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Elysium, Paphos - where to have the dinner reception?

Hi all, I wondered if any of the Elysium brides could help?

I am getting married at the Elysium Hotel in Paphos on Friday, 29th May this year at 4pm. I am having the ceremony at the ampitheatre and then the champagne reception at the Atrium. Can anybody tell me if there are any outside venues apart from the Meditterano where I can have the dinner reception? I have had a look on the Elysium website and there is a venue called the sunset terrace which sounds nice but it says its available from 8pm and I would probably need it slightly earlier than that - do you think they would be flexible on this?

If anybody could give me any advice at all on outside venue suggestions (for 30 - 35 people) at the hotel or any actual wedding photos for the venues that would be appreciated.

Email address: [email protected]

Jo xx


  • Vikki206Vikki206 Posts: 300

    The sunset terrace only does dinner for 10 people I believe because we were looking at that for the same numbers as you have in July. Sunset terrace is fine for drinks but only for a very small party dinner wize.

    It really is either the ampitheatre for dinner or the meditteraneo where we have chosen.


  • Vikki206Vikki206 Posts: 300
    Sorry just checked the 2009 information that I have printed from their website and you can no longer have dinner on the ampitheatre so Mediterraneo or if the two of you, or less than 10 the sunset pier.

  • Thanks hun, how are your plans coming along? Where have you decided to have your champagne reception. Do you have any photos of any wedding receptions at the Mediterraneo? x
  • Vikki206Vikki206 Posts: 300

    I am having my drinks reception on the ampitheatre after the ceremony as was told it was one of the best places to see sunset. Also felt £500 for a 3rd venue for a drinks reception in addition to the ceremony and reception venue. I may have some photos, when I have some time on the weekend I will look through emails to see. I have asked the Elysium about 6 times now for photos mind you, had nothing! Have you got a planner? X
  • vicki2323vicki2323 Posts: 2,451
    Hi ladies, i'm also getting married at the elysium in may. I am having guests meet in the astria bar for drinks before hand ( so gorgeous and cool in there) the ceremony in the ampitheatre followed by photos and dinner in the meditteranneo - also stunning. We are not having drinks as such, will move everyone into meditteraneo as soon as photos are over, same as vikkim didn't have the money for another set up fee. I have a few photos of the hotel at home, batteries ran out while there and don't mind passing them on for you though not with weddings going on.
  • Hi ladies,

    I am also getting married at elysium in may , getting married at amphitheatre and drink reception at amphitheatre and then dinner at basilica foyer which i have sen pictures of its lovely, hope this help.
  • Hi All

    Sounds like you're well underway with your arrangements! Im slightly confused on something and wonder if you can help?

    When booking with First Choice we were told that we didnt have to have a dinner at the Elysium after our wedding...once we got our package through from Sovereign it stated that a dinner and reception must be held at the hotel. When I contacted Sovereign to confirm this, they then said that a reception OR dinner must be held at the hotel.

    I'm now really confused and wondering what you've been told? Hope you can help? I'm in a right pickle!

    Rach x
  • Vikki206Vikki206 Posts: 300

    sum's up Elysium I think - i believe you have to have both the drinks reception and the reception there.

    Hope that helps.

    Vikki x
  • Hi Vikki

    Thanks for replying... its so frustrating being told different things by the hotel, First Choice and Sovereign... I havent accounted for the dinner based on what we were told back in November so feeling slightly frustrated now image x
  • natnolnatnol Posts: 22
    Hi I too am getting married there in May on 22nd. Have you emailed Mirela at the hotel on [email protected]

    What dates are everyones wedding?
  • Hi Natnol

    Congrats on the wedding! I havent emailed Mirela as i've been trying to get hold of Raj but only found out this week he's on annual leave (I dont sound like i'm having a lot of luck at the moment do i!?). I will do though - thank you! Hope your arrangements are going slightly better than mine!?
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