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Summer 2010 Brides. Anyone started looking for dresses yet?

When are you other 2010 brides going to start looking for you dress?

I can't wait to start!


  • Coconut2011Coconut2011 Posts: 3,752
    I've started looking but only cos ive seen the perfect dress. However nobody in the country seems to stock it so im sad image
  • leokatyleokaty Posts: 526
    So its not too early for me to start looking then. Whahoo!!!

    Pinkbridelloyd where can I view your photo's?
  • leokatyleokaty Posts: 526
    Can you not find a dress similer. You might find it and not like it! There are lots of beautiful dresses out there. Good luck in your search
  • leokatyleokaty Posts: 526
    Oh yes, found you. You look beautiful! Love the detailing on the dress.

    I'm going shopping asap! Sometimes I get that excited about my wedding I cant sleep because I cant stop thinking about it.

    God knows what I'll be like next year!
  • hi,

    I'm getting married 14th august nxt year and i've already ordered my dress and paid the deposit lol fell in
  • leokatyleokaty Posts: 526
    I'm glad that people have already chosen their dress. I was worried I'd go into a shop and when I say when I'm getting married they'd laugh and say come back in 6 months.
  • I'm getting married July 2010 but haven't started looking yet.

    Just joined ww so hoping to lose weight before I venture to shops - planning to start looking at start of summer....
  • traceyhvtraceyhv Posts: 242
    I'm getting married in November 2010 and I'm having to stop myself looking at dresses even though I'd love to cos I think people will think I'm being too keen. We've recently booked our venue (which I think needs doing early) and future mother in law and sister in law said - blimey that's quick. I wonder if I'm going to do any of it right - in their eyes!!!
  • carlytrevattcarlytrevatt Posts: 2,040
    Hi i am getting married June 2010 i can't wait! I posted on here recently about looking for my dress as i thought i was being a bit eager but apparently not! so have booke a couple of appointments and can't wait! Princessrdh i know what you mean about not being able to sleep from think about the wedding, i play it all out in my head lol x
  • Helen82ukHelen82uk Posts: 328

    Ordered my dress last year!! Fell in love with it!!

    We get married August 19th 2010.

    Its never too soon to look for a dress and its fun!!



  • Hi,

    its never to early to look for your dress! we get married 4 September 2010 and I started to look just before Christmas with my mum for fun, and have found my dream dress!! I went back to try it again last weekend and Its love!!! I thought I was too early to make a decision but speaking to lots of b2b on here, its not!! So get dress hunting!! Enjoy, its fab!! I cant sleep some nights cos am so excited too!! x
  • baby-babybaby-baby Posts: 1,877
    Hello! I'm August 2010 and I have ordered mine. There are pictures of mine on the show us your dress thread on the 2010 part of the forum.


  • Am getting married in May 2010 and have my first appointments to try on dresses in two weeks time..... I am unhealthily excited!!!!!!
  • I went to 'just look' today and I think I have found my dress! I don't get married until 14th August 2010 xxx
  • fon1692fon1692 Posts: 175
    Im getting married in Oct 2010 and have brought my dress already. Justin Alexander style 8354 in red....i LOVE it x
  • JanG49JanG49 Posts: 190
    I'm getting married July 2010 and I've already ordered my dress! I started looking as soon as I got engaged because I just couldn't wait!
  • If you haven't started looking so far, I wpuld. I'm getting married this August and had to pop back into the shop today. The dress I had bought had gone up nearly double the price - the owner says the makers have had to put all the prices up, so I'd buy now before they go up any more.
  • Officially started looking today - tried on a few but none of them right so far. Got plenty wedding fayres to go to. Pleased I can start looking, I have just about lost 50lbs on wwers (started last april) so feel much more happier in myself. Good luck to you all and moodymoo78 let me know if you need any wwer advice, so your post above - good luck!
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