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Hiya - im a newbie

Hiya everyone im new to this chatting thing!!

My name is Sammi-jo and im getting married to my boyfriend Lee 5th September next year im 22 years old.

would like to chat to exchange ideas etc!!!

x x x x x x x:\?


  • hi didnt want to read and not reply,

    I am Sam, 24 getting married 31-7-09!

    not planned anything yet or booked or brought anything!

    how about you?
  • Hi sammijo im getting married in 18 days image im 23 years old, good luck with all your wedding planning, im sure you will find lots of ideas and help on here image xx
  • FahchanFahchan Posts: 183
    hey im faith and im getting married 26/08/09. we've got quite a fair but planned and sorted already now. have you guys got a budget yet? mines sounds tiny but weve got 5000
  • Hi Hun,

    You'll end up addicted to this website!

    My name's Jessica. I'm 22 and am getting married on 29/10/2009 (I'll be 23 then). My H2B Steve, is 25! So far we've booked the venue but that's it. I think I've found my dream dress and I have meetings with the vicar and a couple of photographers within the next week.

    Where you from hun? What have you got planned so far? xxxx
  • Hi all. My name is Sam, i'm 23 and my h2b jonathan is 22. we've got a 2 yr old son called Boe, and we get married on 28-August-2009. I've got my dress and booked the venues but thats it really. I'm trying to do most things myself, like making the invitations etc. Good luck 2 u all x
  • Hi Sammi Jo, I'm Debbi, just a bit older than you at 41 but also getting married on 5th September next year. What a great day that will be!!!!

    Have you decided what you want yet or started making plans? I've got my church, reception and band booked and bought my dress.

    This is 2nd time around for me and to be quite honest my last wedding (and the groom) was pants!!!! So I'm organised this time and having what I want, not just what everyone else thinks my day should be.

  • Hi my name is Louise I will be 25 when I get married on 2nd May 09 H2B will be 24 getting married in London
  • chelb13chelb13 Posts: 458
    Hi my name is Michelle and i will be 23 when i get married on 17th Oct 09, H2B will be 23 also.

    Have got dress and shoes and put deposits down on the reception venue and Vintage cars.

    Got ideas for everything else but plenty of time yet.

  • lauraxxxlauraxxx Posts: 449
    Hey ladies

    Im getting married 8th Aug 09 and will also be 23 when i get married. Just a wee mention that if you are getting married next you should be looking to get everything booked and deposits paid NOW! All good suppliers get book up around 2 years in advance, i booked my venue in march 07 and they already had 2 weekends in july & 2 in august booked!

  • Hiya,

    I'm getting married 23/12/09, will be 23 when I get married.

    Got most things booked but still to organise cars and florist, will sort out all the smaller details like favours etc in the new year - might pick up a few bargains in the sales! x
  • hi i'm new, getting married june 09 got a fair few things planned & a low budget x

  • hiya im new on here too.Im 21 and getting married on 04/09/ a few things planned,but still got loads to do x
  • im 21 too with a 4year old son with my h2b been 2getha 5 1/2 years evry1 thinks we r mad x

  • hey jodan.Ive got a 4year old daughter and a 6month old daughter.Me and h2b have been together 5 years,sept just gone.Hve u got everything planned yet?where abouts u from?x
  • hi im near(ish) birmingham u? i got quite a bit planned n just little things now, alot ov family n friends are doin us favours 4 it though thats so helped alot x
  • I live in a few things planned...the venue,chair covers,photographer and dj sorted.the wedding invitations also arrived a couple of days ago.So going to start sending them out soon.We are on a tight budget too.My mum is paying for my rings and my dress and my h2b parents are giving us £2,000.We haven't got much saved for the wedding,so we are trying to find things for a bargain price x
  • i've used ebay for my bridesmaids dresses and groom best man outfits etc all brand new & for my dress i've used my moms its 33 years old so i've had it all altered to make it bit more modern and had it dry cleaned.we've got family doin catering h2b grandad doin photography my aunty doin cake & flowers and things like that, got venue, reception, dj and car booked just waiting for xmas to be out the way before we do anythin else x
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