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cymeline boots

I saw a pair of cymbeline boots in a december copy of YAYW. The only prblem is I cannot find them anywhere on the net and have also failed to find a stockist in the uk! I live in South Wales, any ideas! I have my heart set on them! image


  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    Not really sure what cymeline boots are or look like but have you tried as they have a range of boots definitely! Hope that helps if not good luck with the search! Have you asked yyw where they sourced theirs??
  • rinnieukrinnieuk Posts: 158
    I have just found the boots in the december issue. I know you may have tried some of these places, but i thought i would cover all bases. The contact number listed with the boots is 07767761952. The stockist list at the back of the magazine states Morgan-Davies as the stockist for Cymbeline, the contact number is 02073543414, they also have a website. The Cymbeline website is, they have contact details on there so you could try that. There are shops that stock it in the uk as i have seen loads before, they just seem to be hard to find. Hopefully the ideas above may help, but i will keep searching.
  • rinnieukrinnieuk Posts: 158
    Apologies for replying again, but i finally managed to access the cybeline website and they have a list of stockists on there, it is under boutiques and the independant boutiques. I was just going to attach the list, but can not seem to find a way to attach a document here. If you can not find it on the website you can contact webmaster for my email i can email it to you.

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  • Thanks to all who tried to help! Much apprciated! At least i have some leads to follow up! Have rang several stores in Wales who have now stopped stocking Cymbeline! It's looking like a trip to London is in order! Thanks again x
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