Weight Watchers Vs Slimming World

Does anyone have any experience of either/both of these plans? I'm thinking of joining up but just wanted to get a feel for which one is the best.

Stace xxx


  • i have done both of these plans and as long as you stick to them they both work, i have to say that i loosemuch quicker on ww, but slower weight loss is healthier so it depends what your priorities are, i only have 87 days to go so i am doing weight watchers at the moment because i know i will loose more before the big day that way.

    good luck

  • i have done both in the past, i think if you want a easy to dollow plan, i.e you can buy the meals to wat, then go for Weight watchers, they work your points out that you are allowed to have then id you want to just buy there meals, everything is pointed for you, i have lost just over 2 stone since august 08
  • im really sorry was rushing that and my spelling is terrible image
  • I have done both diets at some point, but find Slimming world much easier. I joined again on 6th Jan this year with 2 and a bit stone to lose. At my weigh in tonight I've lost my first stone so almost half way there already. I would definitely recommend Slimming World.

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