBuckers said. we went in April, and only booked about a month in advance (can't actually remember what night it was for though so that may have made a difference). don't worry either about where your hotel is in comparison to the Cliff, as we were near St Lawrence gap, and the trip was about 25 mins to the Cliff, but we'd used a cab from outside the hotel the night before, and he agreed to do a fixed price for us, picked us up, waited outside for us and dropped us back at the end of the night. the hotel seemed quite horrified you'd drive that far for dinner, but really doesn't seem that far to me (and definitely worth it).
  • helenkenhelenken Posts: 168
    We've set our hearts on 7 nights Barbados and 7 nights Antigua.

    The resort we've chosen in Antigua is a bit out of the way so we wanted a week where we could walk around at night and try different bars/restaurants. That's why we've chosen Barbados. The hotel we've chosen is on the edge of St Lawrence Gap.

    We stopped in Bridgtown overnight on a cruise last year and our friend who was working on the ship took us to St Lawrence Gap for a few drinks.
  • I know that it has got some bad press recently but Tobago is truly truly beautiful. I'm also heard amazing things about St Lucia and Antigua. x
  • I don't think I can wait until next November! So excited about the honeymoon, think H2B is more excited about that than the wedding!!

    That Cliff restaurant looks incredible...

  • alihubalihub Posts: 3

    We had the most amazing two weeks in Tobago. We didn't do the package thing, but stayed with independent hotels and B&Bs...

    We managed to see turtles laying eggs with the conservation people there. The beaches were amazing, not busy at all, in fact sometimes we were the only people on them. My H2B dives and said it was great in the water and I did some horse riding on the beach.

    Don't read the bad press about this place, it is amazing, the people are so friendly. In fact if you take a stroll you get guys wanting to give you a lift to help you out!

    a couple of the hotels are below, can send you photos if you like

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    Aruba is and is apparently one of the safest places in the Caribbean but is soooo american, get the impression it is like what I have heard about the Britishy resorts but the US version. It was also really built up, a bit like Benidorm, but then I am completely the opposite to most honeymooners; I prefer laid-back and not high-rise and to be honest I felt much safer in places like Thailand and Malaysia even though the places we went didn't have many British people. Just shows it's each to their own really, I just don't think I'm a Caribbean type of person but then there's places in Thailand I'd hate to go too so there's probably some more laid-back places there too....
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    sorry to those who hate the dominican,but i do recommend it there,been there twice,to the same resort,on the east coast,bavaro,we got married there in june.

    plenty to do,

    each to there owni suppose.
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