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Gibraltar Wedding - HELP!



  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey KB

    Thanks for asking hun

    I've been made redundant WOO HOO and will be heading back to Spain in January.

    Would love to come and say Hello on your special day, it's only an hour and a half drive, so I'll be there image Maybe I could link it in with visiting the Registrar and my food & wine tasting at the hotel as we will need to do that, ooh how exciting!

    I'll have a look for pool pic I have a feeling we do have one.

    Oh dear families eh can be a bit of a nightmare! I'm not even inviting my older brother and sister, long story but at the end of the day I just don't want them with us on our special day!

    Right I'm skipping off now, only 2 more days and then I'm done in this bloody place, hee hee don't have to work my notice YAY!!!

    Have a lovely evening and I'll catch up with you soon.

    JJ x
  • Hi.

    Good to hear I'm not the only one having problems with who not to invite. Long story as well, but we are not inviting my mum's husband as he is always really rude to everyone and would ruin the day.

    My experience of the monkeys is also that if you leave them alone they will not bother you as long as you don't have any bags or food. Although we did see some monkeys near the ape den cable car station jumping on peoples heads and starting to groom their hair! Less then a week till I go over there now, can't wait!
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Ha ha ha Bella I was just sitting at my desk chuckling about the monkeys jumping on people's heads and my colleague walked past asking me what am I laughing at!

    Funnily enough I have the same with my mum's husband although they are seperated, I had to make a hard decision invite him and put up with him being a prat (hopefully he won't be) or not invite him and have to live with the comments and grief for the rest of my days!! Admittedly I get on better with him then I used to and have spent the last few xmas' with him, my mum etc so it's not too bad but if I was totally honest I could quite happily not have him there!

    He is the only one I'm having at my day for an easy life the rest can get lost image

    I've got 2 weeks today till I got to Spain for the weekend to see H2B and I also CAN'T WAIT!!!!
  • Ha ha, yeah the monkeys can be quite funny. I'm just glad they didn't do it to me!

    H2B finally sorted out his birth cert. but his parents keep asking why we want to get wed in Gib. I think his mum wishes we would have chosen somwhere more exotic so she could have a far away holiday. First time we went to Gib though we really fell in love with the place. And it helps that getting married there is easier than most other places. What are your reasons for chosing Gib girls? image
  • Hey Gals

    sorry for delay- my boss was in IN day yesterday and I was really busy - annoying nuisance this work stuff!

    Sooooo annoyed, h2b birth cert arrived yesterday and I forgot to bring it with me to work today so can scan off to the registrars and get booked, ar*e!! Will have to wait til Mon now image

    Ah great if you have more pics of the hotel and area.

    Yeah what a long story our is re the families - one for another time but basically h2b not been in contact with his family for 3 months etc. Caused us no end of problems and our crime appeared to be that we made our own decisions and choices without 'consulting' the higher powers!! Thats why we now going to Gib as did have our wedding booked in UK but had to cancel it due to all the stress image Id rather some of h2b family not go but jsut want everyone to be happy and as long as they are happy on the day and dont spoil it for us thats ok, i have my doubts though knowing what they are like image

    Sounds like you both have been strong and decided not inviting people, if my family had acted like h2b had I wouldnt be invited them but h2b seems to be seeing things through rose tinted glasses and all will be ok!

    Going abroad was a thought we had anyhow and seemed ideal as we dont like v hot places and h2b not a good traveller on flights, and english speaking, fully legal wedding etc, Gib has it all and of course the fab food, vino, views and weather image My family are v excited for us and I know h2b wont be (havent told them new plans yet eek). think my folks may even hire an apartment there and make a holiday of it, bless!

    What are you two going about night before malarky - to stay in the same bed or not to is the question?

    Jealous with your trips coming up to go to Gib!! Wish I was going!! image

    JJ - Glad you got what you wanted and made redundant, and yeah not far for you to come and see us eh? Food and wine tasting sounds fab, we havent been offered that, but to be fair have not yet 'properly' booked it either.

    K xxxx

    Gonna be emailing all day as while the cats away mwhahahahahahaha hehehe.
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    hey Ladies

    Last day at work WOO HOO!!!

    We had a nightmare chosing where to get married, as we will be living in Spain, we thought maybe Spain then thought England because that is where most of our guests are but we finally decided Gib because we wanted an English service in a nicer climate!

    KB they didn't offer us a wine/food tasting session I asked, most hotels etc would offer it here so thought why not as we are not far away and want to ensure that the wine etc is nice before choosing which one we're having.

    Now in the package they give you the bridal suite for 2 nights which is the night before the wedding and obviously night of! I'm in two minds about us staying together the night before we have talked about down grading the room the night before and staying in seperate rooms but this will incur extra costs unless one of us can crash in someone else's room, then you have the factor of wanting a good nights sleep etc so that may not be a good idea! My H2B has told me in NO uncertain terms I will not be sharing the bridal suite the night before with my MOH and he will not be sleeping in the same bed as her husband ha ha ha Men are funny!

    So in answer to your question, I would like to follow the tradition of not seeing him the night before etc but it just seems like too much hassle to organise so we'll probably just stay in the Bridal Suite together.

    Kb That's a pain re the cert but it is only an extra couple of days, just don't forget it on Monday!!!

    Bella I think I would have a heart attack if one of them jumped on me, i love animals but not wild monkeys jumping on my head!

    JJ x
  • Ha ha, yeah just imagine if a monkey jumped on your head on your wedding day when your hair has been done! Disaster!

    I am in two minds regarding the night before as well. H2B thinks it's a stupid old tradition, but I kind of like traditional, especially when you are getting married. But then again there is the possible extra cost unless I share a room with my mum or something. What to do? *sigh* Not decided yet. I think everyone we invite will probably make a holiday out of it though as they will all have to travel there anyway and I don't get to see my family very often as they live quite far away.

    Have you chosen your dresses yet? I have just started looking on the internet for different styles but not found THE dress yet.

    5 days till Gib! We are going in the WW2 tunnel and maybe ice-skating. Have any of you done the Lower St Michael's cave tour? We did it in July and it's definately a must! Especially jumping into the underground lake at the end before heading back. You have to be reasonably fit though as it's a lot of climbing up and down ropes and stuff, but definately worth it. image
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Now THAT would be a nightmare!! hee hee

    Glad I'm not the only one on the fence about the night before!

    Yep I've chosen and ordered my dress YAY it's Michelle by Maggie Sottero in light gold, it was the very 1st one I tried on and I LOVED it.

    So have either of you been out dress shopping yet?

    Wow we looked at the maps of the tunnels and it is just a whole world under the Rock it looks amazing but we didn't do the tour. Where have they got ice-skating?

    We did the caves but not the one you're talking about no climbing up and down for us or swinging from ropes!

    How long are you going for Bella? Can't wait to hear how you get on with booking somewhere, have you organised appointments with the various hotels etc?

  • OMG, really happy I found this forum!

    I've literally just e-mailed the Caleta Hotel to see whether our potential wedding date is available. Fingers crossed we hear back from them very soon and that they say yes!

    Nice to meet some other Gibraltar brides-to-be... x

  • Yay, one more of us! Hi Frankie image

    When I first logged on to this forum I didn't think I would find any other gib brides, ha ha.

    3 days left till I go and book! Packing today and making sure I don't forget any vital documents.

    Been looking at dresses but still not sure, I like the look of some of the D'Zage ones. Still, how do I get it to Gib in one piece? (Or two as the ones I like are corset top and skirt).

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Welcome Lucky Frankie, fab to have another Gib and Caleta bride. When is your big day? Have you sorted out the registrar too?

    Bet you can't wait Bella how exciting x

    I think you can buy special boxes etc to transport your dress on the plane but not sure where from. I'm getting mine delivered to Spain from the supplier so I just have to get a bag to transport it in the car when we go!

    230 days to go whoop whoop image

  • I just hope the register office looks nice, but if it doesn't we will chose a hotel to have the ceremony at. Can't wait to get a confirmed date. We are looking at sometime in september.

    Where are you girls going on honeymoon after? We were thinking maybe the Maldives.

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Oh I hope so too Bella, fingers crossed.

    We're going for a week to Barbados followed by a week cruising the Caribbean Islands I am soooooooooo excited! H2B quite liked the idea of getting married on a cruise ship but as it would cost so much for people to join us we decided just to do it on our honeymoon, neither of us have ever been on a cruise.

    I've always wanted to go to the Maldives, you lucky girl!

  • Right, I'm having major problems trying to get anywhere with the Caleta Hotel.

    Am absolutely desperate to get things booked now, but they're not responding to any of my e-mails and when I tried to call yesterday I kept getting the message "The other person has cleared". HELP!!!

    Has anyone else had communication problems with this hotel, or is it just me?

    Any advice on how to get this booked would be much appreciated! x

  • OK, scrap that!

    Just managed to get through to the hotel on the phone this morning. They've confirmed our date is available, but I've got to phone the registry office when it opens at 2pm this afternoon to see if they can manage our date as well. Don't think my nerves can hold out till then!

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey Frankie

    Glad you managed to get hold of the hotel it was probably because it was Sunday yesterday! I've not had any problems with communication apart from being slow on replying to a couple of emails but it was nothing major!

    Ooh what date have you booked with them? Fingers crossed you can confirm with the registrar you'll have to let us know how you get on.
  • Im glad I started this thread now, its getting popular with all us Bib brides eh?

    I got my dress exactly a year to the date, bizarre eh? Was my 1st dress I tried on too image

    Those tours under the rock sounds fab must do some.

    Only 185 days to go for me.

    So Bella is Sept

    Jj is Aug


    and me in May!!

    Must admit I was worrying about the wedding dress, think there are special packages for holding wedding dresses in?

    Honeymoon sounds lovely in Maldives/ Barbados / Caribbean Islands ! We are having about a week in Gib and then will have a proper sun break in Sept time for 2 weeks when we have saved up! And have something else to look forward to then rather than all happening at once.

    I found the Caleta very helpful and reply almost straight away.

    Infact, just had confirmation from the Registry (eventually got h2b birth certificate!) that all is in order and will be taking the money from the c card! Horay!!

    K xx
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    YAY KB so you're all sorted well the main bits anyway! It is such a good feeling having it all booked!

    Lucky you having your proper honeymoon in Sept, like you say it gives you something to look forward too.

    Yeah you can get travel boxes, not sure how you fit your dress in them looking at the pics they don't look big enough but I found this site

    Loving the fact there are other Gib brides on here, well done KB for starting this thread!

    JJ x

  • GRRR, now I can't get hold of the Registrar!

    Keep getting a silly recorded message and just want to get this all sorted. Have sent them an e-mail with our preferred date and will keep trying the phone too. Just want everything booked - I'm getting excited already...

    Hope all this hassle isn't a bad omen though. EEEK!
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey Frankie

    I had EXACTLY the same with the registrar and the message says when they will answer the phone etc and when I called she should have been answering, it is a real pain in the arse! I emailed them, called them loads I reckon they thought I was stalking them!!!!

    Good luck, you'll get there in the end, I did image
  • Hi, I'm also a Gib bride - getting married on 12 Sept 2009, its lovely to find others getting married there too.

    Hope your plans are going well xx
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Welcome Taffeta how exciting another Gib bride.

    So where are you getting married? How far are you with your plans?
  • The ceremony is at the catholic cathedral and then we are busing out guests to the San Roque Counry club about 20 mins across the border in to Spain.

    H2B is originally from Gib and all his family are there so they are being very helpful, especially his sister who has sorted hair and make-up artists for me.

    All the big things are booked, we just need to make sure all the English guests feel looked after and so we're writing a guide to Gib that we will circulate with our invitations with details of things to do and hotel and eveything.

    How many times are you thinking of going out there before your wedding? I'm going out for a week in April to sort out food and the ceremony, but trying to do most other things remotley

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Wow sounds great and all under control.

    I've been once already last August and as I'll be living in Spain come Jan we are planning another trip to see the Registrar and to have a meal and wine tasting session at the hotel. Luckily hair, makeup, flowers, photographer and cake are all included in our hotel package so we just have to send pics of what we want and that is all sorted for us.

    The San Roque looks fab, we thought about having the reception in a Spanish hotel but decided it would be easier to stay in Gib as that is where all our guests will be staying so just doing it all in the same place.

    Good idea about the guide to Gib, I've sent my guests links to websites etc so far.
  • Welcome Taffeta!

    Yay, another September Gib bride! image H2B and I are flying out to Gib on wednesday to look at hotels register office, etc and book everything and we are looking at getting the same week in September as you! Want to get married in reg. office or hotel with reception at the same hotel and get everybody to stay there. If we get the day we want maybe you and I will be there at the same time! If so, you have to pop by our hotel for a drink in the evening.

    2 days to Gib...

    Oh, by the way, the ice-skating is in the Kings Bastion everyone.

  • Excellent Bella! I was over in Gib for a wedding that weekend last september and the weather was glorious and not too hot and sticky!

    Drink sounds like a great idea - thanks!

    I was a bit nervous when I realised that our wedding will be only 2 days after Gib National Day - but then I thought its a great way to spread the fun out for those guests who will be coming out for a few days - any excuse for yet another party!

    I think I'm going to book my parents and their friends into the Elliott Hotel before the wedding as its nice and central and no steep hills to contend with (I'll probably stay there the night before as well).

    Anyway, have fun in gib, hope the weather has improved after those crazy storms recently!

  • Gib national day is the reason we want that week. Have seen some videos on the internet from the celebrations and it looks like great fun. image

    Can't wait to go and get everything sorted. We are trying to get it all booked before saturday as my mum is leaving for South America for 3 months then so would be nice to be able to tell her the date before she goes and we are reduced to internet contact for so long.

    Gotta go and do some packing now...
  • Hey Frankie, I had problems e-mailing the register office too. My e-mail came back saying "unable to deliver to address at the minute" and then the next day "delivery failed", so I called them instead around 10 in the morning GMT and they answered straight away.

    KB, thank you so much for starting this thread, we will probably be a big group by the time the first person gets married! image

    Good luck to you all with booking/planning, etc. I'm already addicted to this forum, ha ha image

  • Sounds like everyone has the same problem when it comes to contacting the registrar then? Good to know it's not just me!

    Eventually got a reply to my e-mail yesterday, but unfortunately the only time they could offer us on our preferred date was 7pm. OH said it might be OK, but I think it's a bit of a no-no really. Will feel like we're just hanging about all day waiting for things to kick off. And if I get my hair done early on, it will be ruined by then. Think it would be better to get married earlier in the day and then have the rest of the day to bask in the feeling of being a new Mrs!

    So I sent them another e-mail last night with a different date to see if they can give us a better time then. Hopefully they'll get back to me today and then I'll just have to call the hotel and hope they can fit us in then too. Will update once it's all sorted!

  • Hey JJ

    Thanks for the link, yeah they do look really small don't they?

    Lovin' that fact us Gib brides can pass on info and help eachother - what fun!! Nice to know there are more each day of us image LuckyFrankie, Taffetta, JJ, Bella and me KB2B!

    Tafetta great idea with info pack for guests, think i might have a go at doing one too.

    Wish I was travelling out there for a visit, we cant afford it as just bought our first home, so are a tad skint. So will just hope when we fly out a few days before the wedding that all is well, yikes!!

    The registrar I found responded quickly: [email protected]

    The times are a but random, think they can only do certain times for weddings outside of the registry office. We had 12 noon or 6pm to chose, so went with 12 as altho earlier than i would like, wouldn't wanna be hanging around all day for it all to start!

    Had the deposit deducted from the credit card today for the hotel and the registrar, so at last after ages of emails etc looks like we are getting it all confirmed. Flights to book next!!

    KB2B xx

    PS - Does anyone know how the ranking works - ie think we are all newbrides2b apart from JJ who is bridezilla!!!
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