does anybody have any suggests for favour.

We want something different but not got much in the way of ideas



  • kht1468kht1468 Posts: 1,079
    We live in Spain and are having fans - I have chosen handmade paper ones, but we could have had them engraved in the edge with names and date etc... something apt for the location and different, but practical for afterwards.
  • Hi

    Try www.aweddinglessordinary.co.uk for amazing favours, which aren't too expensive. I'm using the single white rose soaps to give out as gifts to guests at my hen party. xx
  • LouishmltnLouishmltn Posts: 12
    I do plantable seed paper shape, Rock sweets, Personalised pebble place cards/favours, fortune cookies etc etc

    Please email me and I will send you a link for my site.


  • Have you tried

    www.confetti.co.uk they do loads of favours, also I have just ordered my stationary from www.cammardesigns.co.uk, they also do favours

    another one is www.celebrationsplus.com
  • I was thinking about making my own favours-any suggestions on where I can get supplies and inspiration from on the net?
  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877

    Penguin's posted a thread about her handmade chocs, they're delicious! Very messy at first to make, but yummy!
  • RosyPosyukRosyPosyuk Posts: 215
    My MiL recently went to a wedding with scented fans- don't know where they came from but she said they were a godsend in the heat and she is still using it now!

  • suzanwizzsuzanwizz Posts: 91
    I am giving each of my guests a lottery ticket each in a card i think its a nice gift to all the guests and if they win they mite share sum of the cash......lol....
  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    Where having white and purple organza bags with purple and white love heart shaped chocolates.

    We are going to place them alternate colours around the table.
  • what does everyone think is a reasonable price for favours to cater for 130 people?
  • not sure pink power having the same problem.

    really cant find anything i want thats in budget, everythings well over!! luckily i only have to cater for 80 on the daytime! phew!
  • vicky_melhamvicky_melham Posts: 192
    I'm having 100 people and I was aiming to spend about £100, although it's gone up to about £180 as I wanted to do something different for the ladies and have consequently gone over budget!

    But if I was doing it again, I would buy the favour boxes from ebay (I got 50 of these for the men at £9!), they're really nice. Then I bought ribbons, also from ebay, for £16 (I bought 2 different types for the 2 colour effect I wanted, so really you would only need half as much). And I made little labels with our names and wedding date out of pink card that I had already and used gold pen. You can then fill then with little chocs or sweets.

    They really don't have to be very expensive - you just have to get a bit creative (be warned though - tying ribbons on boxes takes a lot longer than you imagine!!!!

  • I have seen favour boxes in tesco they are already made up and they have some nice designs which are really resonably priced havent decided what to put inside because thought about almonds or mints or love hearts but cant make my mind up!
  • I havn't decided what favours we are having yet, but we are going to be paying in the region of £40-£50 per head for the meal, so I can't see the point in giving the cheapest favours I can find. I don't have an unlimited budget, but having looked at some of the favour sites for around £2 each i think there are some really nice favours, and in the scheme of things an extra couple of hundred pounds is worth it to get something that I really like, rather than making do with the cheapest option. i hope that this doesn't offend anyone, just my opinion.
  • Hello!

    I'm having small transparent plastic cube favour boxes (from Confetti in Tottenham Ct Rd) which I'm tying with chocolate brown organdie ribbon...filling will prob be something fun like a transparent wrapped soft fruit pastille, then 2 other chocolates - pink foil/transparent wrapped (or may melt in the box and stick to it!)

    The ribbon matches the ribbon on my bouquets...and the flowers are palest pink roses. Dress is choc brown sating with a very pale pink bolero top.

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