Big Apple Weddings?

Hi again everyone

I've found a company called Big Apple weddings on the web & the packages they offer look really good. Does anyone have any experience of dealing with this company at all? As far as I can see they are UK based.


  • DaddyorChipsDaddyorChips Posts: 9,196
    Hi have you got a link to that company?
  • andielouandielou Posts: 449
    i think its- but the emails I've had back say bigappleweddings?
  • DaddyorChipsDaddyorChips Posts: 9,196
    I had a look at that company but dismissed them as i sent an e-mail or two to them and as yet have had no reply. I outlined what i wanted and where i wanted to get married. I don't think my wishes fell into any of their packages but it would have been nice to have had a reply.

    Although i would prefer it all to be arranged for me i think i am going to have to bite the bullet and organise it all myself.
  • andielouandielou Posts: 449
    what are you looking for? i used to live in NY so may know something?
  • DaddyorChipsDaddyorChips Posts: 9,196
    I am getting married in City Hall, it is all the other bits that are the stumbling block. As in the next year or so we are going to be moving to New York we want our wedding to be like that of a typical New York couple (a bit corney i know) All the packages i have seen don't fit in with this.

    I want the feel of a wedding where we have just got up one morning and thought "today is the day" I know that all the preperations will be in place but i don't want to take the chance with a special licience as i want the peace of mind that all is in place. We are having no guestsso will have to find our whitnesses once in New York and for me that will be enough of the unknown.

    We have no idea where to go after we are married so any ideas of where to eat would be more than welcome.

    We are getting married August 2nd next year. What date is your wedding?
  • andielouandielou Posts: 449
    may 11th 2007 is our date. thats so cool- will you be living in manhattan. the raibow grill is nice. its at the top of rockerfeller centre & has fabulous views- there is a restaurant which is more expensive- you can also just go there for drinks. marriot marquis also have a bar/ restaurant which revolves & also has great views over times square.

    i wish i was going to live there again- there is no place like it
  • DaddyorChipsDaddyorChips Posts: 9,196
    We haven't planned as far ahead as where we will live. We have to finish our studies before we can move there but it is more likely to be Manhattan than the suburbs that we live in the end.

    Both the rainbow grill and the Marriott marquis sound wonderful and as much as I would enjoy the views my husband to be is not good with heights lol or with movement like that whilst eating. We went on a boat for a meal and was ill the whole time we were on the thing. Revolving bar/ restaurant may just have the same effect.

    We were thinking of eating at Tiffany's saw the menu online but we will have to wait and see.

    Once Christmas has gone you will not believe how fast May will be here. First time round I got married in May.

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