The Residence, Maurtitus


Is anyone else going here?

I am soooo excited!!! Spending our first week of honeymoon in South Africa then going onto The Residence for 9 nights!

Apparently you get your own private butler!!



  • Blimey!! I'm not going there, but that sounds fantastic, i'm sooo jealous!! I know Maurtitus is really beautiful so your going to have the most amazing honeymoon, what a way to celebrate your marriage!! xx
  • KristyukKristyuk Posts: 897
    The Residence looks really nice and has had really good reviews. We're looking at going to the hotel next door Beau Rivage for wedding and honeymoon, but not until the end of next year (can't wait, I want to go now!).

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  • joannaandyjoannaandy Posts: 177
    HI When are you going to MAutirus for your honeymoon?
  • Hi Stuck on You- we are going to The Residence at the end of September.

    Are you going there too?

  • joannaandyjoannaandy Posts: 177
    Hi im not too sure yet . we plan to go in end of may /june.. is the weather ok then does anyone know...

  • Think the weather is ok then though might be a bit rainy at times. Lots of tropical places are though. We are going end of September which is the beginning of their summer so is their driest time but not the hottest. Best time to go is October to February apparently.
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