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We plan to have a sweetie table at our reception which would be there all day and evening but do you think we should have favours too?

For favours we were going to have little turquoise boxes with white ribbon (just like a Tiffanys!) filled with sugared almonds for the ladies and mini whiskey bottles for the guys but i have a feeling this will all turn out very expensive!

What does everyone think is a better idea.

Just the sweetie table?

Just the Favours?

Or both?!

Thanks ladies!


  • abudukabuduk Posts: 565
    save yourself money, I think the sweetie table with no favours will be fine
  • MrsWilsonMrsWilson Posts: 429
    Thanks i think i'll take your advice! Sweetie table will cost enough anyway!!
  • i was going to have favours and then i seen the sweetie table idea and i just fell in love with it so i dont think they will even notice it although i am havin a pair of slippers for each lady i seen these at a wedding before and they ent doen a treat
  • i was wondering about this, only just seen the sweetie table idea, where do you put it and does it work for mall weddings would i be better off just putting small bowls of sweets on the individual tables?? Help!! even cheap favours work out expesive when on a budget..
  • I reckon the sweetie bar will be fine - I don't think people expect favours. I wasn't going to do any, but have now decided to do mini Kendal mintcakes as that's were my h2b is from and so it's quite apt and not too costly.
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