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Anyone elses wedding diet gone out the window?

Yes!!! Not sure that I have put on any over xmas but def not feeling v good!!

Have been given so much choc (am a teacher) and have LOADS left - not sure what to do with it?!

Need a good kick up the bum, wedding is only 8 months away!! xxxx


  • SnowyPSnowyP Posts: 1,115
    Not really! It's Christmas! You're allowed to overindulge a little. image

    Don't worry about it hun! Just set yourself a day when you'll go back to eating heathily and don't beat yourself up!

    We're going tee total with booze from NY day onwards. Then going to eat really heathily again. As we do most of the year! We're also big fitness fanatics. Hubby is a long distance cyclist. And I'm a big gym bunny and cycle long distance during the warmer months!

    Exercise is key so look at getting more active. Go out for fresh walks in the cold, all wrapped up warm. You'll be walking off those calories without even noticing it. And the fresh air will do you the world of good.

    Exercise actually makes us happy and feel in control. It also allows you to have the odd treat so you don't have to 'diet'.

    You should be doing something every day for at least 30 minutes. I go to the gym five or six times a week. And also go on long cycle rides/walks.. I've got exercise DVDs and I'm always jumping around!

    Swimming is great too! image Hope this helps xxx
  • MrsHxMrsHx Posts: 4,037
    Wow!! Snowyp - you are very inspiring!!

    Yes know its xmas and a time to over indulge, back to work next week means start of a new chapter!

    Have joined the gym few months ago and love going with hubby2b, has a pool too so good when you fancy a gentler workout!

    Thank you for your helpful advice xxxxx
  • SnowyPSnowyP Posts: 1,115
    Yep that's the spirit! Get back into to it and you'll be raring to go!!!

    I'm going again tomorrow. Going to run for 40 mins on the treadmill and then do weights on my legs. I went yesterday and did lots of different things and then did weights on my arms. On Saturday I did a 30 min swim! So today I didn't go. Wasn't feeling up to it! But am raring to go tomorrow!

    Feel sick at the mo.. after scoffing a Dominos pizza! Blerrrrrrr
  • Yep - and another one!! Completely overindulged :\(

    Lost 3 stone between April & the beginning of December, dropped from a size 16 to a size 10. Am still in my size 10 jeans but have put on 4???? lbs and feeling rubbish!!! Plus have come out in bloody spots!! image

    H2B lost over 4???? stone and has put on 6 lbs so he's not very happy either

    Eaten far too much chocolate & other rubbish - wedding is in August so need to get back on the diet before this gets too much like routine!!!


  • Im starting mine 5th January, cause i knew that i would be drinking and eating a lot and wanted to start mine on a Monday... I have a stone to loose by the end of Feb and want to tone my arms, legs and well basically everything. Im not over weight by any means but feel comfortable and possibly sexy lol at 9 stone.

    People say i am daft and selfish by saying i want to loose a stone but when your not happy with your figure then basically your not happy full stop. I am getting married abroad too so a lot of guests will see me prancing about with a bikini on too which has put me off. Because of my crap diet my skin is suffering too so come Monday i am going to TRY and be a very good girl.. I am starting Weight Watchers which i believe is fab... Good luck Ladies xx
  • Yep, am feeling far too fat after eating (and still am!! oops!) chocs. I too am a teacher and got hundreds of boxes. My usual plan of eating as many as possible with the kids during the last week didnt quite work this year. Have given away as many as possible but still have tonnes!

    Rilou, if you type in BMI into google it brings up a couple of sites where it will give you the body mass index charts which are a rough guideline. I say rough because it all depends on your build, It makes me out to be really really huge at the mo whereas I think I'm only slighlty porky for my height and my friend who is a right skinny minny is also 'too big'. Have a look but I would just judge it on what you think is right for you. Hope that makes sense!

    Am off to eat more chocs! (I will take the mutt out for an extra huge hike though tomorrow methinks to compensate!!)

    x x

    PS this is one site
  • Sorry Snowy Pea but that is really not I want to hear!!You just sound too fabulously athletic- don't make us feel bad pleassse. Let's just talk about how much chocolate we have ate. I'm off it til the 5th Jan fo sure.

    I feel a bit of a regional resonse to this thread. Rilou-You are Chesrterfeld aren'y you and Exercising Snowyy Pea- you are Derby!!

    I am eating myself stupid til Jan 5th when I go back to work. xx
  • Think chart is universal which is a bit rubbish as a man and woman of the same height are not gonna weight the same!!!! Like I said Rilou, I think it is a rough guide cos I would say the same as you, a 5'10 make at 11.5 stone is skinny but all depends on the build. Think that actual website says an althete with lots of muscle but very little body fat could still be classed as obese!! Madness!!

    If you're happy hun (and judging from past pics you have put up on here - I think you look fab!) then thats all that matters!

  • madstephmadsteph Posts: 524
    I know how all you ladies feel! I'm avoiding getting on the scales because whenever I do, they don't say what I want them to say!

    On a rather personal note (and sorry to be so blunt) anyone else having problems going to the toilet thanks to the tonnes of turkey they've eaten? Perhaps that's the reason why we're all on the heavier side now!
  • I've started my diet again today. No point in waiting until the New Year especially as I'm getting married in Feb!!! Not too bad though as I've only put on 3lb but as my second dress fitting is on 9th Jan, I really do need to start now!

    SnowyP you are very inspiring. I too enjoy exercise but have done nothing until today when I had a 30 minute run. I had that cold/flu bug twice in the course of three weeks before Christmas so that is why i've done nothing.

    B2B Emski, I am drooling at your avatar! Lurve Dairy Milk!! (avoiding temptation to reach for a bar in the fridge!) You're not helping me!!!

    I think for most of us it is more of a routine thing. I'm finding it difficult to get stuck into the diet and fitness thing whilst I'm off work. No sooner are we are back at work we are more likely to stick to it. Plus most other people are bound to be on a diet too so it will help us along a bit!

    Best of luck ladies and try not to stress out about it otherwise you will only end up reaching for the bad comforting (but yet yummy) food!! x x
  • image sorry valentinebride - its the only way I'm supposed to look at Dairy Milk - its my fav but just can't have it - grr!!
  • josaundjosaund Posts: 242
    I am scared of getting on the scales at the moment.

    Think I have put on about 4 stone!!!

    Need it gone in143 days.


    Still eating choc toffees while writing this though. Lol
  • pablouk1pablouk1 Posts: 268
    My diet is staring againon the 7th as this is when my local Weight Watcher class starts up again. I too lost a stone before xmas and know that I have put it all back opn again. I have until April for my first dress fitting. I am confident I will do it though, will have to step up the excersise, not looking forward to that!!!!!

    Good Luck everyone and happy new year!

    Addie xx
  • I've put on 2.5lbs over Christmas which is very bad as I'm trying to loose 3st by my wedding in October.

    Diet starts TODAY!!
  • Try not to stress about the Christmas weight gain ladies - December is an extremely difficult month to either lose weight or not gain. I lost 10 lbs in the run up to Christmas and felt very good about myself - now I daren't go near the scales! Going to start again with a vengeance after New Year I think, and get back into the exercise habit.

    So the moral of the story is... eat, drink and be merry! (But start with the diet and exercise again ASAP!!!)

    Good luck all! xxx
  • Pootle26Pootle26 Posts: 1,021
    why oh why did I think it was a good idea to get married in Jan when I know how much I love my food over Christmas!

    I have my first dress fitting on 7th Jan, getting married on 31st. Like others have said, I'm sure I've put on about half a stone over Christmas. I had been doing Weight Watchers for a while beforehand though....but I do love my exercise, it's the food thing I seem to struggle with.
  • Mine definately went out of the window!! but its xmas and I wanted to relax and not have to think too much about how many calories were in everything. I haven't dared to get back on the scales yet Im going to wait until 2 week after new year and hopefully it wont be too bad then :\?
  • TulipBrideTulipBride Posts: 3,966
    We had Xmas at my h2b's parents and as my first dress fitting is in mid January, my mil2b told me none of us were allowed to over indulge! image

    Only about 3 Gulyian chocs passed my lips in 5 days, we did an amazing 3 mile walk on Boxing day in the countryside and I managed to do 20 mins exercise on 2 other days.

    Both h2b and I said how good it felt not to splurge for once! Although he did have 2 LARGE servings of Christmas pud at my family gathering on Sunday!

    However, today I feel like a stuffed turkey - bloated and ready to explode! Thank you aunty flow! image

  • LCoweyLCowey Posts: 434
    Christmas came at the wrong time for me really, as I was 3lbs away from my Slimming World target of 2.5stone weight loss (started in July) plus I had 2 really bad colds in December so part of the recovery process was eating as much junk and drinking as much vino as was humanly possible!

    Post Christmas weigh in at SW is tonight, I am drinking hot water + lemon today in a last minute attempt to clear my system, but I am not going to beat myself up about it. I have been saintly since I started SW and have bloody well enjoyed the indulgence over Christmas! Wedding is in 130 days first dress fitting early Feb so hopefully have time to lose what I have gained: estimate 5lbs
  • LCoweyLCowey Posts: 434

    I have put on 7 whole pounds over teh festive period. I ahve to say I was a little upset last night. I knew it was bad though as my prized size 12 jeans had gone a little tight round the tum.

    This means I am 10lbs from target now rather than 3......big fat boo! image
  • winkypotwinkypot Posts: 402
    I know I've put weight on also. Too scared to get on the scales but can feel it in how tight my clothes are.

    Probably wasn't helped by having my first and only dress fitting before xmas (they said the dress didn't need any alterations!) and I'd said at the time I was surprised cos I was sure I'd put on a bit of weight in between being measure for the dress and the dress coming in. The woman said nope, it was still a perfect fit. I could afford to put on a bit of weight, just not lose any!

    She told me I could afford to put on a bit of weight! Just before Christmas!

    Oh well. I'll just try and eat a bit more sensibly from now until we fly out at the end of Jan, and make the dog walks that bit more energetic and hopefully I won't be spilling out over the top of my dress too much!

    I've had too much stress with airlines going bust and freak snowstorms and airports being closed and now risks of avalanches where I'm getting married, that I just don't need to the extra pressure of making myself slimmer in time for the wedding. What will be, will be. (do I sound like I believe it yet??!)
  • I might just hope for food poisoning week before wedding!! joke!! x
  • jadzyjadzy Posts: 638
    i have a year to lose 6 stone :S i have to do it so diet starts tomorrow!
  • Well, if this makes any of you feel better, I'm getting married on the 30th January and I've got my first dress fitting on Saturday!!!! I had told myself I was allowed Christmas Eve to Boxing Day off, but that sort of carried on until Sunday (I needed comfort food having got rid of the parents) and I've put about 6lbs on!!!

    Oh well! Been eating soup and toast and running lots all week but going to a friend's tonight and have the will power!!! I'm tempted to "come down with a cold" just to avoid eating and drinking!!

    I think I need to get a grip!!!!!!! image
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