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waxing, shaving or epilating? help!

hi ladies,

i have only ever shaved my legs, arms, bikini line. i really want something that is going to last longer though for my honeymoon, so i dont have to bother with shaving whilst im there? can anyone give some advice? shall i go to a salon for a full wax everywhere, do it myself, or get an epilator (what are they?) xxx please help xxx:\?


  • MrsP-CMrsP-C Posts: 8,370
    Waxiung lasts longer and leaves a lovely silky feeling. I'd go to the salon though if youre not comfortable grabbing a friend and a home wax kit.
  • bammbammukbammbammuk Posts: 305
    I once bought an epilator. I didn't keep it long!!

    It's like a little high speed rotating drum with lots of little sets of tweezers on.

    I'm not good with pain and rather than just getting on with it, I did it gingerly a bit at a time and boy did it hurt!!

    I then decided to have my legs waxed after that. Just grit your teeth for a few minutes and it's not too bad.

    I have thick dark hairs and waxing tends to keep the majority of them at bay for a fortnight before a couple start to sneak through.

    Waxing is probably your best option to keep hair free the longest
  • thankyou,

    any tips on what brand of home waxing kit would you advice?

    i dont think i would feel comfortable having my bikini line done in a salon but i imagine its hard to do yourself? xx
  • EmmaNYEEmmaNYE Posts: 194

    I'd say waxing. For me it doesn't hurt as much as epilating. Plus whenever I've used my epilator or waxed myself it takes me forever, whereas if you go to a salon it's quicker! I find the results usually last a couple of weeks and your skin is really soft after.
  • MrsP-CMrsP-C Posts: 8,370
    Its pretty hard to wax yourself and your brain won't let yo pul the wax ogg quick or hard enough ! You could get a trusted friend to do you legs, but I'd advise going to the salon for somewhere as delicate as the bikini dont want to be all bruised down there!
  • this might sound silly, but do you wear knickers to have your bikini done? ha! xx
  • EmmaNYEEmmaNYE Posts: 194
    I do, usually big ones!
  • can they get enough hair off if you where big ones? ha! xx
  • MrsSheepTeaMrsSheepTea Posts: 2,449
    I get waxed and can't recommend it highly enough. When is your wedding? It will be best to start having waxes every 6 weeks or so in the run up to the wedding as your skin might need to get used to it.

    As for knickers - yes, but not big ones! Depends how much of your bikini line you want done. I get everything off except a little landing strip, but my beautician just 'works around me' with my knickers on!
  • my wedding is 6th June, how long do i need to grow hair for before i can get waxed? im new to this, sorry, is it ok to have under arms waxed to? xx
  • EmmaNYEEmmaNYE Posts: 194
    I do have to pull them to the side and they usually ask me how much i want taken off.
  • MrsP-CMrsP-C Posts: 8,370
    Sounds much easier just to take the knickers off, can't be worse than a smear test or having a baby, everyone sees yours bits then

    Ive not had my armpits waxed myself, but a couple of friends have and both said don't do it, it really hurts!
  • MrsSheepTeaMrsSheepTea Posts: 2,449
    Ok, I would say start having regular waxes now. Your hair needs to be a couple of mm long. Armpits don't hurt - feels a little weird the first few times you have it done, but nothing major. I get the lot - underarms, bikini and legs! Oh, and do exfoliate regularly as it helps keep the skin baby soft and will also encourage your hair to grow inbetween waxes and discourage ingrown hairs. Gawd, I sound like some kind of waxing guru lol
  • truraintrurain Posts: 198
    ok i have to ask as i shave everything off downstairs do they wax everything off for you except your landing strip because that would be what i would want ideally?? ok how embarrassing
  • yeha im the same truain it all seems a bit emabrasing, but i really want to bite the bullet and do it? xx how long to ghrow a few mm then?
  • dmwilsdmwils Posts: 1,265
    if you have been used to shaving the very first wax is painful - gets better over time - do not do it yourself - esp your bikini line. you were pants so not embarassing at all.

    go to a good salon and get it done properly - they will do it quickly and give the best results.

    grow it for 4-6 weeks (depending on your hair type)

    i normally shave but when going on holiday i always get waxed. you will get a few short hair coming through so take a razor with you.
  • beans1987beans1987 Posts: 322
    I would recommend you have a wax trial first. I always get horrible ingrowing hairs whenever I've been waxed, doesn't matter how expensive the waxing or how it's done, I always end up in a mess. I've been trying to get a decent wax for years and have given up. The ingrowing hairs cause a nasty looking pimply rash that looks horrid and itches, not the best look for your honeymoon.

    I use a cream for my bikini line now and shave my legs / underarms.
  • I had my first "everything apart from the landing strip" waxing experience 3 weeks ago, and I have to say that although it was (very) cringy - you don't wear pants as they need to see exactly what they're doing with the hot wax! - I'm a complete convert and will definitely be going back every 6 weeks to have it done again!! it hurt like hell, but was still definitely worth it!!!! like your legs and everything though, you have to have it done a few times to get the full effect as your hairs need to get into the same cycle - if that makes sense!! So definitely book in as soon as possible to have it done, so that you can get the full benefits for your honeymoon!! image
  • treezy, what cream do you use for your bikini line?xx
  • beans1987beans1987 Posts: 322
    Mrs Dykes - Veet sensitive
  • epilators should come with health warnings im a beauty therapist and have used them my hairs are thicker and darker then ever and im blonde! (ish lol) the twisting action causes them to grow in grown and i should have know better after seeing my clients ingrown hairs where dreadfull ,

    creaming cuts the hair like a razor but more jaggerd ,

    waxing is best out of those types of methods but i have laser now and shave my legs(geting rdy for laser)

    my honeymoon clients are starting atleast 3 months before the wedding for brazillians and then before the wedding ill be take as much as possible off but still keeping the barzallian look reason why im leaving a little on is so they can surprise hubby ,

    if your only leaving a very small bit (tiny bit) it would still be classed as hollywood . just tell them what you want and they tell you what they class it as .
  • lamcilroylamcilroy Posts: 734
    I would definately recommend waxing! I get legs underarm and bikini line done every 6-8 weeks and have done for nearly 10 years!

    I love the hassle free element of it. I've tried epilating and home waxing but find it really time consuming. Going to a salon is best as the girls are trained and do it alot so they are very quick!

    I've only ever had my bikini tidied round the edges but that's preference for me!
  • whyvonneewhyvonnee Posts: 336
    Waxing definately you can't beat it, but get it done at a beauty salon. Epilating is far tooooooo painful!!!
  • monique4monique4 Posts: 1

    I prefer the electric epilator Karmin 

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