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I;m getting married in the Adams Beach, Nissi Bay.

Has anybody else had their wedding here andif so any comments/suggestions would be fab

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  • debbie_wdebbie_w Posts: 229
    I'm also getting married in Cyprus, just up the road in Protaras about 5 min drive from Ayia Napa.

    Have you been before??? It'll be my 3 trip to Cyprus I love it there...the beaches are Nissie Beach and fig tree bay.

    A good website chat room is, there is a weddings chat under cyprus discussions that I have found very useful, there may be details from others that have married at Adams Beach.

    When is the wedding????

  • I'm getting married at Adams beach too. When's your wedding? Have you planned a reception? I've just been e mailed the menus direct from the hotel today.

  • Leah2ukLeah2uk Posts: 38
    We're going out on the 1st Aug 2007, wedding party coming out on the 5th. (about 30 people in total)

    I've had lots of information from the hotel, menus,photography,hairdressing etc, however the hotel said that arrangments would be made on arrival regarding the reception, so I'm glad we have a few days to sort things before the wedding guests arrive.


    Have you decided where you will be getting married, ie the hotel grounds,hotel chapel or town hall etc. Out of curiosity what holiday company have you booked through and what was your wedding package like

  • tammy1uktammy1uk Posts: 33
    Hi there,

    I'm getting married at the Adams Beach hotel Nissi Bay in Oct this year!!

    I'm new to this site and it's exciting to see others who are planning the same hotel/country as us!

    I've heard brilliant reports about the Adams Beach Hotel (we're getting married in the chapel on the grounds and the reception will be in one of the hotel rooms)

    I'm trying to sort out how to transport my dress at the moment...

    What's your info???
  • hi everyone!!

    im looking into getting married in the sacred gardens ats geroskipou. does anyone ahve any knowlege on this area, i hear its beautiful and comes highly recommended for weddings...

    I CANT WAIT!!!! 328 days to go.....

    melly x
  • bethuk1bethuk1 Posts: 4
    i ma looking at getting married in cyprus next year and was wondering if anyone had any advice of who to book it with , how to plan the wedding , i really like the look of the grecian park hotel

    does any one have any recommendations or suggestion for me

  • Hi im getting married at the Olympic Lagoon aiya napa in 25th May 2007. Cant wait there will be 21 of us going . All ready got the dress but a bit stuck on wot my hubby to be can wear as he wants to wear linen only decent suit i have found is on Mark Wallace website but it cost quite a bit of money. Any suggestions would be great !!
  • debbie_wdebbie_w Posts: 229
    i ma looking at getting married in cyprus next year and was wondering if anyone had any advice of who to book it with , how to plan the wedding , i really like the look of the grecian park hotel

    does any one have any recommendations or suggestion for me


    Hi Beth...

    I am getting married at the Grecian Park hotel on 22nd September 2006. We booked though First choice holidays and they have been fine...I know that Olympic holidays also are a tour operator for the hotel...but I'm not sure who else...they all offer the same kind of wedding packages.

    Others have emailed me asking for rough price and I'll be a bit cheeky and just stick in that email...below

    You do realise that this email is going to be really long...

    I think that only two there peeps are staying at the Grecian Park Hotel...Most people are staying in the resort centre of Protaras and villa's in the area.

    I can't say how much they are all paying I know that some people have said that they have got some good deals. My sister I think is only going for one week and there is here and her husband a two children are staying at a really nice apartments (I think they are 4 *) and think have paid roughly £800 including flights and transfers...but I know that the people which have booked villas said it has worked out quite cheap.

    We didn't budget just went for it as some of the cost have come out as follows:

    1400.00 --Hotel two weeks sea view room with B&B for both of us (including flights and transfers)

    395.00 --Wedding Package from First Choice 395.0

    220.00 --Wedding Licence (paid in Cyprus only rough costs)

    200.00 --Registar to conduct ceremony (paid in Cyprus only rough costs)

    10.00 --Declaration of single status - signed by solicitor (done in UK)

    Free --Venue

    Free --Table decorations

    25.0 --Per head for the BBQ

    Unsure --Wine & Drinks

    Free --Services of a wedding Co-ordinator

    Free --Cake, (You can upgrade make larger)

    Free --Bridal Bouquet, (You can upgrade make larger different flowers)

    25.00 --Bridemaids Bouquets each

    Free --Buttonhole for the groom

    3.50 --Extra button holes

    40 CP£ --Bridal Hair (with Trial)

    20 CP£ --Bridesmaid hair (no trial) - each

    250 --Wedding Video - Full day (roughly) - can give you details of someone who is meant to be great - you can also request to see a demo copy (NOT Cheesy)

    350 --Wedding photos (roughly)

    100 --Wedding Sunset Photos (roughly)

    You also get extras of:

    Free Room upgrade where possible

    Free Champagne breakfast morning after wedding

    Free Candlelight Meal for 2 with wine.

    I think that that covers mostly soon adds up, and I'm getting scared looking at it now - but I suppose if you compare it to here just the photographer and video would be at least double.

    I have a few lists of costs that I got from First Choice when I booked, so if there is anything else you wanna know just drop us a mail. All the free bits are what is included in the wedding package. They do do heaps more stuff cars, hourse and carriages etc..

    We sent out invites to guests back in beginning of May..still waiting on some replies...but don't need to know until we get out there. I've attached a couple of pictures that another bride sent me of her wedding day at the Grecian Park Hotel...they look fab.

    I also found another website quite useful... I have found useful is:, then go to the Cyprus discussion forum and there is a wedding topic...pages and pages...

    Have you looked at the grecian park website , I have talked with a few brides who have got married there and none of the could fault it.

    Alot of it may be rubish to you, but hope that it helps...I don't mind if you have got anymore questions.

    Only 63 days to wait!!!


  • We're getting married in the chapel on 10 May 07 but haven't sorted the reception out yet. I've been emailed the menus from the hotel but i think we organise that when we get there??

    My dress came today. It needs altering yet (i'm only 5 ft 2 and not very chesty !!) but i'm already getting a bit panicky about how to stop it getting creased. Do you reckon i could have it pressed when we get there. I'm going to keep the wedding co-ordinator very busy !!

    We've booked with Thomas Cook. We seem to get the standard package,- honeymoon suite ( but we've got a 2 year old so we've asked for a family room instead !) extra luggage allowance, cake, dinner, champagne breakfast etc.

    I've been mailed the actual costs for the hotel of hairdressers, beauty treatments, photographer, flowers etc.

    If you can e mail me through my profile, I'll mail you what i've been sent.

    Amanda X


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  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241

    I'm getting married in Cyprus, but in Paphos. We've booked through Libra and they were very quick getting back with date and time of wedding. I know some companies cant give you date until later. However we are arranging a lot ourself like reception, transport for guess's etc as it's much cheaper and there is so many helpful websites.

    Only 1year and 12 days to go.

    take Care Em.
  • bilton001bilton001 Posts: 288

    Im getting married in Paphos in 94 days !!

    Booked with Thomas Cook who have been worse than useless but joined Paphos Post forum so got all info from there and booked EVERYTHING myself. Its all done and dusted, only thing I need to do with Thomas Cook wedding co-ordinator when we get there is go to Town hall for wedding licence. Im sure the co-ordinator wont be too pleased that they cant make any commission on us but tough !

    Everyone in Paphos has been so helpful. Hair booked, make-up booked, cake ordered, village bus and wedding car booked, reception booked, photographer booked and videographer booked. Church was booked by Thomas Cook but they couldnt tell me the time of the wedding until we arrived in resort, so I just phoned the anglican church co-ordinator in Paphos who took all of 10 mins to tell me it was 1pm. I even faxed her my order of service so she could check/amend it before I printed them.

    Ive enjoyed every minute of it and its much cheaper !!


  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241
    I'm so excited

    Off to Cyprus on holiday in weeks time, however just realized, this time next year I'll be arriving in Cyprus ready for my wedding.

    Leah, we will be out in Cyprus same time but other ends of the island. I get married on the 31st July in Paphos and staying out til the 12th Aug.

    Zo you must be getting excited now?

  • bilton001bilton001 Posts: 288
    Hi Em

    I am VERY excited. Especially now there is almost nothing left to organise.

    91 days to go, exactly 13 weeks today!!!

    Going for another wedding dress fitting tomorrow, cant wait.


  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241
    Hi Zo

    Quick question. Your having your reception at Romantica, how has everything been with organising it with them. We got engaged there last year and want our reception there next year. So hopefuly we are going to book this when we go out this summer.

    It is such a lovely place and the staff were so lovely too. Nice view over sea, especially when the moon is shining.

    Have you been on their web site. I get all slushy when I see it because it shows the table we sat at when we got engaged!

    Wish our wedding was this year now.

    Take care.

  • bilton001bilton001 Posts: 288
    Hi Emma

    Bambos the owner has been fantastic, I have in-undated the poor guy with e-mails asking questions and sending him table layouts etc and he has been brilliant. Always replies within 24 hours and is so accomodating. He is arranging our wedding cake as well as the reception.

    The wedding menu prices are very good too, were paying either 18cy or 20cy (cant remember) per person for a 4 course meal.

    Oh Ive been on the website alright, I go on all the time trying to viualise what its going to be like !!

    I am so so excited, I just cant wait.

    Were staying in The Aloe next door to Romantica, any ideas what its like?

    Any advice you can pass on regarding paphos will be much appreciated !

  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241
    Hi Zo

    The Aloe is nice, we tried to get in this year but it was booked up. Staying in Paphos gardens, just behind. Last year we stayed at the Avanti and next year Paphos Amathus Hotel ( very posh).

    Its a great location with very nice bars and resturants around. Bit of advice, eat at places run by local people ( not the harbour) as they are much nicer and cheaper. I will recomend some to you on my return this year.

    If you can, go on the jeep tour around the mountains. Fantastic and you get to go under a waterfall. Mad they say it blesses loved ones. Only 4 couples got in, 1 celerbrating their aniversery, 1 wedding,1 engagment then us. We got engaged next day!!!!

    If you like history the mosiac's are a must. Only cost something like 50p, but go early in morning. There is also chance to go in a hot air balloon. We're hoping to do that for honeymoon treat. Also aphrodities baths sound good. We are going to do that this year.

    You'll love Paphos, we fell in love with it.

    Take care

  • Ive just recently been away to Cyprus to get married and it was the most perfect day of my life it was fantastic, everything i imagined and much much more. Just had our party this weekend on our return for 150 and the best bit was wearing my dress again, could;nt have had amazing sunset photos for anything like that in England, going to Cyprus to get married was more than perfect.
  • jami_phyjami_phy Posts: 419
    You'll love your wedding in Nissi Bay. I'm half Greek Cypriot & my partner and I are getting married in Limassol late next year. We did lots of scouring around the island to find the right location. We decided on the Four Seasons in Limassol in the end, but Nissi Bay is lovely. Cyprus is a great place to get married full stop (I'm totally biased, but there you go!) - Its the island of Aphrodite after all, how much more romantic can you get?!
  • Me and h2b are getting married in Cyprus. Not got anything booked yet coz im not really sure where to start!! Going out there for 2 weeks in Aug for work though so might get a chance to have a look round. Was looking at Zuchinnis but everywhere else that people have mentioned sound nice too!!!
  • Hi Laeh, im in the same boat as you. Our wedding is in october at the adams beach and i like you, feel i need some help planning things. Have you emailed the hotel directly? try asking them for info at [email protected] They sent me menu options and basic details about flowers, photography and beauty treatments.

    Who did you book your wedding package with? Ours was with thomas cook and they gave me the email address of the wedding rep already out there.

    let me know if you find any useful contacts, happy planning!

    janey xx:\)
  • vickiexxvickiexx Posts: 273
    we've booked at the Adams Beach 24 Sept 2007, thru Thomas Cook. Did you have to ask for the rep's e mail address....I'm starting to get a bit panicky as when i went into the travel agents she just said, oh, don't worry you can sort everything when you get there.....I would prefer to talk things over with someone before i get there tho !!


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  • yeh, i emailed thomas cook for the planners email. i wouldnt have known you could do that until someone told my sister, they didnt really help in the travel agents, was a bit disappointed when we came out. i feel like you, its killing me not being able to do anything! have you made any decisions yet, like what colours your having or favours? my colour scheme is pink and ivory. think im going to invites on postcards too.

    janey x
  • MUMMYAMUMMYA Posts: 557
    yeh, i emailed thomas cook for the planners email. i wouldnt have known you could do that until someone told my sister, they didnt really help in the travel agents, was a bit disappointed when we came out. i feel like you, its killing me not being able to do anything! have you made any decisions yet, like what colours your having or favours? my colour scheme is pink and ivory. think im going to invites on postcards too.

    janey x

    Do you have the Thomas Cook wedding co-ordianators email address I didn't know that you could do that niether, I always get the same response you can sort it out when you get there.

  • vickiexxvickiexx Posts: 273
    @ janey

    My invitatioons are on card. My colours are ivory and cuppacino...I was thinking of getting some loveheart sweets and wraping them in something tied with a ribbon for the girls and i haven't thought for the boys yet!!

    I'll definately go in and speak to the travel agents this week, have been busy at work for the last coulpe of weeks!!

    I'm dying to know if i can have the reception i want without it already being booked....i need to know about the flowers.....i need to know how long we have the reception area for, if i can have my wedding in the grounds etc's horrible not being able to sort anything out....what if i get there and things are already booked, or someone says, "you should have really ordered these sometime before..."

    panic panic lol!

  • MUMMYAMUMMYA Posts: 557
    Hi Cyprus Brides

    Can you tell me what you are doing about you reception are you having it in the hotel you are staying at or in a restuarant???

    Has already been arranged or are you waiting until you get into resort?

  • welly172welly172 Posts: 124
    Hi Annettte,

    We have chosen to have our reception in the hotel where we are having the ceremony, a couple of reasons really, they have got a really good choice of menus and as we are getting married at 17:45 we can go straight to the reception area after the ceremony and photos and we don't have to worry about transporting 33 people (!!) from the hotel to somewhere else.

    It is worth contacting the hotel in advance if you want to do this as they will probably only have a couple fo venues for a reception and speaking from experience these get booked up really quickly. Our hotel does 2 weddings per day in the grounds but there could be other brides staying there that are getting married at a chapel but still want the reception at the hotel.

    have fun planning.

  • HI Annette and Vickie

    Sorry didnt reply sooner, not bin on for a few days! The wedding coordinator email i was given is:

    [email protected] Apparently she's the senior wedding coordinator out there and she'll help you as much as she can. Ive asked her about receptions and flowers and stuff. She said that she will bring some books to the wedding meeting showing us flower arrangements, photographers work etc. She sounds really nice. She also gave me a time for the ceremony, i wanted late afternoon and she told me its arranged for 4pm so im happy about that! Also, if your wanting a dvd, try contacting jill at [email protected] Theyve sent me some wedding demos to watch, theyre lovely. Ive heard good reviews about them and they have a contract with thomas cook.

    Vickie: ivory and cappucino sounds fab. Also think we would like the beach bbq too, you'll have to let me know how it goes cos you get hitched before me.

    Hope to hear from you both soon luv Janey x

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  • MUMMYAMUMMYA Posts: 557
    Thats good that youv'e got your time confirmed Jayney, we want 4pm what date do you get married?

  • Quoted:
    Thats good that youv'e got your time confirmed Jayney, we want 4pm what date do you get married?


    Hi Annette, yeh i feel more in control now i have an idea when we're getting married! The date is the 9th october. When/where do you get married? Have you got much planned?

    luv Janey x
  • MUMMYAMUMMYA Posts: 557
    Hi Janey

    We get married 17th May, Nissi Beach Hotel, not long to go...

    Really the only major thing I have left to sort is the reception over in Cyprus. Had my first dress fitting Tues just gone, its all getting very exciting.

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