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Bad news about cat...Edward's dying.

Feel more comfortable in this section, hence here not Em. Support. And sorry if I upset anybody else.

OK, so I've been randomly (desperately??) reading assorted forums for hours now, in an effort to take my mind of this, but it's not working, so I'm venting.

You don't have to read this, I just need to get it out.

Got the results back from my favourite cat's biopsy today. I feel guilty saying he's my favourite, (we have 3), but he's the most timid, and hub has always been a little bit too big and loud and scary for him, so he's always been closer to me.

The news wasn't good.

It's an aggressive tumour that's most likely spread through his blood stream, meaning that he has at least one other tumour.

In short, he's dying.

All the vet can do is make sure that he stays as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. As long as he's happy and eating and showing an interest in stuff, they'll keep him on medication (anti inflammatories, and painkillers, etc).

But he won't get better. He's 9.

And to be honest, I don't think he's got much longer.

I keep telling myself he's a cat, not a person, but it's not helping, and I can't stop crying.

Every time I see him I keep bursting into tears, and I don't want to because he picks up on it.

And then I see his brother and keep thinking what on earth is George going to do without him - they're litter brothers who've been together since they were born, and George has always looked after Edward.

Anyway, sorry for bringing things down, just needed to let it out.

Very sad.


  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    Oh no, I'm so sorry Tuppence. I was absolutely heartbroken when my cat Grizzy died. I don't know what I'd do if Mewie got sick - she was sick a few weeks ago and I was really upset.

    Very very sorry to hear about Edward. I don't think it matters that he's not a person - he's important to you, and he's a part of your family.

    Not sure what to say other than: I hope you know that he's had a really great life. That's what J used to tell me when I was crying about Grizzy. Even if her life was short (she was only 1), it was really a fantastic life full of everything a cat would want.

    Thinking of you. x
  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    Oh and re: siblings - Grizzy and Mewie were siblings and Gris was very much the dominant one. If it makes you feel any better (it probably won't; I'm sorry), Mew has really come into her own since Gris died - she has really benefited from the extra attention.

    I used to think about Gris and cry but it's been over a year now and we can just talk about her and not be really upset... We can remember the fun we used to have with her.

    I am really terribly sorry to hear about Edward. image
  • oh hun, i feel for you. it was this time last year (5th december to be precise) that we lost our little GizzyWizz, and i still cry for him now.

    the best thing you can do is to pamper him and make sure that he knows that you love him, because he will never forget you and to make you feel better (hopefulyl) my little Giz is now like my guardian angel - i went to a clairvoyant and she saw him straight away, she said that he stays with me wherever i go .. i know i dont need to tell you to love him and everything, but seriously, he will never forget you and he will always love you so enjoy the time that you have with him, and make the most of it .

    thinking of you image xx
  • Hi Hun

    It is soooooo sad when things like this happen to our pets and it isn't silly to feel so sad as they are like people as in the sense they are members of the family, you have a true loving bond with your pets just as you do with any human so it is only normal to feel so sad. I would be devastated if either of my 2 kittys at home fell ill, I will give them an extra big hug when I get in tonight and tell them how lucky they are, I am sure they would want me to send big furry purry hugs to your Edward.

    Enjoy the time you have with him, it could be a while yet hun so don't beat yourself up about it and enjoy him while he is here, they are resilient little tinkers at the best of times so there is no reason why he cannot fight on for a good while yet!

    Lots of love and hugs to you and Edward.


  • Oh no, Tuppence, thats terrible - I feel so sad for you, but, and it's a big but, at least you still have some time to spend with Edward and know that every hug and cuddle you give him will be extra special.

    My first (and favourite cat) died suddenly from a brain tumour, so I didn't get to say goodbye to her as it was when I had left home, which actually upset me more than her dying. However her sister who was left has gone on well since she died, and they were pretty close, so I wouldn't worry too much about George.

    Also don't be angry at yourself for being upset, it sounds like Edward is very much part of the family, and it's alway sad when one of them leaves
  • DustyMothDustyMoth Posts: 1,528
    Oh Tuppence, I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope he stays well and healthy and fights on longer than you expect - *hugs*
  • Also I wanted to add my other cat at my parents has cancer, and she's had it for years now and still lives a normal, happy life. The vets thought she would not carry on for 6 months, but 3 years on she's still going strong and not showing any signs of any pain etc (just grumpy old lady things!).

    Just lots of special cuddles to Edward, and enjoy the time you have with him. Hugs you to both, I know how rubbish it feels
  • Oh that's such sad news Tuppence. At least you can make sure that he's comfortable and you know he's had a happy life with you. xxx
  • Oh that's such sad news Tuppence. At least you can make sure that he's comfortable and you know he's had a happy life with you. xxx
  • MrsTeach2BMrsTeach2B Posts: 1,306
    I'm so sorry to hear that Tuppence! I'd be distraught if anything happened to my little man. Hugs for both of you.
  • Chubbs1ukChubbs1uk Posts: 2,013
    Tuppence - I am so so sorry to hear about Edward.

    It doesn't matter that he's not a human and it doesn't make it feel any better - as others have said they are so much part of the family and at times they can be better than a human!!

    I think George might be okay- they learn to adapt and are very resiliant.

    Lot's of furry hugs to you Edward and the whole family xx
  • VanaukVanauk Posts: 245
    Oh Sweetie, that is terribly sad.

    Don't feel guilty or weird for feeling like this , a cat or any pet is just as valid a member of the family as anyone else.

    Bug Hugz xxxx
  • anng91anng91 Posts: 2,130
    Hi Tuppence, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. It sounds like your relationship with him is very similar to mine and Kez's. We had 3 cats, two of which are sisters. Kez is the more timid one that sticks with me instead of my h2b. So I can only imagine what you must be feeling right now.

    Just give him all the cuddles, nice blankets and warmth that is possible and I know it's hard at the moment but just remember how happy his life has been with you.

    I'm sure if I lost Kez, Sarah (her sister) would be a bit lost but she would be ok after a while with all the attention she would get and I'm sure your other cat will be the same.

    Lots of hugs to you xxx
  • So sorry to hear about Edward. Cats are so much more than just a pet, they really do become such an important part of the family.

    I'm sure George will be just fine, cats often pick up on things before we would know them ourselves (our family cat new my Mum was pregnant before my Mum knew), so chances are he may have sensed something not quite right.

    Just make sure there are plenty of hugs for them both, perhaps some extra treats of tinned tuna, and maybe some catnip for them to trip out with.

  • SpefflesSpeffles Posts: 363
    Honey! I'm so sorry to hear that. I'd like to add something more but all I can send you is sympathy. I hope you both have a good time with what he has left. xxx

  • SkipulaSkipula Posts: 1,763
    I'm sorry to hear about Edward and don't think you're silly because he's just a cat - he's a family member and it's never easy when one of them is ill. I hope the medication works.
  • hbpurplehbpurple Posts: 103

    I'm so sorry to hear about Edward. My cat Sophie died about 5 years ago, it was very sudden and I didn't get to say goodbye. It's not silly at all - our pets are just as important to us as people sometimes.

    Enjoy the time you have left together and hopefully it will be a comfort to you that you were able to be there for him and look after him.


  • Tuppence I'm so sorry to hear that Edward is ill.

    I know how I would feel if anything happened to my babies - Holly and Phoebe.

    You are a great mum to him and he's had a great 9 years with you x

    Purrs and cuddles from Holly and Phoebe x
  • Tuppence - So sorry about thinking of you all xxx
  • Hello Tuppence, I am so sorry for you. My cat Bluey passed away this morning, very quick and sudden. I feel so sad today and I am very weepy... Take care of you and Edward xxx
  • Poor lovey, hope his last days are peaceful, it's so sad to lose a beloved pet xx
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    Thank you all so much.

    It does help to know that there are people who understand that he's not 'just a cat'.

    I suppose that part of the reason I'm so upset is that I have no family of my own left (bar N - and his family are lovely, and welcomed me, but it's not the same). Our cats are sort of my emotional surrogates for family, in a wierd way.

    I'm still in pieces (not helped by the fact that this morning I woke up from a dream of the day we brought them both home from the shelter).

    But I'm getting better - still crying, but not as much - and he seems to be happier now that I've taken his silly collar off, and he can wash himself again.

    Thank you.
  • Oh Tuppence, so sad to read this.It really is the worst thing about having pets, that we feel their loss so much. I still boo-hoo about my doggy that died 4 years ago and often say to K that I wish he could have met her properly, she died soon after I met him.

    I hope you will treasure spending time with him now, he sounds a lovely character and he will always be in your heart.

    Take care of yourself.
  • higgyuk1higgyuk1 Posts: 1,225
    Tuppence, I'd feel exactly the same as you - my cats are my children, I love them so much and can't imagine being without them. I'm crying just thinking about how you're feeling and I hope Edward has many happy times left - he's a lucky boy to be so loved. Take care xxxxx
  • Oh Tuppence, I am so sorry to hear about Edward, how lucky he is to have you. It is so hard when a beloved pet is ill, they are completely one of the family. Take care xx
  • Kipper09Kipper09 Posts: 341
    I'm so sorry to hear about this Tuppence. Of course he isn't just a cat, he's part of your family and you love him as such.

    We had to put our cat now almost 2 years ago and I still miss him dearly.

    Just treasure the time you have left with him, and spoil him that little bit more.

    Thinking of you
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    Just got back from the vet with him, and she thinks he may last another couple of weeks, as long as he's comfortable.

    But bless his heart, he's gone blind. She thinks he has retinal detachment, meaning he lost his vision painlessly, but quite suddenly.

    It's heartbreaking, and a little comical, at the same time, watching him walking about trying not to bump into things.
  • SkipulaSkipula Posts: 1,763
    Aw, I just want to cuddle him. I'm really sorry about the news.
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    and ps - apologies that I keep posting stuff on this - since I work alone, and most of my friends are scattered around the country (and busy with their own lives and christmas, etc), I only really have N to talk to - which is unfair, because he's as upset as me.

    so I vent here...
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