Does anyone know where I can get a small handbag in white / ivory? I want one to put bits and pieces in and the only ones I can see on some other wedding sites are drawstring jobs that look like toilet roll holders? Not expensive either, as I don't think I'll be usuing again after the day, as I'm not really a white accesories person.

I just want a pretty bag that happens to be white / ivory! Can anyone help?


  • I just went to the local shopping centre and had a look in the clothes shops, and I got a really nice one.

  • emmacorrollemmacorroll Posts: 2,264
    I got mine from Accessorize. Was only £8 & was a little satin clutch. I also got the same bag in baby pink when I was my friend's BM but got that off Ebay for £3!!!
  • emmacorrollemmacorroll Posts: 2,264
    Just looked & they still have the bags & because of the VAT change, they're now just £7.80! Look at plain evening bags on their website.
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    i got a stunning one in TK Maxx, vintage lookng, will post pics in a couple of days.
  • devlinukdevlinuk Posts: 547

    I pref. need somewhere online as the shops down here are dire! I trawled round loads of places and couldn't find one. It's probably the wrong time of year for white bags, so thats not helping either.
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    did u try tk maxx althought they are not online..
  • devlinukdevlinuk Posts: 547
    I Tried TK Maxx in Truro and couldn't find anything in white. I even thought about silver, but I don't want it to stand out against the dress. It's just to pop bits in like lippy, tissues etc. I have to have one, as I never go anywhere without my bag and I'd feel lost!

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    Emmabusy2be: thank you!!!! I have just ordered the handbag from Accessorize as it's exactly what I was looking for. We do have one of their shops down here, but this handbag wasn't in there. I never thought to try their online store.

    It just goes to show that coming on this site solves problems and saves wasted money / cash, so technically all of the time I spend on here, I'm saving money. image
  • emmacorrollemmacorroll Posts: 2,264
    Yay! Glad to have helped!

    It was fab on my wedding day & my mum even bought the same bag to match her suit.

    I've used it since at another wedding too, it's very versatile.

    Have a fab wedding!
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