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Anyone Tried the Marissa Peer Diet?


Early last year I lost over 2 stone with a combination of this diet and the Paul McKenna method. However just after christmas I gradually started eating very badly again and I put on 1stone 3lbs NOT GOOD!

So last week I re read the marissa peer book and started listening to her cd. I am 5lbs lighter in just 1 week!

It is a combination of wheat and dairy free which I never thought I would be able to do but I never missed it, even last year when I did it. Even after a couple of days your stomach is so flat with a no wheat diet.

Anyone else tried it or thinking about trying it?



  • Sounds like a bit of an advert to me plus you can lose weight and eat all the food groups and no 'weight loss expert' should advise you to cut out two food groups
  • Mj013151Mj013151 Posts: 204
    There is a lot of research out there that suggests that refined flour and also milk is not easily digestible. Especially when you look at exactly how much refined flour is now in the diet, When I read the book I did a lot of research on the internet and found that a lot of what she said made sense and was true, which made me want to try it, and once I did I felt the benefits.

    I just thought there might be some other people out there who were frantically trying to lose weight for their wedding just like me and might want another option.
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