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Wedding Abroad - Where do I start?!


I am completely new at this (only got engaged friday!) - does anyone have any recommendations of where to start such as companies to get in touch with for getting married abroad?



  • debbie_wdebbie_w Posts: 229
    You can get married just about anywhere now...

    First prob decide on what you want...?

    Somewhere hot, tropical destination or a city destination (or theme)?

    Where family can travel to or if you wanna be on your own?

    Then prob go to travel agents and pick up brochures on different places? They have wedding destinations brochures with heaps of ideas?

    Then just scour the internet? - Although probably best to book through a tour I have heard of people being ripped off and not getting there wedding at all.

    We decided to get married abroad and chose Cyprus, as we had our first holiday there and no too far that the relatives can also come out (we have a party of about 55 coming out with us)....we booked through First Choice, and have Chosen The grecian park hotel, Protaras,'s the website if you wanna have a nose.

    Keep us filled in to where you choose....Happy hunting...


  • poshbex1poshbex1 Posts: 29
    Ooh Kerri81..

    so many destinations to choose from, like Debbie we have decided to marry in Cancun Mexico as it was our first holiday together and we loved it. 20 close friends and family will be attending and then we will be jetting off to another hotel in a different part of Mexico Riviera Maya for our honeymoon so we have booked a twin centre.

    let us know how you get on x

    Have a nose at our hotel too if you need the ideas

    moon palace cancun wedding

    adventura spa honeymoon

    Good luck
  • Lou_1986Lou_1986 Posts: 1,584
    we are getting married in mauritius, not sure why i chose there (yes ME lol) but it looks gorgeous and i have heard alot of great things about the island and apparently it was the place to get married in 2005. i think you will know the place when you come across it as i did and will not change my mind! not even with all the persuading from my mum and dad to chose tabago.

    have a look around and dont rush! you have only just got engaged so enjoy it image

    when are you planning on getting married?

    we get married 2008!! ages away
  • XabiukXabiuk Posts: 1,686
    Hi All

    Thanks for your info.

    We hope to be able to get married next year, but nothings definate yet.

    Hopefully as Lou has said I will just know the place when I see it!

    Will keep you posted!

  • DEBBIE_W thanks so much 4 ur advice its brill where ur getting married !might look in2 getting married there myself. who have u booked it with, and i hope u dont mind me asking but how much has it cost u over all???
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