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Gibraltar Wedding - HELP!


I am new to all this so any tips are welcome. Am trying to arrange getting married in Gibraltar but am finding getting true and concise info difficult - has anyone got any hints or tips? Was thinking of The Rock Hotel but seems we cant use the terrace area for a reception so not so sure now?

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  • zzzuk1zzzuk1 Posts: 112
    At least you've posted in the right place now
  • Yes this is a learning curve alright!

    God I am now addicted to this site! People at work must see me on this most of today - eek! So, have u any handy hints for Gib weddings then?? image
  • zzzuk1zzzuk1 Posts: 112
    I'm sure you'll get the hang of it chick.

    Sorry no advice for Gibraltar, sounds lovely though x
  • Indeed!

    Ah ok thanks for your email anyhow, have been investigating on the internet most of the day and have a book full of print outs to show h2b. Sure he will say they all look good and the decision down to me! Ha! xx
  • Hi there, just saw your thread and I know I can help you. I have a great friend in Gibraltar, her name is Monica Coumbe and shes a wedding organiser - call her and she'll help you out. Her landline no is+350 71335, her email is [email protected] Check out her website - I used to live in Gibraltar and worked at the Rock Hotel myself and know it well! Anyway, best of luck and don't worry, it'll work out!

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  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    YAY another Gib bride!

    When are you getting married?

    Ours is 27th June 2009 at the Caleta Hotel, it is lovely there, you can either have the ceremony in the garden or on the terrace overlooking the sea, we have chosen over looking the sea. It was the 1st location we visited and fell in love with it, they have been ok with the arrangements so far. Have a look at their wedding packages on the website.

    Good luck with the registrar as well they are a little hit and miss with answering the phone and emails but in the end we managed to get the date and time we wanted.

    Email me if you want more of a chat, happy to help where I can.

  • hi there asudi

    thanks for your email. So what is the Rock Hotel like then, would you recommend it? Couldnt get on that websire but will try again thanks very much for your info!!

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  • hi JMJ77

    thanks for your email - i looked at the caleta and looks fab, are you having a big wedding there ? As i thought it was great they gave options for small - large weddings.

    Ours in May 15th and we have not booked anything yet - eek.

    Was thinking about at top of rock at cable car but thats being refurbed and be ready 'approz' April 09, so dont wana book there and risk it not being ready in time.

    Also looked at o'Callaghan that looks good with nice pool area.

    Registrar was ok but really limited on times - only 12 noon or then 6pm, did you find that?

    Nice to have another Gib girlie out there! :0)

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hi K

    We're having 70 people which is actually bigger then we planned!!

    We didn't look at The Rock for the same reasons, when I made an enquiry they didn't have any completion date and the O'Callaghan looked lovely online but they didn't reply to my email so obviously I'm not going to spend my money with them! Luckily we fell in love with The Caleta when we visited it. It also as a pool and stairs down to the beach which we think will be fab for pictures.

    Yes we had the same thing with times originally went for 6 as thought 12 was too early but when I tried on my dress I realised that 6 was just too late and I wanted to be able to wear it ALL day plus people say the day flies by which it would def do if the service wasn't till 6.

    I hope you get sorted, I was demented until we got the dates booked with the Registrar and hotel.

    Yes it is nice to have another Gib bride, I thought I was all alone on here!

  • Hi JJ

    Gee 70 is a lota people! And cash !!

    Thanks for your info Ive been online again and the Caleta really looks fab, right on the beach too fab views. Ive taken lots of research into The Rock and O'Call hotels and to be honest the Caleta does look nicer. Although (and I read this also on here from another bride) the Caleta is further away from towm, it seems the only hotel that looks out to the Med - the others you run the risk of looking out onto the port area, not so attractive!

    Yes I am getting demented too and we are only 199 days away now and NOTHING booked, getting a bit twitchy, but I know the registrar is free so just waiting to send birth cert off and fees of course.

    Yeah I thought the same re the timings - although bit of an early start, 6pm too late to enjoy wearing your dress and day over b4 u know it. Not sure what to do after wedding breakfast, may go trip to botanic gnds or trip of somekind. We will have about 16 people so not that many of us, so wouldnt go for the eve do reception as we could hold the disco for us lot in a phone box haha! So Ive emailed the hotel to see can they quote without the eve prices.

    Gib is lovely and being English speaking and fully legal marriage without having to phaff around with some places of being there days and days before and you cant get married in some places without haveing your civil ceremony first and that etc.... I didnt want any of that so Gib is great!!

    Let you know how I go with the buying a house at the mo complete this Friday so busy just a little!!

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  • Hi Jj me again!

    Just been looking at trip advisor, there are some really differing opinions! These are the average scores for hotels in Gib:

    rock 4/5

    caleta 3.5 / 5

    bristol 3/5

    queens 3/5

    Not sure if it has helped me at all, seems pot luck how your stay is?


  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey KB

    Yes I know and I think it is more like 75 at the mo and that is us being really strict with numbers!!! Family and close friends, there are loads more people I would love to invite but just can't afford it image

    That's one of the reasons why we chose Gib too, we'll be living in Spain but I would like to understand exactly what I'm agreeing when we say our vows so a Gib wedding seemed the thing to do.

    Just seen the reviews you posted, I'm not too worried to be fair, obviously everyone has different expectations and I've been to places before and read some of the reviews beforehand and thought oh shit but actually have had a really fantastic time, it's what you make of it I guess and you just have to hope the staff etc are nice. As we have visited the Caleta our experience with the staff was great lets just hope it stays that way when our wedding day arrivesimage

    To be fair the Caleta is away from town but it is a 5-7 min drive if that so nothing major, it's also 5 mins from the airport in a car, as Gib isn't that big anyway nothing is too far away so don't let that put you off! I quite like the fact that it isn't in the town and like you say has uninterrupted views over the sea.

    I'm in the process of sorting out a mortgage at the mo, buying off my brother so a little less complicated then buying a house of strangers but still takes up time. Good luck with yours fingers crossed it all goes ok.

    Let me know how you get on with making a decision with the venue.

    Have you been out to Gib? Guess if you haven't it is difficult to base it on what you find on the internet huh?

  • Hi JJ

    Sorry for delay - couldnt log on driving me insane!! image

    Ive had some lovely emails from the Caleta and they really are v. helpful indeed i asked them loads of questions!! As my sister said , they actually make you feel welcome rather than a nuisance! I really like the sounds of it but h2b seems to prefer the Rock, dont know why they were no where near as helpful as Caleta!

    Been looking at the lovely pamper packages, a nice relaxing massage on the day sounds good !!

    Are you going for the package deal they advertise, or booking make-up etc seperate?

    Yes been to Gib years ago and liked it there, so I can remember some of it. K image
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287

    They are pretty good and have answered all my questions no matter how stupid hee hee

    We are going for the package but minus a few things as not all of it is relevant to us eg pick up from airport, English Bar and Garden Hire etc So yes they will be doing my hair and makeup & flowers and cake.I have to send them pics of what I want for flowers and cake! I'm a bit worried about the hair and makeup so will see about going for a trail when we go and see the registrar.

    Am thinking some pampering with my bridesmaids the day before is def a good plan image

    Only 8 months to go and I'm so blooming excited image

    Have you got any further with making a decision? One of the ladies at our local bar in Spain got married at the Rock and then went for an Indian meal in a local resturant she said it was fab so either way I think you'll be fine with the Rock. I don't know of anyone who has got married at the Caleta so just hoping for the best!!

    JJ x
  • Hi Gib brides!

    H2B and I went on holiday to Gib in July and have now decided to get married there. Going back in 10 days time for holiday and have been in contact with the registry office about going round to have a look at the "marriage room" and book for next year. We are bringing all our documents so that we can book when we are there. I'm so excited! And so happy to find some more gib brides on here! image We are thinking about reception at the Rock Hotel's Wisteria room or if the registry office dosn't look too good, probably the ceremony there as well. Do any of you know what the registry office's "marriage room" looks like?

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey Bella

    It's great to have another Gib bride.

    Sorry have no idea what the registry office is like so can't help you there!

    Have you decided on a date yet?

    Good luck with your trip, let us know how you get on.

  • Hey JJ

    Yeah I was thinking of just going for the makeup and hair and as the airport is only a stones throw, not to worry about a limo etc in that package deal.

    We are gonna go with the Caleta as they been so helpful and nothing was too much trouble, to be honest we felt a bit of a nuisance with the Rock (sorry Bella!) but maybe I overdid the barrage of questions!! hehe. But glad to hear they were good from what your friend said.

    Just waiting for H2B birth cert to come in post then will start the deposits etc, so jsut counting down til we can actually book it!!!!!

    So what part of Spain do you live in, and what are you going there? Must be better than here - its dire!!

    We are 6 months next Sat to the big day, cant believe it image

    K xx
  • Hey Bella!

    Sorry have not seen the wedding rooms, or the Wisteria room at the Rock.

    Sounds a great idea goinig over for a look; I wish we had the cash to do so, so just have to hope it all is ok!

    Yeah as JJ said let us know how it goes, us Gib brides gotta stick together!!

    K x
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey K,

    6 months , wow that isn't long at all!!!!

    Yay you'll be able to tell me all about your wedding at the Caleta as you're before us hee hee. So are you going to have the service and reception there? As they have a restaurant, which looked quite nice aswell as the banqueting area.

    I was living in Malaga about 25mins inland from the airport, took a year off work (career break) and came back to the UK in September boo hoo just waiting to hear if I'm going to be made redundant ( I hope so) I will hopefully find out tomorrow what is happening. all being well I'll be moving back to Malaga in January (flight is booked) so fingers crossed!

    I'm so excited and it is great having other Gib brides to talk to x
  • Hey

    yeah gonna have ceremony there in the garden (by the way they are renovating it this year they told me). Then have a bbq,its great as they say we can stay there til 12 midnight . Although doubt will be there that long. as a 12 noon wedding guessing as only a few of us (no more than 12 I think) by the time weve eaten etc Id like to maybe do a cable car trip or something -in my dress of course!!!Then the eve after everyone had time for a rest / break! meet up and find somewhere informal for dinner, am hoping for a tapas place - do u know any in Gib?

    Ah let me know re the redundancy, good if thats what you want. So is H2b in Malaga waiting for you?

    Yay - its great isnt it??!!!

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Ha ha ha I hope you told them I directed you to them, I should ask them for some commission hee hee.

    That sounds lovely and yes they did mention they were refurbing the garden to us too but it was going to be too small for all our guests!

    That sounds fab re the BBQ I was thinking today about whether we should have a BBQ there on the Friday, the night before the wedding, I might have to find out how much it will be otherwise we might sort out a meal in the restaurant although again not sure how much it will cost and whether our guests would expect us to pay!!!

    Doing a cable car ride in your dress sounds like a great idea hee hee I love it! Can't wait to see the pics image There is a Moorish castle up there which you could get some fab pictures and also the caves, both are on the website below. You would get some lovely pics in the caves but the floor is wet so you'd have to watch your dress if it is long!

    I don't know of a tapas place and i'm not sure there is one but it might be worth asking one of the girls at the Caleta I'm sure they will be able to tell you.

    Also have you come across this site yet?

    It's quite helpful, I sent it to my guests so they could have a nose too.

    Yeah H2B is in Malaga, just spoke to him on the phone actually, miss him so much but will be going to see him in 16 days, can't wait and he doesn't know yet so going to be a big surprise for him, he doesn't think he will be seeing me till 23rd Dec when he arrives here, so excited!

    Will let you know what happens tomorrow, I just want an answer they have been dragging it out and I just want to know!!!

    JJ x
  • Yeah I will do when I book image

    Good idea re bbq before the wedding its approx £25 per perspn, but guess you already have a big do the day after? Are you staying seperate from your h2b night before?? Im not sure whether we will or not, as we do live together??Certainly is gonna be difficult re paying for food etc as we are gonna pay for drinks and food after the wedding itself. But after that everyone will have to pay for themselves! As cant be paying for everyone from 12 onwards! So not sure how to word the invites yet and also gonna ask for money for honeymoon. As we will have a few days either side the wedding in Gib and then have a 10/14 day abroad sun hol in Sept so can spread the cost and have something else to look forward to. Was thinking if having a 70 people ish reception when home but God the cost! Be nice for my friends and work mates to see us though image

    Thanks for the weblink, have been on it before and v useful. Erm, yeah maybe have to rethink the idea of a trip out in my dress haha. what are you doing, as you getting hitched at 12 too?

    Awe how sweet to surprise h2b, you must miss eachohther image Ive jsut been looking to see if I could get a deal for a few days christmas / ny time but well pricey so me thinks it s a no!

    Yeah let me know re the job they do tend to let these things drag!

  • Hi girls,

    reading you talkingso much about the Caleta, I've decided to check it out before we book the reception. Going in the cable car in your dress sounds very adventurous! image I want to see the photos from that too. Just remember the moorish castle is quite a way from the cable car, but I agree it would make some nice photos. Try and get through the little door to the moorish castle roof might be difficult, but the background view would be great. I was thinking of going to the top of the rock for photos, there is a place where you can get the sea on both sides in the same photo image

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287

    Oh that's good Bella I'll be earning lots of commission at this rate image

    We drove up the rock and to the Moorish Castle so didn't even think about the walking you would have to do. You can get tour people to drive you up but not sure of the cost etc

    I thought I would share some pics of when we visited Gib in August.

    The Caleta Hotel

    The terrace where we are getting married

    The banqueting hall, they were actually setting up for a wedding when we visited.

    Entrance to the Moorish Castle which is tight and also the staircase inside is a bit tight too!!

    And finally a potential bridesmaid image

    Hope all the pics work.

    Can't wait to hear how you get on Bella, imagine 3 Caleta brides YAY xxx

    Humph getting very frustrated now, I can only see the 1st two!!

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  • Hello.

    Sorry, but I can only see the first two pics! The terrace looks really good though. The views from there must be great, especially in the morning/noon when the sun is on that side.

    I remember the door to the roof of the moorish castle making me feel like Alice in wonderland, it was about half the size of a normal door!

    I was thinking for photos to also go across to La Linea and get a photo with the whole rock in the background, but thinking what if the spanish start getting funny with you when you try to go back over into Gib.

    One week now till I go to Gib and book everything! Anybody want me to check something out for them if I have time?
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Morning Ladies

    Well not sure what is happening with those pics, I will try again here and if it doesn't work then teh only thing I can suggest is you copy the url (is that what it's called?) and paste it in your browser!

    Banqueting hall

    Door to Moorish Castle

    Potential BM

    Purleese work!!!

    Bella that is a very kind offer, I can't think of anything at the mo but if I do I will let you know.
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    HURRAY the first two worked, I wonder are you only able to paste two pics in one reply box hmmmm

    Anyway last one x

    Potential BM


  • Hey Gib Brides!

    Lovin the emails image Its so nice to discuss 'stuff' with other brides who are going to Gib image

    Anyhooo, enuf of me blabbing.....

    Thise pics are great, I, like Bella saw the 1st 2 pics and then when JJ re-sent saw the others!! Hahah re the potential bridesmaid! Hope she hasnt seen this pic? hehehe.

    The views look amazing!!

    I am wondering if I do the ole terrance jobbie instead of the garden, or is the terrace only for weddings over certain amount of attendees? As we will be a small gathering.

    Yeah, that idea re the cable car etc I am rethinking as a) prob be roasting hot b) potential of getting dress caught on thigs, get dirty and c) may look a bit of a t*t parading about in my dress, oh and d) the apes may grab it etc etc.....

    saying about the apes they do scare me a little as when i went to gib b4 they were really vicious and grabbing people etc image

    Maybe Bella, you could take a good pic of the garden / beach / pool of caleta if that be ok, thats so sweet of you to offer to help out! If you have time or find out - is there a decent tapas / authentic spanish place for us to have the wedding party an eve meal? I understand that the caleta is further away from town but dont mind a taxi etc.

    Hey JJ - any news on the job?

    K xx
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey Kb

    Glad you like the pics.

    I'm sure you could have your service on the terrace if you wanted too, as far as I know there is no restriction on numbers.

    The pool is just off to the left of the terrace picture, I'll see if I can find a pic and you also have the stairs down to the beach there, although not sure how many etc. Obviously if you have it on the terrace you have the potential of other guests walking past but they did say they could put up some boards so guests could discreetly walk past, we could have hired out the pool area too but I'm not that fussed, think people are generally quite respectful when they see a wedding taking place! Well I hope so..............

    I can see where you're comin from re the cable car idea, nice thought though! As for the monkeys that one in the pic we just walked right past him and he wasn't bothered. If you are rustling bags etc then yes they may go for you. It's not their fault it's the people that have fed them over the years make them like that!

    The funniest thing I saw was when a bloke left his car door open and the monkey jumped in the baby's sit ha ha ha the child was NOT amused at a monkey sitting in their seat!

    Thanks for asking KB re work, the meeting isn't till 3.30 so I'll let you know how it goes!
  • hey jj

    any news re job then?

    ah great if u have pic of pool though.

    yeah doesnt bother me too much other guests either - it will make things easier for the tension betwn my family and h2b eek - thats a story and a half for sure image

    yeah guess if we dont have any rustling the monkeys leave us alone, apart from the dress rustel of course jikes!

    if you are over in espana by may u will have to come and see me at the caleta on the day!!

    K x
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