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i just wondered if anyone knows what the price is for maidens barn in high easter? And is the venue hire any cheaper if you are not having the ceremony there?

thanks for your help xx


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    Hi i posted a reply and its disappeared!! I seem to be the only girl on here who has booked maidens barn as i feel in love with it straight away and the lady who owns it is sooo helpful i email her at least once a week with questions! Its costing us £3400 but that was over a year ago we booked so unsure of the cost now. any questions let me know!
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    Don't know about Maidens barn but the Reid rooms are a pretty similar venue and cheaper (by the sounds of it), so might be worth checking them out.
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    Yea the reid rooms are pretty as well, i dont know how they are with drinks and food etc? with maidens you only have to choose to from one of a list of caterers and up until the evening you can provide your own drinks so i found even though it ws more expensive to hire we are saving money with food and drink. depends on if your having meal as well as reception i suppose.
  • We almost went for Maidens Barn as it is gorgeous but as we are only having about 60 people to sit down, we thought it would be a bit too big and went for Crabbs Barn instead which is around the same price.

    Have you been to look at the it? The fairy lights are fab! xx
  • catseyesukcatseyesuk Posts: 1,821
    im still the only maidens barn bride on here i need a twin!! i lurrve the fairy lights, and im only having 50 - 60 guests for the whole thing!! but i just had to have the barn!!
  • I'm a Reid Rooms girl! We looked at Maidens Barn but they said they would only knock £200 off for a weekday wedding so it was just too expensive. We saved a lot more at Reid Rooms and are providing our own caterers and wine etc. I do know other people who have got married at Maidens Barn tho catseyes so you are not alone!

  • Thanks for your replys ladies,

    i've actually booked maidens barn for june this year, loved it too!

    i was just wondering if anyone else had been given a different price to me, as my friend called and was quoted a lower price than what i'm paying!

    i thought it might be because she wasnt getting married there and only having the reception there.

    catseyes, when are you getting married?

    i havent seen the barn since last july so forgotten what it looks like, please remind me if you can x

  • catseyesukcatseyesuk Posts: 1,821
    oh my god im soooo excited!!! your gonna have to email me so we chat about it!!! was the price the same???

    Im getting married August 29th so your before me, yey i have a venue twin only taken me a year!!
  • Hi Catseyes

    we paid slightly less as ours is a friday (26th june) we booked it last june but couldnt get a sat! it as £3200, we've changed our minds now and are going to have a church ceremony so wondered if the price was any different, i'm not cancelling it either way as i LOVE it!

    we looked at almost every venue within 50 miles of ware, this i the only one i actually liked!

    i read on the booking form that you cant have confetti, does that mean outside or inside as well?

    i want to have table crystals, hope they will let me!

    have you ordered your dress yet?

  • catseyesukcatseyesuk Posts: 1,821
    you'll have to give me your email address or use my email button as i have soo many questions!!

    I am having my ceremony there as well as reception so wouldnt be too sure on the price differennce, i doubt it though as your hiring the place for the day.

    I think your allowed to have biodegradable confetti outside only, and im having table crystals dont think that can be classed as confetti can it???

    I have my dress i got it from bellissima weddings in south woodham. have you got yours? where are you from?? im way too happy to have found another bride for maidens. Please use my email button and mail me!!
  • hi

    i hope its not clssed as confetti, i might e-mail the lady to make sure, i'll be gutted if they dont let me have the crystals!

    My mum lives in California so i got my dress over there, i got a maggie sottero one and it was almost £400 cheaper over there!

    i will use the e-mail button but here is my e-mail address incase it doesnt work - [email protected]

    speak soon x

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    grrr got an email notification of new reply but there isnt one!!
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