Planning! Whats everyone up to?

Hey guys

I'm so excited, I have now booked my

Wedding Venue

Reception Venue


Make-up Artist

I have chosen my dress but not ordered it yet

I have chosen my bridesmaids dresses up not ordered it yet

I'm just trying to sort out my hair now. What is everyone else up to? Im afaid I will have forgotten something?



  • c_m_paynec_m_payne Posts: 657
    Hi Sarah, when is your wedding? You sound pretty organised! I have booked:

    Church, reception venue, band (a wind trio for Church and reception)photographer, and I've ordered my dress (nerve-racking as there's so much blooming choice but it's done and I love it!) and I'm in the process of sorting a DJ at the moment. I wanted the basic package but they're trying to sell us a more costly one basically! Need to have a think about it. Still got lots to do! I think the hair trial is next on my list, also bridesmaids dresses research. That's going to be tricky for me logistically as I have 3 maids and none of them live in the same town as me (though not too far either so just need to get one day when they can all come to London). How many do you have and how have you picked the dresses, did you get them to help you?

  • Im going to get the dresses from ebay. I have had my cheifbridemaid look at them but in the end they have all said to me its my day. I have 5 bridesmaids 4 of which live in a different country to me and 1 who lives miles away. As the dresses come altertered im going to wait until the new year and order them. Have you any ideas?

    Luckily we are not having a dj or band. We are just going to get an ipod and put it in there docking station. We have one guest who we are trying to persuade to sing at the ceramony xx
  • oh wedding is 22nd August x
  • c_m_paynec_m_payne Posts: 657
    Ah ebay, good plan. I was thinking of going to the high street basically, and just picking a nice dress, not too detailed, that would suit all three... to begin with I had elaborate plans about going to a Bridesmaid dress designer like Dessy and getting dresses in the same colour but a different cut for each depending on what they each liked but once I realised how expensive they are that went out the window!

    Having a personal friend sing sounds like a lovely idea!
  • Oh my I had those same plans, I saw the idea from a film, like one girl having starpless and one with a halterneck and so on but again I have to cut back. I wont be ordering the dresses till the next year so im defenily going to look in the january sales so my plans may change. I feel like ive forgotten to organsie something. Do you have those same feelings lol
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