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Gibraltar Wedding - HELP!



  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    You all packed Bella?

    Looks like my weekend in Spain is going to last till Christmas now, I haven't got any work and no point spending my money on living here when I can go back to my man and save!! WOO HOO so excited but have so much to sort out before next Thursday!

    So Frankie any joy with the registrar today? It is so frustrating isn't it, I really feel for you as I had exactly the same. As for the time 7pm is really late for the service and doesn't give you much time in the evening to celebrate or to wear your dress, originally we were going to have the service at 6pm but when I tried my dress I decided that we would have to change to 12 even though it is quite early, also you always hear people say the day flies by so it def will if the service is late, good luck!

    Yay Kb so you're all booked now how exciting.

    With regards to the ranking I think once you have made 150 posts you become a Bridezilla, I'm not one in real life image
  • 1 day till Gib...

    All packed and ready to go! image

    So you will not hear from me for a couples of days as I will be busy booking, planning, taking photos, running around in caves, going to pubs, drinking sangria, etc.

    Hope I get the day I want. *crossing fingers*

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    YAY Bella, keeping everything crossed for you x

    Have fun and you'll have to tell us all about it when you get back.

    I've just changed my flights I'm sooooooooooo excited, that's it now my life starts in Spain from 20th November WHOOP WHOOP!

    I'll still be on here though so we can all keep up with the plans.

  • The nightmare continues (well, kind of!)....

    Finally managed to find a date the registrar can do, called the hotel and they said that suits them as well and that they would send us all the forms and info and stuff. All good up to then.

    But the hotel has still not got back to me with all this stuff which they said they would send. I've even e-mailed them again asking for it, but still no reply.

    What e-mail address are you all using to make contact with the hotel, and do they usually answer e-mails pretty quickly? I've never had replies to any of mine, and I think I've sent about 5 now!

    I know it will all be worth it in the end, but I'm just starting to get really p***d off at the moment!

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey Frankie well glad to hear that the dates were available in both places.

    That is very strange re your emails as they are usually very good at replying! I email [email protected]

    It is really frustrating when you just want to get everything booked but remember we are just part of a days work for them and at the end of the day our special days are not quite as important to them as they are to us!

    Good luck hun, keep us updated x
  • Hi all

    I am going to be a possible Gib bride, hopefully next year. We were originally going to get wed in Florida but we are emigrating to Canada in approx 3 years so we are saving cash for that instead and having a smaller wedding.

    I used to live in Gibraltar (1997-2000) so it is familiar to me and also my son was born there and he has said he would like to visit where he was born. Only problem I am having is H2B is not entirely sure of Gib as I actually lived there with my then husband who was in the Navy!! image I'm working on him though so watch this space!! lol

    Just thought I would mention to all you girls who are waiting anxiously for email replies....Gibraltarians live by the word 'Manyana'....basically meaning everything can wait til tomorrow!! lol I found it very difficult when I 1st moved there as the pace is alot slower than in the UK....but I soon adjusted and when I eventually moved back to the UK, people in the street would be power walking past me and I would be just strolling along in my own little world image

  • Yay, I finally got a date booked with both the hotel and the registrar! Feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief now!

    Still waiting for the hotel to get back to me about a few things, but all the major stuff has been sorted out at least. Now just got to wait until next September - feel really excited already!

    Am I the only one who has never been to Gibraltar then? I just found the Caleta Hotel by chance on the Internet and it looked like just the thing we wanted. Bit nervous about the fact that the first time we ever set foot on Gibraltar will be when we go to get married, so I hope we both like it!

    We're going for the "Just the two of us" package. Having a big family meal here on the Saturday before we go, then the two of us are heading to Gibraltar from Monday-Friday (ceremony will be on the Wednesday). Then having a "proper" wedding reception back in the UK on the Saturday when we get back. On the Monday we'll be heading off on honeymoon to somewhere hot and exotic (that's the next decision to be made! Thinking of Hong Kong or Bali at the moment).

    Seems like there will be quite a few of us there in September 2009 then?

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Welcome MrsC hope you manage to persuade H2B image Totally agree about the manana thing too, I love it but it can be a pain when you are trying to get things sorted hee hee

    YAY Frankie I'm so pleased for you hun so what date did you go for?

    Trust me we walked in and fell in love with it so don't worry, it was the 1st and only venue we looked at, so I'm sure you will love it!

    Sounds really nice what you have planned x

    Yeah think Bella is getting married in Sept and Taffeta, seems like a popular time, I'm June and KB is May.
  • hi girls

    i have nt been on here for ages but just thought id have a nosey tonight.

    anyway, we got married in gibraltar in september this year, had our ceremony at st andrews church in gibraltar followed by photos at the botanical gardens and reception at the rock hotel.

    it seems you are getting amrried at the caleta, however if there is any other advice i can give u ie wedding cars, registar etc please e mail me or respond on this thread, ill put a reponse alert thingy on it.

  • Hi girls!

    I have my date booked!!!! image

    9th of September and then will continue celebrating the day after on the national day, ha ha.

    So Frankie, what day do you have?

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Mrs Moore thanks for your kind offer of help, Congratulations on your wedding day, how did it all go?

    Bella so happy you have your date booked now. So what were the Registry offices like then?

    Did you have a good time, in the caves, ice skating etc?
  • hi JMJ77

    it all went fine apart from the weather - it chucked down all night and there were thunderstorms, which resulted in a power cut across the WHOLE of gibraltar for THREE HOURS!!!

    was absolutely beside myself as electricity went off at 8am on the wedding morning, fortunately was nnot getting married till 4 so that did bide us some time.

    but once that crisis was over it was lovely, and it did stop raining so we could have our photos in the gardens as planned.

    like i say if there are any pointers i can give anyone im only too happy to help, i think it is a fantastic place to get hitched, different from the norm, we had 30 people go, only six were family the rest were friends, and everyone loved it, some wanna go back for another break there!

    we are gonna go back for an anniversary of some sort, maybe next year as long as the weather is not like our wedding day ha ha!

  • Is anybody else starting to get annoyed with that advert? One post would be enough.
  • I'm with you Bella, I couldn't wait to get on here this morning as saw lots of new posts, but found it was all for one advert - If that's their marketing campaign, I don't think I want to see them in action!
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey Mrs Moore what a nightmare re the weather but I'm so glad that it sorted it's self out for your ceremony etc. If you go back next September you might bump into a couple of the girls frome here who are getting married in Sept '09. Any chance of seeing some pics?

    Yes Bella you are not the only one, bloody ridiculous and they have also had the cheek to email me 3 times too. I've asked the mods to get rid of the posts as they shouldn't even be advertising on here, Do you hear that Princes23???

    Taffeta I was the same, looking forward to all the new posts only to find the same bloody thing over and over.

    So is anyone else any further with their planning? I bought H2B and bridesmaids their presents this weekend, premature I know but wanted to get it sort whilst I'm still in UK and still have some money hee hee
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  • I'm so glad I have my date booked! Just got to get the hotel to reply to my e-mails a bit faster than tortoise speed now...

    Does anybody have any ideas for alternative venues for an 18:00 reception dinner in case it doesn't work out with the hotel?

    Started looking at dresses. I like a few of the D'Zage ones, the 2 piece ones.

    H2B and I are going to look at rings tomorrow.

    We have told everyone we are inviting of our plans, but not sent formal invites yet.

    How are everyone else's plans going?
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey Bella

    Any response from the hotel? Did you actually visit it whilst you were there?

    As for alternative venues I guess there are the other hotels and probably various restaurants although don't know any restaurants, not much help am I?

    I'm not sure I could cope with a two piece I'd probably be fidgeting all day re-arranging it but that's just me. I've had a nose and D'Zage have some lovely dresses, have you tried any on yet?

    Good luck with the ring hunt.

    How many people are you inviting? We've done the same, I sent an email with all the details and just said the official invites will follow. Just waiting for Easyjet to release flights from Gatwick now so people can get them booked.

    Apart from a few bits like the pressies I bought the other day I haven't done much else. I guess the fact that I'm trying to get myself sorted to head back to Spain is keeping me busy enough............

    Only one more sleep to go YAY!!!!

  • Hello image It seems to have gone a bit more quiet on here recently...

    We have been to visit the hotel and they were very nice and showed us around and have been in e-mail contact. the only thing is, someone else has already booked to have the reception there the day we wanted, but as we don't want our reception dinner until 18:00, they are trying to work their magic to see if they can accomodate us as well.

    Ring hunt has been delayed until saturday as we will have more time then to look around.
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  • Somebody bann that company from the forum, please!!! I am definately boycotting them.
  • Hi everyone!

    I have now bought my dress, the first one I tried on and the hotel have finally e-mailed my saying they have sorted it out so that we can have our reception there on the day we wanted after all. YAY! image So no need to look for an alternative venue now and I can sleep well knowing both the registry office and hotel is booked.

    Ring shopping tomorrow.

    How are your plans going?
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey Bella

    That is fab news, I'm the same as you, bought the 1st dress I tried on, I did try on more after but just wasn't feeling it! So happy to hear that the hotel can accommodate you YAY!

    Hope the ring shopping went well.

    I'm back with H2b in Spain and it is so good to be home with him. We have been looking at vows this weekend and getting all emotional together ha ha

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    JJ x
  • hi everyone

    Been off sick last week, so havent been on here as no computer at home image

    Those adverts were well annoying!! Clogged up my inbox ahh!

    Someone mentioned flights from Easyjet from Gatwick - when do these go on sale does anyone know. Ive been looking at Monarch but only just found out a few moments ago that the flights are only mon, weds and fridays?? that is really gonna scupper the plans for the wedding party as id imagine most would fly out the day before the wedding and fly back 2 day after (ie we get married on a fri so they fly thurs and return sunday) Nightmare can anyonehelp at all with other flight operators? We are flying out of Manchester.

    K xx

  • Monarch fly from Luton to Gib every day. We just booked our flights with them.
  • Thanks, but its Manchester we were gonna fly from, so just will have to stay another day!!
  • Dear fellow Gibraltarian brides

    I need your help!

    You may remember my panic that Manchester only flys in/out mon,weds and fri. As most of the wedding party would want to fly Manchester and probably fly out day before wedding and come back a day or so after, this meaning fly out thurs return sunday. So they cant fly Manchester so gonna either have to stay longer weds - mon and fly Manchester or fly London airports. Think Luton is daily, need to find out about the others?

    Next problem is that my parents had found some lovely apartments to stay in but now they are all booked up!!!!

    Can anyone help, know anywhere please?

    Help greatly appreciated as usual!!

    K xx

  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Hey Ladies

    KB hope you are all better now.

    Sounds like a bit of a nightmare re flights and accommodation. Re flights our lot are flying from Gatwick to Gib, the flights haven't been released yet though not sure when that is going to happen, hopefully very soon.

    Use which will give you a comparison on flight prices.

    As for the accommodation I'm not sure what to suggest have you tried a google search I found these when I googled apartments for rent in Gib I can't tell you if they are any good but worth a look or look on that Gib website, sorry not much help!

    Time is ticking ladies how are the rest of your plans going?

    JJ x
  • Hey jj

    yeas better thanks althoug cough hangn on!

    Just booked our flights for me and h2b!! Horay one thing less to worry about.

    Thanks for the info Ill look up re the apartements.

    Easy Jet are not selling Gib / gatwick after 28 March 2009 to let you know I spotted it earlier when searching for flights

    Hope all ok with you!!

    K xx
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