Bridesmaids gifts

Happy NewYear to all of you out there..

Just a quick question really,....

Who pays for the Bridesmaids Gifts???,.. some say its the Best man where i thought the bride and groom usually do...

Whats your thoughts....

jacquie x


  • We are paying for all of our gifts. Have never heard of best man paying for them (but if he's willing to it'd be rude to stop him!!!)
  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    Our best man doesn't even know the bridesmaids!!! I thought it was the bride and groom but don't know the official line.
  • JAX1145JAX1145 Posts: 1,742
    thanks so much for your thoughts.....

    i think its best we do it.... but i suppose we can tell him what to get them! lol

    jax xx
  • It is usually the bride and groom.
  • it's traditionally the groom that is supposed to buy them but nowadays it's the bride and groom.the poor best man would have a shock if he had to pay lol
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