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I was wondering if anyone could help here. When i first looked at my dress the lady in the shop had a beautiful silk flower that she put in my hair that she had made, and i was going to ask if she could make one for me. However , she has left , and i have searched high and low for a really simple ivory silk flower on a hair grip ( not tooo large) that i could get to go with my dress the only ones that i have seen have feathers etc on them andd cost hundreds of pounds, which seems a tad expensive...

Anyone found anything similar?

[Modified by: ruth on 29 March 2006 12:46:09 ]


  • emmadavies1emmadavies1 Posts: 128
    Ruth, having a bit of an ebay obsession at the moment - so many bargains, I did a search on there for silk hair flowers or just hair flowers and there's quite a few on there
  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    Have you tried Accessorise/Monsoon?
  • CarolUKCarolUK Posts: 108
    Could you not ask the shop to pass your details to the lady requesting her to contact you? Or will they not do so? Or maybe the shop still has the flower? I hope you get what you want.

  • ruthdillonruthdillon Posts: 150
    thanks for the ideas, unfortunately the lady has moved to luxemburg! and the shop doesnt have it. I will look at accssorise and ebay though.
  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    Why not just go for fresh flowers?
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