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Can someone help me understand something...

This may sound stupid but I can't work it out...Does your period stop as soon as you fall pregnant? Ie...if your period is due a couple of days after you concieved or a week after will it come or not? In other words can you still have a period when your pregnant and how many days / weeks before it stops?

I hope that makes sense! I am hearing different things and would like confirmation!

Thanks x


  • You may have some bleeding but really light spotting not an actual period

    i think this is right?!

  • bridey20bridey20 Posts: 1,815
    My friend still had periods for 5 months she didnt even know she was pregnant until she felt her move! Went to the doctors for indigestion and found out she was having a baby! She hadnt put any weight on or anything!
  • gemzy69gemzy69 Posts: 356

    i think u can only get pregnant on day 14 of ur cycle ie 14 days after your preiod if u have a regular 28 day cycle. u are fertile for a short time around this time of your cycle. so if u fell pregnant your preiod is generally due 2 weeks after this time. u shouldnt really have bleeding - maybe impantation bleeding ie light spotting as the fertilesd egg embedds itself into the lining of the uterus. hope this helps and not confuses!!! x
  • Its not always the case that they stop! With my little one I was 15 weeks and 6 days when I asked the doctor to scan me as I was sure I was and they insisted I wasnt because they had done 2 pregnancy tests and I had done 2 before that and they all came up negative. In the end they scanned me because I kept asking and I was 15 weeks and 6 days. I was still having my periods but they were lighter and continued until I was 6 months!
  • EMJ2BEMJ2B Posts: 934

    Ok well here's my dilema...I think its all in my head but would love someone to tell me that! (Ps as much as I can't wait to have children, now is not the right time for me)

    My period was due a week ago today, sometimes I can be a few days late but I always know its coming (mood swings, pain etc) but I have had nothing, not a thing - I have felt quite bloated but its not the same feeling as period pain.

    Anyway I'm trying to look back and work out if its possible and I don't understand how to do that! H2b and I always use protection but I'm starting to worry a bit now. Not Hugely, as I think I may be over-reacting but its in the back of my mind!
  • whenever i'm late it's always in the back of my mind, you should do a test just to be sure. you can get early detection tests now. but remember if you worry this could further delay your period.

  • EMJ2BEMJ2B Posts: 934
    Ye I know what you mean Emma, Can't say this is the first time I've had a scare!

    So, here is another silly question: Can you only fall pregnant when you're ovulating? Or is it just that you're more likely to fall pregnant when you're ovulating?

  • Honey you're supposed to fall pregnant when you're ovulating. infact,its during ovulation that you have the highest chance of getting pregnant.
  • EMJ2BEMJ2B Posts: 934
    ye, I realise that its when your highest chances are but is it possible to fall pregnant when you're not ovulating?

    There are so many grey areas I get confused, especially because I don't have a perfect 28 day cycle! hmm

    Thanks for the info

  • you can only fall pregnant when ovulating but as sperm can survive for a few days you don't need to actually have sex when you're ovulating to conceive...if that makes sense...

    e.g. you could have sex then ovulate a day later and still concieve
  • OMG i did not know that. i feel so uneduacted in the field of reproduction!
  • OMG i did not know that. i feel so uneduacted in the field of reproduction!
  • put "trying to concieve" into Google. THere's loads of helpful stuff/websites for you to look at image
  • EMJ2BEMJ2B Posts: 934
    lol emmythegreat - I am the same! Should have paid attention in Sex-ed! lol

    Well, you learn something new everyday! Thanks Scarlett Lady - I have now realised it is highly unlikely that I am pregnant!

  • it's hard to tell exactly when you ovulate and you can even technically get pregnant when on your period as it's still possible some sperm could survive until an egg is released - depends on your cycle. I think sperm can survive for up to a week, whereas an egg only lasts 12-24 hours if it is not fertilised
  • Some people do bleed during pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies, but this isn't the same as a menstral period. What they may think is af is actually more likely to be bleeding caused by an irritated cervix or a clot.

    You also don't neccisarily ovulate on the same day each month, in fact, i've gone 3 or 4 months without a period and THEN fallen pregnant so yeah... madness.

    You're most fertile just after your period usually, it's something like 14 days for most people but could be earlier. You should be least fertile a few days before af is due. That said, I wouldn't take it as gospel and i'd still use protection unless I was actively ttc. the human body loves to throw curve balls lol.

    Sperm lives for about 4 or 5 days I believe, while the egg only lives for about 24 hours. The little fellas just stick about and wait heh. So you can fall pregnant even if you don't have sex on the day you o. You can even get pregnant while on your period... apparently. You have sex a few days before af stops totally and then o early and it's possible you might get preggers. It's not likely but it could happen. Though why you'd want to have sex while on AF I don't know hahah.

    You know, in the past 4 years i've learnt far more about human reproduction than I ever learnt in Sexed. I never knew the hymen had a hole in it for instance, I always got the impression it was just a solid flap of skin. I never knew conception happened in the fallopian tubes and that very very rarely the egg can not only end up embedding in the tube, it can sometimes embed elsewhere in the abdomen (eww)

    They totally never teach you this stuff in school lol.

    They also totally never tell you about food aversions during pregnancy hahah. Food cravings? sure.. but no-one told me i'd go off food and the thought of it would make me want to puke! Bad sex ed, I don't think it taught me anything at all useful.
  • EMJ2BEMJ2B Posts: 934
    Puple_monkfish. I'm beginning to think they didn't teach us anything worth knowing in Sex-ed too!

    Thanks for the valuable information! Its really good to know! I'm actually shocked that I didn't know this before!

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